Halo Infinite: No Battle Royale in the next Halo

Fans of PUBL and Fortnite will not be happy to hear it, but now 343 Industries has officially confirmed that Halo Infinite will not have a multiplayer online mode of Battle Royale. 343 has chosen not to get on the bandwagon that counts Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 among its cheering crowd. Halo writer Jeff Easterling, in response to a question about Halo Battle Royale during a 343 social broadcast, said that "the only BR we are interested in is Battle Rifle," referring to Halo's favorite weapon.

Easterling went a step further, telling Battle Royale fans, "calm down," before moving on to another topic. You can see his full response during the live broadcast here, at the 56 minute mark.

See the trailer below, and read on to learn everything we know about Halo Infinite so far.

Rumors abound that Halo Infinite is not a sequel, but a parallel story that deviates from the events of previous campaigns, even though the Master Chief It will clearly have a prominent role here. A bolder talk suggests that Infinite Halo will be 343 Industries in a Destiny-style MMO. That could be a kind of stab in the back for the former developers of Halo Bungie or, in terms of Halo, a bit of murder.

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An MMO set in the Halo universe is an exciting prospect; He certainly has the wisdom and the scope to back a game like that, and much with much less effort than Destiny. Perhaps the name of the new Halo is a clue to the endless aspect of exploration in the game, with planets generated by procedures and missions that extend as far as the eye can see. As long as it's better than No Man's Sky, we'll be happy.

Halo 6: Everything we know so far

As the second Halo title of 343 Industries, and the first "next -gen" Halo game, Halo 5 had So much to meet, and it was a bit mixed. But can Halo 6 – or Halo Infinite really do it much better?

Going from what we know, we are likely to see 343 Industries refocus their attention on Master Chief, delving into the Reclaimer Saga that Halo 4 initiated and Halo 5 could not resolve. It's still early for this Xbox exclusive, but here's all we know so far about the 343 Industries plan for Halo 6.

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Halo 6 release date : When will it leave? ?

We did not see or hear anything at all about Halo 6 at E3 2017, but E3 2018 seems likely, especially since Microsoft may be struggling with the list of first-game exclusives to show off this year. Halo will be the great game to help you change more Xbox One X's, that's for sure.

However, a release date of 2018 seems unlikely. We have not seen anything yet, but a 343 Industries blog post that seems to imply that Halo 6 will not arrive in 2018. The 343 Industries community manager, Brian Jarrard, wrote: "2018 has arrived and with that, the promise of new fun times and adventures to embark on, no, not those adventures, but many exciting ones, despite everything. "

Jarrard's enigmatic message almost certainly refers to Halo, the leading series and creator of money of 343. It does not take a genius to read in his message that Halo 6 is unlikely to arrive in 2018. [19659002] Historically, there has often been a three-year gap between each main entry in the Halo series. For example, Halo 5 Guardians was launched in October 2015, three years after the launch date of Halo 4 in 2012. Following the same launch pattern, Halo 6 should land at the end of 2018, but, as we have deciphered, it is It's likely that Halo 6 does not come out this year.

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Halo 6 story and The Reclaimers: What will Halo 6 be about?

As the sixth entry to the main Halo series, Halo 6 is not just another sequel: it is the final game of the second trilogy that started with Halo 4. Although there are still no specific details about the history of Halo 6, we can make some educated guesses thanks to the open end of Halo 5.

Without wanting to distribute spoilers, although it's been almost three years, you should have played Halo 5 for now – things did not look good for the Master Chief at the end of Halo 5 Cortana and another dishonest AI were working together to take over the galaxy, all while the Chief of Staff was being persecuted by the UNSC who believed he was the bad guy in all of this Now, however, the Master Chief was associated with his newly arrived allies and he goes to reclaim the galaxy of this unbridled AI.

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It is expected that, this time, the focus will be directly on the Master Master. Halo 5 alienated some fans of the series in the long term, since much of the game was spent outside the Chief's boots. 343 should have seen this coming: Halo 3 did something similar, with sections jumping between the Inquisitor and the Master Chief, and the people were not satisfied.

Talking GamesTM franchise development director Frank O & # 39; Connor revealed that the team "took some digging for the narrative", with Halo 5. "We definitely marketed in a way that we hoped to bring surprise, but for some fans and certainly Master Chief fans, it was a big disappointment because they wanted more Chief. "

Halo Game 6: How will he play?

Halo 6 is likely to play very similar to previous Halo entries. In addition to Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, the main entries of Halo have not mixed the game, beyond keeping up with the general trends of first-person shooters. Do not expect this to change.

However, Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Bonnie Ross confirmed in DICE 2017 that Halo 6 will bring back the split screen cooperative multiplayer mode. For some reason, 343 Industries made the decision to eliminate him for Halo 5 and that did not sit well with the fans. An online cooperative will still be included, but now players have another option, which is always welcome.

Will it be Halo 6 compatible with VR?

If a recent 343 Industries job posted on LinkedIn is anything to go by, Halo 6 could be compatible with VR. According to the announcement, which is now closed, 343 Industries is looking for a Creative Director to work on virtual reality content based on the universe of Halo

"343 Industries is looking for a creative director to join us in the delivery of a new experience of virtual reality in the universe of Halo ", says the list of works. "Halo is known for its epic science fiction worlds, its transmedia narrative and its heroic game: virtual reality offers the potential for a new level of immersion in our universe."

This does not mean that Halo 6 will be a game made entirely in virtual reality. The study could be working on a Halo VR experience, instead of a fully developed Halo VR game. The announcement also gives little indication of whether the virtual reality experience will be used at all in Halo 6.

At the moment, the Xbox One X is the only Xbox that supports VR, but has not yet been used in any capacity. In fact, Microsoft has dodged questions about virtual reality on the Xbox One X, despite making a big deal when it was announced. It would be a big boost for future virtual reality content on the Xbox One X if Halo 6 were a full-fledged virtual reality game.

Will Halo 6 be Xbox One X optimized?

I can say with certainty that, when Halo 6 finally arrives, it will run like a dream on the Xbox One X. There are already some great games optimized for the Xbox One X, and Microsoft will point to the Xbox One X as the definitive showcase for its flagship shooter series, promising silky and smooth at 60fps 4K to boot.

Obviously, it will also work on the Xbox One S without problems and, thanks to Microsoft's new Play Anywhere initiative, it is likely that it will also reach the PC. Even Xbox director Phil Spencer said he sees no reason why he would not get to the PC, which is great to hear even though both Halo 4 and Halo 5 have not yet reached Windows 10. [19659034]

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