Is this the Chromebook

We saw a lot of upcoming Google Pixel 3 phones ahead of Google's upcoming public event scheduled for October, but we never saw anything about Chromebooks. It's possible that this previously featured Chromebook & # 39; Nocturne & # 39;

News from Chrome Unboxed turned into a video depicting a kind of 2-in-1 laptop Chrome OS device through the public. source Chromium bug tracker.

The person holding the camera in the video is playing with the touch screen on a device with a keyboard cover similar to the Surface Pro.

The keyboard cover in question seems to have a circular key, but more importantly includes the same & # 39; Google Assistant & # 39; key that was originally found in the original Google Pixelbook.

The biggest hint of Chrome Unboxed is that the & # 39; Nocturne & # 39; 2-in-1 Chromebook that appeared in this video, which was removed from Chrome on the device, has already been leaked through the open source Chrome OS code platform. In addition, the keyboard appears to be attached to the tablet, and the 2-in-1 direction supports existing information about how & # 39; Nocturne & # 39; is expected to be designed.

It was the same design as Surface Pro HP Chromebook x2. You can now see whether our Pixelbook sequel (or spin-off) will change in October.


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