Xbox Two release date rumours: Microsoft set to reveal new Xbox hardware at Gamescom

For a few glorious hours, it looked like Microsoft was planning to present the Xbox Two at Gamescom this August. In a blog post written on the website of Xbox Major spokesperson Nelson, it was revealed that Microsoft would show "completely new Xbox hardware" during its Inside Xbox conference. This statement, of course, set the community of players on fire with speculation that the Xbox Two consoles, announced for the first time in E3 2018, would be seen much earlier than originally expected.

Unfortunately, it was not like that! Later on the same day, the blog post was updated; the phrase "new hardware of Xbox" was replaced by "new packages and accessories of Xbox One", that quickly put our hopes, of a new Xbox revealed in Gamescom to the bed. Now that we have some clarification from Microsoft, we can focus our attention on what this new hardware could be. Most likely, it's an update to Microsoft's Xbox One Elite controller, whose news leaked on the Chine Baidu website, although that post was already removed.

Keep reading to discover everything we know, and wait – So far on the next Xbox console, which we tentatively call the Xbox Two.

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Xbox Two Version: Everything we know so far

During Microsoft's E3 2018 conference in June, the technology giant revealed that it is in the process of creating a new Xbox. Phil Spencer, CEO of Gaming at Microsoft, said his team is "already involved in the architecture of upcoming Xbox consoles." Plural Consoles Well, we did not expect that. Instead of launching a solitaire base console, followed by a more powerful "X" edition and a smaller and cheaper "S" edition, in the style of the Xbox One, Microsoft could be planning to unleash them all at once. But we'll probably have to wait a couple of years to get their hands on them.

According to the insider's website of Microsoft Thurrott, Microsoft has a number of next-generation devices in development, all under the codename Scarlett. The website reports that, next to a traditional console, there will be another device with the code name Scarlett Cloud, a device of lesser power designed for the transmission of games. Thurrott points out that all Scarlett games will run on both consoles, which means that for the less powerful cloud it will not be a kind of "second class citizen". A previous report on the website mentions a possible release date for 2020, possibly surpassing Sony's PS5 in the market.

The Xbox Two, as it is known unofficially, will be the follow-up of the Xbox One range of Microsoft, the most recent of which is the Xbox One X. Launched in 2013, eight years after the Xbox 360, the Xbox One apparently it has run its course. Complete with two spin-off consoles, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, another Xbox console was always an inevitability. That is now a reality since Microsoft has confirmed several new consoles in E3 2018 but, we still want to know what they will be able to do.

To begin with, they are likely to be compatible with the current generation of Xbox One games. In addition, there is a strong possibility that Microsoft will also allow backwards compatibility of all the original Xbox 360 and Xbox titles that can now be played on Xbox One, resulting in a huge catalog of games that goes back 15 years. As Microsoft himself has said, this could be the "Netflix of video games," according to Forbes, at least.

One feature that many Xbox players have been waiting for is the Virtual Reality game. Unfortunately, it seems that his dream is not to be. In an exclusive interview with at E3, Mike Nichols, Microsoft's marketing director, said the company did not have "specific plans for Xbox consoles in virtual reality or mixed reality."

This news will be a disappointment for many, and in fact it is a surprise, given that Microsoft's competitor, Sony, is already very advanced with PlayStation VR, released in 2016.

Xbox Two release: when will it come out? ?

We are reliably informed by Microsoft insider site Thurrott will launch several Xbox Two consoles in 2020. Two years is not that long to wait for a new console, and much more more than one, especially considering that the Xbox One X It was only released in November 2017. [19659002] Of course, the plans may be derailed and the releases may be delayed, so do not assume that everything is written in stone. However, if everything goes according to plan, we hope to see that the Xbox Two consoles (or what Microsoft ends up calling them) are launched towards the end of 2020. According to previous versions of the console, we imagine that Microsoft aims for a late release November, just in time for Christmas 2020.

Xbox Two release: what can we expect?

So far there are no details on how the Xbox Two consoles will look, and limited information on what they will do. We know it will be backwards compatible for Xbox One titles and that it will lack the virtual reality features that Sony is probably doubling for the PS5. As for the games, there have been no news so far, although Microsoft, of course, will retain its ownership of exclusive franchise titles, such as Halo and Gears of War.

At this point, the specifications of the next generation of Xbox consoles are totally unknown, except that one is a game transmission device, we can only speculate here, but obviously they will be more powerful than anything we have seen from a console Xbox so far. Game developers will have much more computing power to play, which means larger worlds with more details. Since the Xbox One X already has 4K and HDR, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft improves the graphic capabilities with the Xbox Two.

Microsoft will continue its Games with Gold promotions every month, as well as its huge cost-effective subscription service for Game Pass. As it moves into the next generation, the larger Triple-A Xbox One titles will likely be available through the Games with Gold scheme, allowing Xbox Two owners to play the best Xbox One titles for free when they can not. Buy a new Xbox. Two games, which will probably sell between £ 50 and £ 60 each.

Launch of Xbox Two: How much will Xbox Two cost?

The latest console from Microsoft, Xbox One X, launched at a high price of £ 450, and we would eat our Xbox wireless headphones if the Xbox Two was less. We estimate that the Xbox Two will cost at least £ 500, but since there are several devices planned under the codename of Scarlett, there will probably be an even more expensive console landing; £ 600 would not be a surprise for the top end of Xbox Two.

We will update this article as we receive more news. For now, you can also take full advantage of what the current Microsoft console has. offer. Check out our list of the best Xbox One games in 2018, and kill some time until November 2020.

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