Halo 5: Guardians might be coming to PC

There seems to be a chance to see Halo 5 on PC at least with new box art for the game that appeared in Amazon.

In the Amazon list, Halo 5: Guardian has now subtly changed the text of the box, and now in places where he previously read & # 39; Xbox One only & # 39; Is displayed.

The point is that you can sneak into the PC platform. Previous Xbox games ported to Windows 10 used the same phrases in the box.

Play Anywhere

Ars Technica pointed out this, as well as a variety of recent games that are part of the Xbox Live Anywhere initiative – Xbox games that can be enjoyed on PCs, such as the sea of ​​thieves – the console's Exclusive & # 39; Has been decorated with.

So the theory is that Halo 5: Guardians need the same treatment right away. Amazon turned the new box art early. Gamers running Windows 10 can certainly beat their fingers despite Microsoft's assurances about the past that there is no plan for a PC port.

Halo 5 was first released on Xbox 1. Almost three years ago now it was generally accepted very well.

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