Nicki Minaj Flaunts Fans With Her Twerking Moves

Nicki Minaj is the most popular of the living female rappers, and this fact is no doubt. Along with other facts, her curve makes the women she wants most alive. A huge breasts and butt can make Kim K faint or at least make him jealous. Nicky is famous for his sharp body and terrible character. But fans are ready to forgive all her drama as another hot video. And this time she prepared something hotter than hell. Ready?

She tends to show off her curves in most music videos, and some people may have finally stopped (but we are not). There was an enormous scandal around her anaconda clip in 2014. And here we go – she did it again in her mind-blowing dance. Minaj has released a video teaser for Barbie Tingz.

Nicki’s first outfit saw her hair gather in twin buns on either side of her head, faintly reminiscent of Carol Carisher. I enjoyed the sport with Princess Leia, who caused the protests of Fischer fans. Look, I felt an inadequate betrayal of the actress’ lovely memory. Others consider this hairstyle to have nothing in common with Princess Leia and simply enjoy the look.

They were even more shocked by their looks, including looks and small panties. Well, to be honest, it’s hard to call it “panties”. I do not really care about not putting space in my imagination. Raptor has tried to add a little glamor to his looks by fixing a few elaborate gold necklaces, huge matching earrings and bracelets.

The singer has a dazzling curve that gives a great joy. Especially when she performs her best move. As in this video.

Soon, two Nikki dancing together, both wearing a bell-shaped mini dress down the waist. Here is an accent highlighted with the top of her body, a pink bra and a gorgeous black bubble sleeve.

Both have very bright hair (yellow and pink) and should be balanced in purple and green heels. Footage does not fit perfectly with Nicki’s style. She seems to have decided to try something new. A rapper like her does not have a fan. So, what was it? A new wave in her career? Should we expect more changes soon?

The sexy Minaj made the fans exciting and seemed to have added thousands of new fans. The whole video promises majesty and hypnosis. We can not wait for it to the end. But now, we have come to enjoy the teaser that causes a lot of fuss every day. Good job, Nicki!

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