PS3 Controller App is All You Need to Control PS3 with Android

Android Have you ever thought you could control your PS3 with your device? Frankly, no one thought that using an Android device alone would make it impossible to control the entire PS3 console.

Bluetooth on the Android device can not be remotely set up on a large console like the PS3. However, over time, the Android app has revolutionized our point of view on Android apps as technology drops a lot.

You can now work with any type of application using the applications on your Android device. Recently I am buzzing on the web about apps that can control the PS3 console using Android.

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You would have enjoyed most games Using the Play Station controller Get a better mobile gaming experience on your Android device. Now you can do the same thing with the PS3 console and Android to experience a more convenient and convenient game experience.

Some people with small hands may find it difficult to properly hold a plastic controller . All buttons on the controller are available . In this case, you will not be able to tailor the controller to work with your requirements.

We recommend using your Android device to play games on the PS3 console. That’s because it’s easy to use your Android device instead of a small, bulky plastic controller. Shooting RTS In games like urban construction games, precise control of analog stick as well as is possible.

Why use the PS3 controller app

Some users may argue that games using controllers are much better than Android devices. Well, some of you are true, but as mentioned earlier, people with small or small fingers can not reach the position of the R & L button .

In addition, some games require the use of two analog sticks, which are very difficult to do on the controller. Because Android phones are not bulky in size and character ;

So to avoid this bitter experience, we recommend using the PS3 controller app on Android. Is to use a traditional PS3 controller rather than a device.

It’s about the default settings for the game after all.

PS3 Controller app for Android Free Download – BlueputDroid

is displayed when you install PS3 controller on all Android devices.

We want to be able to control the console remotely using the PS3 Controller app on Android devices. Pretty simple ; It may take some time to set everything up before actually starting the game.

But once you do all the steps correctly and set everything up, the PS3 console game will be a hellish experience when playing games on your Android device. Follow these instructions to get control ps3 from Android.

First, you need to pair your smartphone with the PS3 console using Bluetooth . To do this, go to Settings on your Android device, find the Bluetooth option and turn it on. Now go to Settings and turn on the Bluetooth feature of your PS3 console.

If you turn on Bluetooth in the console, you will have to enter the password to display on the screen. Pair your Android devices together. This is the first and most important step in the process. Both systems must be connected via Bluetooth so that there is a delay between commands.

However, the input delay is that you can not avoid or modify . But in most cases, do not worry because you can not recognize the input delay.

The additional step also minimizes the distance between the Android device and the PS3 console .

Download Apk file

  1. First, use this link to download the apk file for the controller app on your Android device.
  2. When the download process is complete, open the Downloads folder and tap the apk file.
  3. The installation process is now started (no root authority or permission required).
  4. {19459023} Important steps } On Android smartphones, use Settings >> Wireless Control >> Bluetooth . Alternatively, access Bluetooth from the Control Center menu and turn it on.
  5. Turn on your PlayStation 3 and connect it to your Android smartphone. Location “TabUnder the Device ” menu in the Settings >> Bluetooth Device Management >> ] “To browse your Android device and go to a new window to pair your Android and PS3 for remote playback.
  6. Select your smartphone and enter your six-digit password

Now launch the BlueputDroid app and check your app’s connection to the PS3 console.19659024] As soon as you open the app, you will see the connection status in the app. If not, follow the onscreen instructions provided by the app. "

  • Once your connection is successfully completed, you can start a PS3 game using your Android device.


All you need to do in your app to play PS3 games on your Android smartphone.

How to control PS3 with Android using PS3 controller app [19659011] The first step in this process is installing and configuring apps. This is where you start the basic step of controlling and playing the game from the console using the console app remotely.

By default, controls are not easy to play. You need to make the necessary changes so that it can play properly as an Android device.

In this application the analog stick can move; You can drag the analog stick to the desired position on the screen. From the D-Pad section these buttons are not useful in most games.

You can hide buttons or minimize their size to make room for other buttons on the Android screen. . The R & L button can be easily accessed at the top of the screen.

If you do not think the button is needed, simply remove it

CCAPI console manager for remote PS3 playback on PS3 [Alternate Method]

This is another great way to control PS3 with Android smartphone .

  1. Download the CCAPI console and install . Download the admin app on this Android device from this link or the download link above.
  2. After installation is complete, turn on Bluetooth in the Android app and make sure the PS3 console is turned on.
  3. Search Connected to both the Bluetooth device and the Android device of the PS3 console at the same time.

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