The best Nintendo Switch bundles and deals in September 2018

Children may be able to return to school, but that does not mean that your home does not benefit from a large Nintendo switch pack offer, especially as the weather becomes scarce. Maybe you find yourself shooing the kids outside so you can go!

We are listing all the best exchange offers here and we are looking for the best packages with extra games, drivers and other accessories. Continue scrolling through the packages on this page and we will also show you the prices on additional drivers and memory cards.

In the UK you can find many Nintendo Switch games like Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild. , Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and more, all with a decent discount too.

Below you will find the best Nintendo Switch packages from trusted retailers. We've also put together the best prices for additional Joy-Con controllers, Pro controllers and even some cheap Nintendo Switch memory cards.

If you're waiting for more games to arrive first, get your fixed dose of Ninty with a cheap price. 3DS treatment. We also have a dedicated Switch deals page for our Australian readers .

The latest offers from Nintendo Switch

Do you want to know where to buy a Nintendo Switch? See our comparative table below for the latest Nintendo Switch prices. Below you will find the best Nintendo Switch packages with games / accessories. Do not forget, if you are buying the console on your own, the PVP is $ 299 / £ 279, so you do not want to pay more than that unless you get some extras . [19659003] Note: The actions of EE. UU They may be a little random, but if you're struggling and you do not want to wait, there are many Nintendo Switch Concessions on eBay [19659010] .

Nintendo Switch Packages (US)

We have highlighted our selections of the best Nintendo Switch packages below. Just keep in mind that the game packages do not really offer much discount on buying the items separately. We will keep you away from the console packages that will actively charge you more than the normal combined PVP (not great, guys!). It seems that there is a real shortage of US Switch packages at this time, so it is better to pick up a console on your own for now.

Packages from Nintendo Switch (United Kingdom)

The UK scene for discount offers from Nintendo Switch is quite competitive thanks to the large number of retailers trying to get their business. In general, today we find a great selection of packages every week, even in the quietest times of the year that are not especially known for sales. Take a look below to get discounts on packages with games, hardware and accessories.

Questions and Answers about the Nintendo Switch

As with any new console, we imagine that you want to know a little more about the console before depositing money. So in addition to finding the best deals on Nintendo Switch, we will help bring answers to the burning questions.

 Nintendo Switch Concessions Joy-con

What are Joys? Drivers?

The Joy-Con controller is actually a pair of controllers that connect to the sides of the Nintendo Switch when they are not in use or when playing as a tablet away from the TV. When you play the Nintendo Switch on the TV, you can remove them and play with one in each hand. The left hand has a controller with an analog stick and d-pad, the right hand handles the one with a second analog and the usual A, B, X and Y buttons. Or, you and a friend can use one in multiplayer games with the d-pad doubling as improvised face buttons.

You get a pair with the console, but you may want to buy more to allow additional players to participate in games like Mario Kart 8, FIFA 18 and many more. Or maybe you just want different colors for your own use.

Additional Joy-Con offers

 Joy-Con Controller Grip with Nintendo Switch

What is the Joy-Con Grip Controller?

The Joy-Con Grip is an additional accessory that joins the two Joy-Con controls, forming something more solid for you to hold it thanks to the extended handles and the plastic block between the two sides. The square-dimension form factor can remind the older players of the Dreamcast controller, while the others will mainly think of how it resembles a strange-looking dog face. Nintendo provides one with the Nintendo Switch, so you do not have to buy one separately. However, this does not load your controller and it does not have a battery.

Nintendo Switch Controller Pro offers

Yes and does not come with the console. But in reality you do not need to play any game, so do not feel pressured to buy one. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a more traditional pad and was released along with the Nintendo Switch. However, the prices are not cheap, from $ 69.99 / £ 64.99. Currently there are no signs of a Nintendo Switch Premium Edition with one included.

Do I have to buy additional drivers for the multiplayer mode on Nintendo Switch?

Possibly not! Do you remember how the Joy-Con controller is divided into two? Turn them sideways and you will get two basic controllers, each with its own analog stick and face buttons: the d-pad acts as face functions on the left controller. So far, we've seen that the 2K NBA series, Snipper Clips and Mario Kart are used in this way for local multiplayer mode in docked and tablet modes. So you get multiplayer functionality directly without the need for additional purchase.

However, if you want to play games for four players, then you will need to invest in an additional pair of Joy-Con drivers or some Pro drivers. We bought the Joy-Contras as a pair (see our comparison chart above) ) since you will save some cash by purchasing them separately. Better yet, if your friends have a switch, ask them to bring their controllers to the party.

Super Mario Odyssey Offers

This has been one of the best games on the Nintendo switch so far and an absolute must for Mario and platform fans. However, like Zelda then, being a Nintendo title of first match, take forever lower price. However, it is slowly happening, so we have compiled the cheapest Super Mario Odyssey prices for you below. If you are not receiving this game in a package, we strongly recommend picking it up separately as soon as possible.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath offers from the wild

Critics have been highly commended release title eagerly awaited, making it an essential purchase for any Nintendo Switch buyer. As with any new console, the prices of great games can be more expensive than usual. However, we have bought for you and have found the best prices for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. Take a look below.

MicroSD Memory Cards Nintendo Switch

With only 32GB of internal storage, you'll want to buy a cheap memory card or two for your new Nintendo Switch for any digital purchase or the inevitable game fixing patches. However, do not worry, they are actually surprisingly cheap, even with the 64GB that cost less than £ 20 / $ 25.

What memory cards does the Nintendo Switch need? Those will be Micro SD cards also known as, depending on their size, MicroSDHC (up to 32GB) or MicroSDXC (up to a huge 2TB soon). Nintendo will launch its own branded cards, but will pay more, just for a label. So, for now, we take a look at this range of MicroSDXC cards adaptable to Nintendo switches.

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