Vivo teases a true all-display phone with pop-up camera for June 12th

Vivo is sending out invitations to keep the date of what appears to be the production version of the Apex concept phone that captivated the world in February. The Apex, as you will recall, featured three impressive technologies: an emergent front camera, an edge-to-edge screen with a supposed "best in the world" screen-to-body ratio and a fingerprint sensor on the screen that worked anywhere in the world. lower half of the screen. The question is, how much of that genius technology will make it enter the production device?

Vivo invests a bit by saying that "Vivo's vision continues with the APEX FullView Concept Smartphone." But we also make fun of what appears to be the production device in the company's first ad that touts Vivo as the official smartphone of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In the ad, we see that glorious big screen that has both a slot like a bezel, as well as the front camera that rises from the headset for a video call. That leaves in doubt the technology of fingerprint scanning on the half-screen of the Apex concept. But do not worry, Vivo has another more limited fingerprint solution on the screen that is already being sent.

The race is for the first real phone with full screen. Yes, Apple launches the iPhone X as "the whole screen", but its level suggests otherwise. So far we have that Doogee sliding prototype in operation along with the Lenovo Z5. However, the Z5, with a 95 percent screen-to-body ratio, appears ready for the June launch, according to the company's talkative VP. But will it arrive before or after the 12th? That's what the testers want to know.

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