Nintendo Labo review: Video shows Toy-Con 3 Vehicle Kit in action

Incoming Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

The cardboard-based Nintendo Switch accessory has another new kit on the way. Labo Toy-Con 3, or "Vehicle Kit", is launched on September 14 and contains a lot of new materials to build all kinds of cardboard creations, including a car, airplane and underwater accessories.

As with the other kits, Toy-Con 3 includes software that works with your carton compilations. According to the advance of the announcement, you can compete with the combat cars in the game, fly a plane and command a submarine when the Toy-Con 3 is launched. Nintendo has released a video of the kit in action, which includes the ability to Use cardboard drivers to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Our original review of Nintendo Labo continues below.

Review of Nintendo Labo

For many, the Nintendo Switch is simply a console. It is true that it is a super cool hybrid device that you can enjoy absolutely anywhere, but all it does is play some games.

Not anymore. Now your Switch is a piano, a fishing rod, a remote control car, it's anything and everything you want it to be and, in some cases, even more than you could imagine. Thanks to Nintendo Labo, the latest innovation of the company for Switch, you can enjoy your creative tendencies and involve your brain in a way that few previous games have done before.

In its essence, Nintendo Labo is not simply a game. This is a new platform for Nintendo; a new way to inspire young and old minds to create new things. It is a place for learning and creation, a project designed to provoke conversation and the exchange of ideas. In many ways, this is the most exciting thing that happens to the gaming industry since Minecraft.

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Comment by Nintendo Labo: What you should know

Nintendo Labo is the latest product from Nintendo's internal creative team. Coming from one of the minds behind Nintendo's skull trigger, Splatoon, Labo is about breaking the switch into its constituent parts and encouraging it to see its endless possibilities.

Nintendo Labo is currently available in two separate "toys" -With "packages, each contains a set of cardboard creations that you can use to interact with the switch in various ways." The Toy-Con 001 "Variety pack" comes With five cardboard toys to assemble and use, while the Toy-Con 002 "Robot Kit" comes with a single portable suit to assemble, these kits are designed to be the starting point for working with Labo, since the intention is to to inspire users to create their own creations in the future.

If you want a more detailed breakdown of each Toy-Con, you can find it in our Nintendo Labo explainer.

Nintendo Labo Review: Price and competition

In addition to choosing a Nintendo Switch, the cost of entry to the creative potential of Nintendo Labo is not negligible.The variety package will cost you £ 60, with the Robot Kit for £ 70. Still have not been announced or other kits, but they are likely to have the same price when they finally show up.

It may sound expensive, but Labo is not just a bunch of cardboard toys; It is also a complete piece of software that allows you to build, customize and create your own Toy-Cons. If you take into account the price, along with the fact that Variety Kit also has five separate creations, £ 60 is quite reasonable.

It is also difficult to compare it with anything else that exists in the market. In terms of video games, there really is nothing more like Nintendo Labo out there. Looking at other educational entertainment products, the closest comparison you can make is Lego Boost: a £ 120 Lego kit that helps your children understand basic coding. You can also check out a Raspberry Pi kit like Kano Computer, but it's probably too advanced and priced at over £ 200.

Comment from Nintendo Labo: Why our review structure sucks for this product

What makes Nintendo Labo so sublime is the way it uses simple materials, such as cardboard, to create wonderful gadgets. It does not look like anything in the market because it attracts a wide range of people. Instead of simply targeting children or trained adults, it is completely family-focused and will attract children up to six years of age through early adolescence. Hell, I'm almost 30 years old and I was fascinated by the cardboard folding, the ingenuity of Nintendo's craftsmanship and the seemingly limitless potential of Labo.

You just can not fit it into one category. Yes, it has cheesy characters to help you understand how everything works and impressive 3D construction diagrams that you can traverse and see from all angles. But the simple fact of building cardboard models means that you spend a lot of time than you would normally consider playing.

And, once you've built each Toy-Con, the games you play form only a small part of the experience. It is very fun to ride a motorcycle using a motorcycle controller that you have built yourself, but you know that more can be done. There is a real sense of discovery here and Labo does a wonderful job of nurturing it.

Many of its best features are hidden, hidden from the standard line of playable Labo minigames. Do you want to catch more fish in the diabolic fishing game Toy-Con Fishing Rod? Obviously you will have to use the piano to scan new shapes and customize them through your keys.

Do you want to create a new racing circuit for the motorcycle? Well, you'll need to put on a motorcycle model for your Joy-Con and fly it around the room to take your course. For an adult it may seem illogical, but for children it is one more chance to play. As with 1-2 Switch, Labo is not about spending time looking at a screen, it's about imagining what you can do next.

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Comment by Nintendo Labo: The Secrets of Toy-Con Garage

The real flesh of Nintendo Labo is hidden in the "Discover" section of Labo Software . In Discover, Labo's three child-friendly researchers show how each Toy-Con works and how to get the most out of each particular game. It also provides construction instructions, information on how to repair your creations and how to customize them as well.

Discover also hides a bright feature known as the "Toy-Con Garage". Just like its mouth cap indicates, Toy-Con Garage takes you below the surface of how Nintendo Labo works, complete with stripped-down images and color-coded nodes with wire frames.

Unlike the rest of Discover, or "Make" of Labo "Construction instructions section, Toy-Con Garage does not have its hand." After a brief introduction about what each constituent is about, it has the The ability to create your own programs for your Labo models Nintendo is giving you the keys to absolutely every sensor input the Nintendo Switch has and lets you create your own set of outputs.

Nintendo's own Labo the creators built a complete band using Labo thanks to some elastic bands, a Joy-Con and the touch screen of the Switch.Over time, Nintendo expects that people use Garage as a means to generate their own projects from scratch, perhaps even manufacture their own Toy-Cons from cardboard or 3D printed materials.

This may seem too advanced for you. smaller ones but that is the beauty of Labo. As they play and learn to understand how each Toy-Con is simply more than a cardboard, they will begin to understand how everything works. That knowledge helps them understand how to create. As they grow – and they undoubtedly release more Toy-Cons – they will be able to understand more, while the logical structure of the Toy-Con Garage programming environment means that these lessons result in transferable coding skills.

To help foster this sense of creativity, Nintendo is running an official Nintendo Labo YouTube channel as a way to showcase some of the incredible creations that people have made, and to encourage others to learn from them and prove it .

Review of Nintendo Labo: Verdict

Before Nintendo entered the world of video games, it was a toy manufacturer. And although there is a part of his history far behind, Labo proves that the joy is still in the DNA of the company.

When Nintendo announced Labo, many joked that it was little more than a set of cardboard toys and, on the surface, that is at least partially true. What Nintendo has built here, however, is more than just a set of toys or independent experiences; It has the potential to transform into something much larger than the Nintendo Switch.

My hope is that Nintendo will continue to push Labo with new Toy-Cons regularly. I hope that you teach throughout the country to encourage parents and children to play and create. I want Labo to end up in schools, helping children understand how the world of physical design and coding can be combined in wonderful and ingenious ways. 19659003] It is undeniable that Nintendo Labo is the most recent idea to leave the videogame industry in years and it is a proof, once again, that few make innovation better than Nintendo.

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