Nintendo starts selling cheaper Switch bundle without dock in Japan

Nintendo is now selling a cheaper Switch package in Japan that does not include the TV Dock. The "Switch 2nd Unit Set" is ostensibly intended for households that already have a switch connected to the family TV and therefore do not need a second dock, but could also be an option for players who only plan to use the system as a device. hand.

The 24,980 yen package comes with the Switch tablet, two Joy-Con controllers and two Joy-Con belt accessories, which means you're saving 5,000 yen (~ $ 50) in the regular Switch package. However, it is not just the dock that is excluded: the Joy-Con Grip and the HDMI cable are obvious exclusions, but the lack of an AC adapter will be a major problem for anyone who does not yet have one. The dock and the adapter cost 9,698 yen when sold separately, but you can also charge the system with a generic USB-C solution.

This does not amount to a price cut, then, and it is not known if this package will do it elsewhere; Nintendo may decide that it makes the most sense for Japanese households, which usually do not have more than one television set. But lowering the entry price to the Switch software library, and pushing the idea that Switch is a personal device, instead of one shared by the whole family, is probably a good idea for the company's results.

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