RHA MA390 Wireless review: Budget friendly, but where’s the bass?

Even with the advent and augmentation of true wireless headphones, wired wireless headphones are still preferred by many … at least, RHA expects them to be. The RHA MA390 cordless headphones provide you with premium features such as IPX4 water resistance, as well as the aptX and AAC Bluetooth codec. But the best feature that these aluminum headphones have to offer? The price. Sure, headphones can look better than they sound, but for less than $ 70, you can not have it all. To be fair, what these wireless headphones offer is way above the requested price.

Who are the RHA MA390 Wireless?

The wireless RHA MA390 is the Bluetooth version of the MA390 and sells for $ 69.95. Unlike wired iteration, however, these are certified by IPX4.

  • Listeners with a budget. If you are trying to find out what is going to make you the most out of your investment without having to spend three months, you have come to the correct review. These hearing aids feature aptX and AAC support for high quality audio streaming, and if they break, RHA covers it with a three year warranty.
  • People who value the quality of construction. Despite being less than $ 70, these pads manage to look and feel premium. Sure, compare them to your older brother (the wireless MA750) and you may notice a drop in construction quality.

What's inside?

RHA includes a sports clip, three pairs of dual-density silicone earphones, a USB- C charging cable, a mesh carrying bag and the MA390 wireless headphones. Unlike the high-end models in the MA line, the RHA MA390 omits the inclusion of foam ear tips with Comply memory. It's a real shame, as memory foam earmuffs create a better seal and, often, improved sound quality.

How is RHA MA390 Wireless constructed?

Like all others on the RHA MA line, the MA390 Wireless uses the company's characteristic aeroponic design that mimics the construction of a trumpet. As we mentioned in our review of the RHA MA650 headphones, this design directly channels air from the conductor to the ear and minimizes superfluous reverberations within the camera. Diminishing the effect of the echo camera benefits your music, as it results in greater clarity and detail. Not to mention that it is a unique design that separates the company's Glasgow-based products from the competition.

  RHA MA390 wireless: a microphone-centered outlet for the online phone and remote control. The module says:

The built-in microphone works well in moderately noisy environments, like a coffee shop, but wobbles in windy environments.

The lack of separate memory foam earmuffs, the RHA MA390 aluminum housings are durable. Hanging just below the headphones are the low profile painkillers, and on the right cable there is an integrated microphone and remote control with three buttons. Like other RHA microphones, it is above average and effectively captures your voice while discarding the external environment. If you take many calls while walking outside, there are better wireless band-style options like Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC or Sennheiser HD1.

RHA puts much of its efforts into the attractive aerophone and ergonomic design of the MA390.

I love him or I hate him, the neckband style does not go away, and RHA knows it. Although I am not one for this design, I find it annoying to exercise, the rubberized material fights sweat and water better than leather; an intelligent movement on the part of RHA. It is also lightweight and easy to forget. On the other hand, the flexible material allows you to crush them in an overflowing backpack pocket that retains its shape when it recovers, making them extremely portable.

  RHA MA390 wireless: The headphones in hand in front of Lily's torso.

Although these are cheap RHA wireless headphones, the aluminum housings promote quality and durability.

Is the RHA MA390 good for exercise?

Despite the IPX4 rating, it is better that you get dedicated training headphones. The neck band is too cumbersome. For example, when returning upright from a bench press, the neck band slides down the back, requiring you to retrieve it by the rear cables. Runners will notice that the neckband bounces around with the energy of a child who had nine Pixy Stix. If you are able to ignore it, well, you are a stronger person than me.

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RHA MA390 Wireless vs. RHA MA650 Wireless: what is the difference?

  RHA MA390 Wireless: an image of headphones suspended over small yellow electrical blocks with protruding wires (green, white, red, yellow).

Both the wireless RHA MA390 and the wireless MA650 are adorned with magnetic housings, which is convenient when the headphones are off.

In addition to including the Comply ear tips, the MA650 Wireless produces a more powerful bass response than the more affordable RHA MA390 cordless headphones. As you can expect with a higher caliber product, the MA650 Wireless has an improved build quality. This is particularly noticeable in the neck band; The MA650 wireless design is more like the MA750 wireless headset. In addition, the MA650 Wireless has 12 hours of playback compared to the 8-hour battery life of the MA750 Wireless.

The MA650 Wireless produces a greater bass emphasis, but both products support aptX for a CD-like transmission quality.

Apart from that, the two are quite similar; both are IPX4 certified with the same integrated microphone and remote control. Although the bass is less emphasized with the headphones in question, both headphones support Qualcomm's aptX Bluetooth codec for CD-like transmission quality. If you are between the two, keep in mind that the most important improvements are the battery life and a greater bass response. Everything else is up to scratch.

Battery life

According to our objective battery tests, the headphones provide 6.36 hours of playback with an output of 75dB. Yes, this is less than the company's eight-hour listing, but most of us do not listen to or listen to our music out loud, especially for extended periods of time.

When you hear at a more reasonable and typical level of 65dB – close to the volume of a bouncy cafeteria – the headphones should come much closer to the time of objective reproduction.

  RHA MA390 Wireless: an image focused on the USB-C port on the right side of the neckband with a Plenax camera in the background.

Loading the RHA MA390 Wireless is a matter of discovering the USB-C port on the right side of the neckband and connecting the included cable.

When it comes to charging, just plug the headphones into the USB-A to USB-C charging cable included and it will be set. Although the playback time seems to have been a little short of the eight-hour list, they have a waiting time of 30 days, which is quite impressive. And if you want to get an estimate of the battery level, simply check the notification bar of your device.


Operating through Bluetooth 4.2 with a 10 meter connectivity range, the RHA MA390 Wireless works well and maintains a stable connection within and a little beyond the listed range. Whether in a full gym or in the local park, they stay connected. In addition, they support aptX and AAC. No matter which operating system you are using, the MA390 Wireless can offer excellent sound quality with virtually no noticeable delay. If you are working with an Android device that supports aptX, that means a delay of less than 130 ms.

  RHA MA390 Wireless: An angled, top-down image of the headphones resting on a bamboo pole.

Hearing aids do not endeavor to maintain a connection and support multipoint connectivity, allowing you to connect to two devices simultaneously.

Although not highlighted in the package, the headphones support simultaneous connectivity. You can toggle the playback of up to two devices, a convenient function. To do so, pause the media on the primary device and then connect the headphones to the seconds.

How does the RHA MA390 wireless sound sound?

They sound great for the price. The aptX codec support and the aero design do wonders. Instrumental separation, on the other hand, is not good … or good for that matter. But if you enjoy vocal music, then you will love these. As our MA390 frequency response test indicates, the low range is not as prominent as other consumer headsets of similar price. Although this may be disappointing for some, it is a gift from heaven for others who abhor when mid frequencies are masked.

  RHA MA390 Wireless: a graph representing the frequency response of the RHA MA390 wireless headset.

As you can see, the frequency response of the RHA MA390 wireless headphones places the greatest emphasis on the midrange. This is ideal for listeners who enjoy the music of singer and songwriter, but it is not the best for athletes and consumers in general.

Lows and mids

She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 is notably reduced in relation to the latest releases of the pop band. As usual, Adam Levine's voice takes center stage. Unlike when She Will Be Loved is played by Under Armor Sport Flex Wireless by JBL, its voice is clearly heard over the selection of bassist Mickey Madden, who alternates between the notes D and C, the last of which resonates at 65Hz. Again, the midrange reproduces so well that the reverberation of Levine's voice can be heard during the final chorus, 3:07, without tension.

Although the mix of the ballad intentionally leaves the Madden selection low emphasized for a dramatic effect, the wireless MA390 makes it difficult to hear the low end at all . To get a good example of masking, play the song at 3:00. This is when only Madden and Levine, omit the other instrumentalists. Here the bass is clearly heard in tandem with his voice. Then, jump to the first chorus at 0:48, you have to make an effort to listen to the bass pattern. Of course, a note F is released in Madden during the chorus, but most of the bass still alternates between D and C at 3:00.


  RHA MA390 Wireless: A top-down image of the headphones on a white table with a succulent in the upper right part of the image.

The wireless RHA MA390 can not be used hooked around the ear. instead, they hang from the ear canal.

The song vaguely Prince-reminiscent If I Never See Your Face Again – again by Maroon 5-Frankensteins together contemporary music with Disco Era groove due to the funky bass line and synthesizers. The SNL character of Will Ferrell would be delighted to know that Maroon 5 brings "more cowbell" at the opening of the song. However, when the other instrumentalists come together, this capricious idiophone becomes less audible.

This is due to the fact that, like bass frequency reproduction, the high and medium high frequencies lack the same pulse as the midrange volume. This results in clear and prominent voices, especially male, but low and high lackluster.

Should you buy them?

If you identify yourself with the "Who are these?" Section, Yes. Although the sound signature is anything but neutral, it presents a new listening experience for many. The lack of bass and treble response can be to the detriment of the headphones, but the exaggerated midrange allows you to relearn your music. Who knows, maybe you hear something you've never heard of that old blow you love?

  RHA MA390 Wireless: A close-up of one of the headphones with the RHA logo in front of the camera.

The IPX4 certification helps keep the RHA MA390 Wireless durable. The headphones can withstand unexpected rain or hard training.

Again, the battery life is disappointing, especially if you're just looking at things on paper, but real-world usage should allow for a longer playing time closer to the company postulated eight hours. And as a reminder, these are IPX4 rated, so if you spill some water on them, you can skip the mini heart attack. All in all, if you are someone who prefers a headband style headset and do not want to spend more than $ 100 on something like the Sennheiser HD1, these are one of the best selections available.

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