Eminem Faces His Demons In Music Video For New Song “Fall”

Eminem fans could not believe what they were seeing when he dropped his tenth studio album Kamikaze without warning. The famous rapper has not finished surprising the fans, and his latest surprise is a tricky music video for the new song "Fall".

The clip begins with Slim Shady sitting in a car looking at all the negative reviews his previous album received. Fed up with all the negativity, he throws down his phone and starts to wander the streets, but quickly realizes that he is followed by a mysterious shadowy figure who crawls out of a stranger's tablet.

Eminem tries to escape from the creature Venomesque, only to realize that there is no escape. He ends up being cornered by the smoke monster, which possesses his body at the end of the video. The rapper finds a way to get rid of him by jumping out the window and landing on his feet.

"Fall" is obviously metaphorical, but it is still clear what Eminem tried to say with him. It is his version of "Look what you made me do", which points to all those who dared to cross it. He disagrees with the critics and some of his fellow rappers, and is the perfect reflection of Kamikaze as a whole.

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