N64 Classic Mini release date rumours: Is the next Nintendo Mini on its way?

A recent trademark presentation by Nintendo suggests that we might be seeing an N64 Classic Mini console launched sometime in the near future; possibly as early as the end of 2018. Nintendo will miss the 20th anniversary of the original Nintendo 64 console, which came out in 1996 (or 1997, in Europe) but a 22nd anniversary is as good as any other, we assume. [19659002] The aforementioned brand, observed by the Japanese Nintendo, covers a video game program, a joystick for a video game system, a controller for a video game system and a video game machine. It's not clear exactly what those specific phrases mean, but if we take a look at the previous design of the brand presented by the company in 2017 for the iconic three-pronged driver below, it's pretty clear what console it will be.

Now, it is possible that Nintendo has filed this trademark on intellectual property concerns, but considering that the Japanese gaming company took similar actions before the release of the SNES Classic Mini and the NES Classic Mini, it is a safe bet that a N64 Classic Mini is on the way. .

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Hopefully, Nintendo will have the good sense to make the N64 Classic Mini compatible with the original console controllers. After all, the retro console is still widely available and many people still own it. Otherwise, the N64 Classic Mini will have to be delivered with four new pads.

N64 Classic: Everything you need to know

N64 Classic release date: When does it come out in the UK?

There has been no official announcement from Nintendo on this matter. In fact, they have not even confirmed the existence of the console at all, much less when it will be released. On the basis of recent trademarks, however, we may see the N64 Classic Mini by the end of 2018. This makes sense, as it would follow the pattern set by the other two retro consoles released by Nintendo, the SNES Classic Mini and The NES Classic Mini.

N64 Classic games: what can we expect to play in it?

Like the incredibly popular NES Classic Mini, it is almost certain that Nintendo will release the N64 Classic with a collection of the most popular console titles, in an enhanced format through the Virtual Console on the WiiU.

Currently, the Virtual Console has 21 N64 titles, which is the same number of games that are coming to the SNES Mini. Then it is quite reasonable to expect something like that. The demand is certainly there for these games; people seem more enthusiastic than ever playing retro Nintendo titles, as demonstrated when the NES Mini was sold out almost at the launch.

We can even see some exclusive releases and never before seen together with the launch of the N64 Classic Mini; The SNES Mini came with an unpublished sequel to the original Star Fox game, Star Fox 2, so who knows what hidden title could be included in the N64 Classic Mini?

We're waiting for some of our favorite Nintendo 64 games to come with the replayed mini console, which includes Pokémon Stadium, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and the legendary Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Some of Rare's old school classics would also be nice, and maybe Paper Mario and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask?

Retro consoles are no longer ridiculous, only for hipsters who refuse to upgrade to modern consoles. It seems that they are quickly becoming mainstream. In addition to NES, SNES and (hopefully) N64 Mini Classics from Nintendo, there is a retro reboot of the console in the way of Atari in the form of Ataribox.

If the N64 Classic Mini is successful, and surely it will be, then we have good reason to expect a Gamecube Classic Mini in the coming years. Meanwhile, Nintendo really needs to make these versions of retro Virtual Console games compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

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