Will the new MacBook debut on September 12? That might be up to Intel

The tech industry has begun to imagine the new MacBook Air or Apple MacBook in 2018. For example, this product is ahead of the annual iPhone event that was released in the past.

According to an unnamed industry source, Intel's newly announced 8th generation Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake processors are experiencing a severe shortage of supplies and may have a relative impact on vendor revenues . 19659002] Considering whether Intel has poured new notebooks into IFA 2018 and started work on the processor just a week before the announcement, the new MacBook mentioned is the Amber Lake (that is, the new Core M and Y series) Processor.

There is no improvement in Intel's M or Y series processors, which are used exclusively in Apple's current 12-inch MacBook line-up, until the most recent MacBook was released in 2017. So it's unlikely Apple will release a new MacBook with the same processor as before.

If Intel is really having trouble keeping up with chip demand, Apple can leave Apple with less MacBook devices than you want. Start with. So, September 12 may not be the time to see a long-lived Apple notebook, but it may be possible someday in October or early November, just as with previous releases of Mac hardware.

When Apple has more time to store the MacBook in the oven, competition is absolutely fierce these days.


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