Acer’s Predator Thronos is a glorious gaming cockpit

Acer has brought the game chairs to a new absurd level with the Predator Thronos; a structure 1.5 m high that is closer to a military flight simulator than a piece of furniture for the home.

Announced at IFA 2018, the Predator Thronos supports three 27-inch monitors with a massive clamp and has built-in space for a game PC. . It comes in a choice of double black tone with white or blue accents, and features "deep impact vibration", where the chair will react to collisions in the game.

(Credit: Predator Gaming)

Acer describes the Thronos Predator as "the cave of a player", and says that the set is adjustable and ergonomic, with its own footrest. You probably need that comfort when the chair starts to shake and move: the company says it can also recline up to 140 degrees.

(Credit: Jonathan Bray)

Acer Predator Thronos date and price: how much does it cost?

Acer has yet to say when the Predator Thronos will go on sale, or how much it will cost. Leaving aside the ridiculous gaming chair, you will have to buy those monitors and the PC to play.

At the IFA 2018, Acer also introduced its Predator XB273K gaming monitor, which will be available in Europe Q4 2018 for € 1499 (£ 1357). On the slightly cheaper side is the Acer Nitro XV273K, available in Europe for € 1049 (£ 949). Acer recommends its own technology, but screens and third-party PCs will also adapt.

Factor out three monitors, along with the PC, and you'll have to start saving your pennies if you want to live in the "Acer players game". "

Features of Acer Predator Thronos: what does it do?

Acer's play chair looks more like an arcade than a living room, but if you like to spend a lot of money on gaming equipment, This could be your zenith The chair vibrates and reclines, and surrounds you with three monitors.That is one way to have an immersive experience, no doubt.

Acer Predator Thronos: First verdict

It looks gloriously in the part The design makes it look like the cockpit of an alien spacecraft.What is not love?

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