GameCube Classic Mini release Date: Japanese Nintendo discovers three new GameCube console trademarks

For all those born between the mid and late 90's, this could be the best news related to the games you've heard. The Japanese Nintendo, a site that seems to do nothing but sift the applications of trademarks, has discovered three new registered trademark applications of GameCube by Nintendo.

These are not just general trademarks, either. The purpose of one application is listed as "video game program" and another is described as a "video game machine", which points to a totally new GameCube console. We have already had a SNES Classic Mini and a NES Classic Mini from Nintendo, which were revealed for the first time through trademark lists, so it is a safe bet that the GameCube follow the same path.

Read on to learn all we know so far about the GameCube Classic Mini, the not yet confirmed re-launch of the iconic Nintendo successor to the legendary N64.

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GameCube Classic Mini: Everything you need to know

GameCube Classic Mini release date: when will it be released in the UK?

Nintendo has not even confirmed that it is still making the GameCube Classic Mini, so it would be foolish to predict a release date at this stage. We hope that the N64 Classic Mini comes out first because the recent N64 trademarks (also discovered by the Japanese Nintendo) were presented at the beginning of the year.

It seems that Nintendo is launching its Classic Mini consoles in chronological order based on their original launch dates, in which case the N64 Classic Mini will be the third and the GameCube Classic Mini will be the fourth. It is also possible that Nintendo is evaluating interest in a GameCube Mini, and can only launch it if the N64 Classic Mini sells well. Considering how popular the SNES and NES Classic Mini consoles have been, we would say that it is a fact that the N64 – and, later, the GameCube Classic Mini – will be sold as hot cakes.

GameCube Classic Mini games: what can we expect? to play it?

Back in 2002, GameCube released all-time classics such as Super Monkey Ball, Pikmin, Crazy Taxi, SSX Tricky and Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, and what a great memory we have! Then there were timeless titles like Metroid Prime, Luigi & # 39; s Mansion and TimeSplitters 2 to deal with, plus dozens of other amazing games. We can only hope that GameCube Classic Mini has them all.

The other Classic Mini consoles have been released with 21 titles of the original integrated console, so it is reasonable to expect GameCube to have the same. We know it's a remote possibility, but could we also see the triumphant return of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, the most underestimated wargame of the galaxies of all time? Place your Fetts, friends …

GameCube Classic Mini price: how much will it cost?

The SNES and NES Classic Mini consoles were launched around the £ 60- £ 70 mark, but their price depends on where you shopped from. The original GameCube was launched at £ 129 in the UK in 2002, but the others Re-launched consoles have been cheaper than their earlier versions, so the GameCube probably does not cost that much.

Sixteen years of inflation that redundant figure, anyway. To be sure, we're saying £ 70, although we'll have to wait until the official launch to be sure.

But whatever the cost, we know it will be worth it just for nostalgia. [19659016]