Twitter for Android is getting its own emoji because of fragmentation

How bad is the situation with Android emojis, despite Google's attempts at a revision? So bad, in fact, that Twitter is updating its Android application with personalized emoji because most Android phones are never in the same (or last) version of software, so users are often not seeing the same icons .

The problem gets worse when iOS users post tweets with emojis that Android users do not have (which results in the pictures seen in the "before and after" plane). In fact, it is quite sad and even more embarrassing that Twitter has intervened and addressed the problem.

Regardless of the emoji with which your phone comes, from Android KitKat, Nougat or even Lollipop, Twitter will cancel it and will provide you with its own set of "Twemoji" from today, according to Emojipedia. In the future, no matter what the status of the software on your Android phone, you will see the same emoji within the Twitter application.

Actually, you may have already seen these emojis and you would be right: the new Android "Twemoji" is the same one used in the desktop version of Twitter. At least that experience will not be so fragmented.

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