Instagram is testing video tagging

Instagram is testing a way to allow users to tag their friends in their video posts, not just photos, TechCrunch has confirmed and the company has confirmed. The option works in a similar way to tagging photos, but instead of pressing the small icon in the lower left to see the list of tagged names appear on the content, something that would be more difficult with the videos, the button is linked to a list of labeled people.

When you tap this button, you are directed to a new page titled "People in this video" with all the Instagram users that have appeared in the video or to whom the original poster wishes to alert in some way. .

As far as we can tell, these videos are also not copied to the profiles of tagged users, where tagged photos usually appear today. But that could come later.

Video tagging also does not appear in the Instagram web version currently, only on mobile devices.

Instagram did not want to share much information about the test, nor discuss its plans for a larger display of the function, which is currently not supported for anyone who has not been selected for the test by the company.

However, I would say that the experiment is underway now with a "small percentage" of Instagram users.

"We are always trying ways to improve the Instagram experience and get closer to the people and things they love," a spokesperson confirmed in a statement.

Above: video tagging detected on Instagram account @cablegirlsrd

Instagram has offered photo tagging since 2013, and later launched support for things like tagging products and tagging friends in Stories. But although shared video came on the platform in June 2013, Instagram still has to introduce a way for users to tag their friends correctly. Rather, your frequently asked questions suggest that users should mention friends in a comment to receive notification.

That may have been enough for some time, but video is a more critical aspect of the Instagram platform these days, especially because it explores how to enable better video discovery through its user interface, directing the people to their newest product, IGTV, and connect larger groups in video chat sessions.

Tag videos, then it's an obvious step, if there should be a long expiration, and one that can drive more participation as tagged users re-launch the app after their notifications.

The feature could also give way to affordable videos, not just photos, and allow Instagram's influencers to post videos of their favorite products and places, while pointing admirers to their own Instagram accounts of those brands. way more structured than is possible nowadays.

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