Not hog dog? PixFood lets you shoot and identify food

What happens when you add AI to the food? Surprisingly, you do not have a hungry robot. Instead, you get something like PixFood. PixFood allows you to take photos of the food, identify the available ingredients and, at this stage, discover the recipes you can prepare in your pantry.

It is privately financed.

"There are tons of recipe applications out there, but all they give you is, well, recipes," said Tonnesson. "On the other hand, PixFood has the ability to help users get the right recipe for them at that particular time." There are applications that cover some of the above, but it is still a tiring process, since you must complete a questionnaire. 50 questions so you can understand what you like. "

They were launched in August and currently have 3,000 monthly assets. users of 10,000 downloads. They are working on perfecting the system for their first users.

"PixFood is an AI-powered food application with advanced photo recognition.The user experience is quite simple: it all starts when users take a picture of any ingredient they would like to cook with , in the kitchen or in the supermarket, "said Tonnesson. "Why did we do it this way? Because it's personalized." After taking a photo, the application instantly sends you personalized recipe suggestions! At first, they are more or less

ss for everyone, but as you continue to use it, start learning what you like most, connecting patterns and taking into account different behaviors. "

In my rudimentary test that AI worked acceptably well and did not encourage me to eat a monkey. While the application raises the obvious question – why not just write "corn?" – It is an interesting use of vision technology that is definitely a step in the right direction.

Tonnesson hopes the AI ​​will begin to connect with other players in the food space, allowing him to order corn (but not a monkey) from a number of suppliers.

"Users should also expect that partnerships with restaurants, supermarkets, food games and other food delivery services are part of future experiences," he said.

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