Beyerdynamic Aventho Wired headphones: Good, but at a cost

The Aventho wired headphones have a 3.5 mm jack to connect to the device, even if those devices do not

Beyerdynamic It might not be the most striking brand when it comes to audio products, but its products are usually some of the best there is. We've checked a number of the company's headphones, including Aventho Wireless, which Lily reviewed earlier this year. But the biggest problem with them is the incredibly high price for a pair of Bluetooth headphones. What if you do not mind Bluetooth and would not mind saving a little money if you select a pair with cable? That's where the Aventho Beyerdynamic cable headphones come in. You may think that these headphones are the same except Bluetooth, but I would be wrong. The Beyerdynamic Aventho Wired is a completely different product.

Who is it for?

  • Travelers. To say that about a pair of headphones in the ear is strange, but that's basically who they were made for. It's not that they do a great job blocking external noise (because they do not), but rather because of its light construction and its low sound. If you want headphones that actively cancel outside noise, look elsewhere.
  • Rich people. I'll be frank, these are too expensive and not a smart investment for people who do not have money to blow. They are great headphones, but I could not recommend them to anyone conscientiously, unless I knew they would not lose the $ 340.

How is the construction quality of the Aventho Beyerdynamic cordless headphones?

When it comes to construction, I'm completely torn by whether I like it or not. One day I woke up wishing they were a little stronger and the next day I throw them in my bag grateful that they are so flexible. That said, there is one thing in particular that I want to be better about the quality of construction of these headphones, especially if you consider how expensive they are.

  Front view of someone wearing the Aventho Beyerdynamic cable headset.

Looking straight ahead, the headphones look quite large, mainly due to the comfortable plush padding.

My main problem with these is the diadem. As in the ears, I hope the Aventho Wired fits well because otherwise: it would simply fly out of my head every time I turn around. Beyerdynamic did a great job of making the clamping force tight enough to stay in his head, but not so tight that it hurts. Still, I think these could benefit greatly from a little more crown filling. If the Beyerdynamic team had been even a little more generous with the plush padding under the headband: I do not think these have any kind of annoyance. As it is, I feel a constant and slight pressure that makes me very aware of the headphones.

  The adjustable headband of the Aventho cable headphones by Beyerdynamic.

Beyerdynamic Aventho corded headphones have a metal construction with hard plastic that holds things in place.

Besides that, these headphones basically control all the boxes when it comes to what you would expect from a premium version. The entire frame of the headphones is made of a thin metal that seems to work well under small amounts of stress. Even the plastic inside that holds the adjustable headband in place feels more like hardwood than flimsy plastic. I'm not entirely convinced that if you lean on your bag incorrectly, something will not break, because everything is so thin and small that it's hard to imagine not breaking below average strength. Neither do they have hinges to bend, so even though the headphones rotate 90 degrees to be flat: they are not as portable as I think they could be if they are designed to collapse.

  Beyerdynamic Aventho Wired headset depicted lying on a desk.

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wired headphones have rotating headphones for convenience and easy storage

The headphones have a matte black finish that is surprisingly resistant to my dirty fingerprints, which is great to watch. What is even better is the thin metal ring that surrounds them, it is a nice touch that adds a bit of brightness to the otherwise minimalist design. Of course, they are still in the ears, so the fit and insulation are not great. You will easily hear what happens around you, but that only comes with the form factor. Fortunately, they are quite comfortable thanks to the leather plush padding that you can easily replace on your website if they wear out over time. Similarly, the audio cable can also be removed for easy replacement. Beyerdynamic made sure you could last as long as you wanted.

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wired headphones have a removable 3.5 mm audio cable

The cable is also perfect in my book. It is not so thin as to seem cheap and flimsy, but it is far from the thickest and heaviest cable we have ever used. As for the combination of these portable ears with a durable, but lightweight Beyerdynamic cable hit the nail on the head here. In addition, the built-in microphone and controls are universal, regardless of the smartphone you use, you'll get basic controls like pausing and playing music, as well as answering phone calls.

  The control module of the Aventho Beyerdynamic Aventho headphones.

The control module is universal for reproduction, but the volume control varies from one device to another.

But the disadvantage of 3-button remote controls that are "universal" is that whether or not you control the volume is give or fail. On my iPhone X the volume control was not an option, so every time I needed to adjust it I had to take out my phone and do it manually. It's not a big deal, but there's something to pay attention to if you trust that.

Let's talk about sound

  About the headphones that lie on a desk.

These headphones are thin, minimalist and lightweight, although they are made of metal.

So I'm not sure if I'm used to the overbearing ears of Beyerdynamic, which always impressed me, but I did not. Get out of the Aventho Beyerdynamic cordless headphones feeling the same way. Sure, they sound good for your intended use case, but not as good as other headphones you can get for the price.

Bass was emphasized a lot, which, to be fair, makes sense because those are usually the first notes to be masked by outside noise. Still, I think it was exaggerated here. The bass line in the song Let It Happen by Tame Impala tended to jump to the lower media at times, and with everything that happens in that song, it got in the way of general clarity. On the positive side, I felt that the voices (especially the female voices) are handled wonderfully by the Aventhos.

Natalia Lafourcade appeared clear and with many details in her song Para Que Sufrir . Something that is not reflected in the highs that fade easily in the background in most of the songs. These give me the impression that they were tuned for bass and vocals, which to be fair is undoubtedly the most important part of a mix when you are surrounded by city traffic and want to listen to your music, but it really does not help if I just want to sit down and separate your favorite tracks.

Final Thoughts

Although I think these would have been a headset for most people anywhere close to $ 150, the fact that they cost $ 339 makes them a novelty for me. I do not know Many people who do not mind spending about $ 350 on a whim, but if you are, then, sure, buy the Aventho Beyerdynamic cable headphones. They are not bad and, although the sound is not good for critical listening, that is not the case of intended use. The emphasis on bass and vocals makes it a pair of headphones in the ear that make your music easier to hear in the cacophony of the outside world. And although it is a practical sound, it is not very exciting for me.

The Aventho Wired are well built and, for the most part, surprisingly comfortable for a pair of earphones, but that's not the case. This means that you must spend $ 339 on them. If you spend so much, you could spend a little more on the Aventho Wireless. Or if you really want one of the best headphones with sound, spring for the Amiron Wireless radio and you will not be disappointed. Otherwise, I would say that these are too expensive for what you get.

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