Apple is releasing iOS 12 on September 17th

Even if you do not plan to buy a new iPhone, you can get a lot of new features next week. Apple plans to launch iOS 12, the next major iOS release, on Tuesday, September 17.

As always, iOS 12 will be available as a free download. If your iPhone or iPad runs iOS 11, you can upgrade to iOS 12 as Apple plans to continue supporting all existing iOS 11 devices.

Here is a quick summary of the iOS 12 news. The main feature of iOS 12 is an improvement in performance, especially for older devices. If you have an iPhone 6 or an iPad Air, for example, you should see a big improvement when it comes to launching applications, activating the camera and entering text.

The other great theme of the year are the new features that will help you spend less time using your phone. There is a new Screen Time feature to see and control how much time you spend using each application. Notifications are now grouped and you can mute them from the lock screen. You can also activate "Do not disturb" when you are in a meeting, for a few hours or longer.

Apple did not stop there and added new power features as well. Developers can take advantage of a new file format for augmented reality and new features in ARKit 2.0. Apple is launching the Workflow application as a new Siri Shortcuts application. Developers can also add information to Siri, so you can add a boarding pass or music playlist to Siri.

The applications of Photos, News and Stocks have been improved, as well as Apple Books (the application formerly known as iBooks). Apple presents Memoji on the iPhone X. It is a custom avatar that you can use in iMessage and FaceTime to represent it.

If you want more information, read my preview of iOS 12 to get my opinions about this update. [19659008] plus iPhone Event 2018 coverage "/>

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