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From the beginning of the Beats brand in 2008, before it swallowed and transformed into an Apple division, we have come to recognize the lowercase “b” logo and occasional ostentatious design options. Top 10 best Earphones  the BeatsX are different. These speak with confidence with a minimalist design composed of elegant and uninterrupted lines. Beauty is not its main advantage, however. They also have powerful hardware under the hood.

Who are the BeatsX for?

Listeners using an iOS device will enjoy an optimal listening experience with the BeatsX due to the AAC compatibility of the headphones and the integrated W1 chip.

  • iPhone users. Known as one of the best pairs of iPhone headphones, the BeatsX brings many of the same benefits of Apple’s AirPods without the drawbacks of true wireless technology. The integrated W1 and Bluetooth Class 1 chip promotes reliable connectivity with a range of 100 meters.
  • Conscious consumers of fashion. Unlike the previous models of Beats, the BeatsX presents a discreet design and a color palette completely black or completely white, presenting a more sophisticated style for ergonomic headphones.

What’s inside?

The purchase of BeatsX offers listeners four pairs of ear tips, a series of secure fit wing tips, a carry case and a Lightning charging cable. Yes, as an Android user, it’s strange to see Lightning instead of USB-C, but hey, it works.

How is BeatsX built?

 Comment by BeatsX: The neck band bending multiple directions with one candle off in the background a black background.

The BeatsX cable connection is a Flex-Form cable, which is convenient to use and handles moisture well.

Sporting a mainly plastic construction does not degrade the feel of the BeatsX. In fact, the plastic caps on the neck band and the earphone covers combine very well with the Flex-Form rubber cable, much like a third-tier Cabernet matches well with tonight’s television dinner. Cheap, sure, but surprisingly good.

A discreet ignition button embedded in the end of the neck band keeps the aesthetics discreet, while remaining functional. The same can be said about the online microphone and the remote control, which has a prototypical design and allows the access of a virtual assistant, either Siri or Google Assistant. For my joy, the volume controls are compatible with Android devices.

 Review of BeatsX: an image of the online control module in a set of white coasters superimposed on the black table.

It is found descending from the right earphone BeatsX is a microphone and online remote control, which allows basic playback control and virtual assistant access.

Ergonomics, a word that may well have its own department at Home Depot, is excellent and can be attributed to angle nozzles and varied tips of ear and wing. In addition, the casings of the headphones are magnetized. However, the magnets could be stronger, since it is easy to separate them if a garment is stretched against the housings.

Are BeatsX good for exercise?

Although officially they are not resistant to sweat according to the official product page, they survived my three race miles and weightlifting routines. Although – full statement – I hate to run with neck band headphones and I can not find the neckband swaying or the cable wobbling to improve my races. In all fairness, there are many popular exercise-oriented neckbuds available.

 Review of BeatsX: Wireless PowerBeats on the left and BeatsX on the right on a red surface.

If you’re going to exercise on a pair of Beats headphones, you may want to try your hand with the PowerBeats3 Wireless.

If you happen to break a heavy sweat while using these, be careful. Apple may not help if the BeatsX malfunctions, as they lack an IP rating. The Powerbeats3 Wireless, however, is a more durable alternative.

Microphone quality: a pleasant surprise

The microphone works exceptionally well in noisy environments. With a construction just 50 meters away, the BeatsX attenuated the background noise with ease. Not to mention that he was also surrounded by multiple voices in windy Atlanta. Of course, it’s not as if the microphone had completely isolated my voice, but it was much louder than the next recording leads him to believe.

Like the flavor of Juicy Fruit gum, the life battery does not last long

Since the battery life is displayed at eight o’clock, it is a disappointment that our objective tests revealed that the BeatsX provides 5.45 hours of playback before requiring a recharge. Fortunately, a full charge cycle takes just under an hour, which is about half the time of most wireless headphones. And five minutes of charging provides two hours of playback when the battery is low. In addition, you are likely to listen to volumes below 75dB (SPL), which should extend battery life.

 Review of BeatsX: A close-up of the end of the neck band where the Lightning loading port is located.

With Fast Fuel, you can give the BeatsX two extra hours of playback with only five minutes of charging when the battery is low.

While discussing the loading methods, you may notice that the Lightning entry is completely exposed. . While this makes the BeatsX look elegant, it is a bit worrisome to have such an integral part of the headphones subject to dirt, dust and water. Form before the function, I suppose.


For optimal connectivity, you’re going to need an iOS device. It allows you to take full advantage of that delicious A1 chip and Bluetooth AAC codec compatibility. If you come from a device that is not iOS, you will experience approximately half a second of audiovisual delay. Although is bearable, it is not ideal.

 Comment by BeatsX: The right end of the neck band that houses the power button rests on a pair of succulents with red LED lighting down.

The BeatsX can connect to two devices simultaneously and toggle between the two.

That said, the strength and stability of the connection is excellent when listening from various Android and Windows devices. However, I experienced a short-lived unstable connectivity when walking through my local park. However, this should not cause much pause, since most Bluetooth devices have problems in large and open environments.

How does the BeatsX sound?

In general, the BeatsX reproduce a quite serious sound, but also quite a bit of emphasis on mid-range frequencies. For the most part, this can be seen as a good thing, since it counteracts vocal masking. However, it is still a problem. In relation to the PowerBeats3, the low-end emphasis could be considered moderate. The highs, on the other hand, are audible, but a lot of the details that sound from the harmonics of the instruments are lost in the rumble.

 Review of BeatsX: a downward angled image of the inline microphone that rests horizontally (medium) through the image. The upper part of the image presents an iPhone 8 Plus in rose gold.

Located on the back of the online control module, the microphone works extremely well in a variety of environments.

The insulation is fine. If you want to improve it, be sure to invest in a pair of memory foam pads. Doing it attenuates external noise by creating a more convincing seal. As a result, you will enjoy more powerful low-end playback.

Bass and Mediums

In the Latin Inspiring I like of Cardi B, their animated voices are often masked by bass. While Cardi B makes its way through the introduction, which lacks the heavy bass found in later verses, it is easy to hear it over the applause and background instruments. However, once the sub-bass starts at 0:57, it’s hard to hear it.

The masking is even more evident when Bad Bunny jumps for the second verse. Since his voice is a much lower register than that of Cardi B, it is even more difficult for the BeatsX to play a clear differentiation between their voices, the mariachi, the bass line and the support voices. You can hear this clearly at 1:32 when he says: “I spend at the club what you have in the bank”.

Although this can be frustrating if you are looking for a neutral and accurate listening experience, many consumers will not notice the distortion and masking. In fact, it is very pleasant for the consumer and is preferred in everyday situations, for example during a noisy trip or during exercise.


Cory Wong of Vulfpeck, with collaborating artist Cory Wong, takes full advantage of Wong’s skillful selection and slides. When listening to this funky instrumental through the BeatsX, the guitar solo that starts at 1:33 sounds good, since Wong alternates between D, D # / E and C. Halfway, the hi-hats re-enter and resonate between 3.5 kHz and 5 kHz. The subsequent reverb of the harmonics is difficult to hear over the synth sounds alone and groovy.

Should I buy them?

Yes. Since these headphones are less than $ 100 and have excellent connectivity, the nightmare of the operational existence of all Bluetooth headsets, these are a great offer. It is true that you will not be surprised, or maybe even impressed with the quality of the sound. But the ease of use, the comfortable fit and the fast fuel load make it worthwhile. Also, if you’re just looking for a pair of versatile and stylish headphones for the day, the BeatsX are, at least, the headphones to beat.

 Comment by BeatsX: an image that represents the angular nozzles of the headphones. a white surface.

Less than $ 100 from Amazon, the BeatsX are a pair of high-capacity, reliable wireless headphones.

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