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It is surprising that the ability to freeze and capture moments in time has become a mundane fact. Most people agree that photography is an art form. Only a few possess the eye and instinct of a photographer. A sense of perspective and spatial awareness is always necessary.

These qualities also apply to the design of the website. For photographers, a website can offer an unprecedented level of exposure. In an instant, the works of art can be shared with everyone. This connection not mediated between artists and fans can only take place online.

However, the website and its design will also attract attention. HTML templates can offer many customization options, allowing you to design a page that will never disappoint. You can modify all the details and modify any configuration. Without advanced experience in web development, users can make aesthetic and practical decisions. That said, let's look at some of the best HTML5 / CSS3 photo web templates:


Kelly is a template of minimum portfolio web page that every creative person who likes simplicity can use. Photographers, too! It has a super clean and direct appearance with four options for the home page. You can change the menu section from left to right and choose between the titled design and the header text. Navigation is persistent so it is always present, no matter how much lower the user is on the page. They have the option to jump to other sections quickly without the need to go back to the top first.

When you decide that Kelly is your template of choice, you do not have to worry about search engine optimization, just as you do not have to wonder if it is compatible with browsers or not. Kelly practices the latest web and technology trends to always offer the best performance. In other words, no matter what device and platform they use, Kelly makes sure that her photo site is active at all times.

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  wizzard photography website template

When it comes time to show your best images, you can not fail with the template of the Wizzard photography website. This impressive solution is built with HTML code and comes with a full-screen overlay menu so that your visitors get where they need to go. Use intuitive short codes so you can quickly customize the look and make it follow your photographic project.

Wizzard is also responsive and is ready to make sure your site looks the same, no matter where people look at it. For the best that the web has to offer, all you need is Wizzard. The tool has an attractive cover with two beautiful portfolio variations. Let Wizzard take control of your web design and see how it does magical things. Be impressed by the experience.

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  madrid creative photography website template

The best design work has been done in the template of the Madrid website to make sure that You can show your creations in the best possible way. Madrid is 100% receptive and will work fluently on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. It is the integrated and categorized portfolio that allows you to boost your work and put it in front of people.

The contact form ready for AJAX of Madrid allows your visitors to speak directly with you and help you get new business. In addition, Madrid is also fully customizable, so you should not worry about looking like another site. It is based on the valid HTML code of W3C to guarantee constant stability. When the time comes to say hello to the Internet, just say it out loud with Madrid.

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  skylith photography website template

Skylith is an ideal solution for amateur and professional photographers to take their work to the online space. It is a multipurpose website template with more than thirty predefined demos and numerous different portfolio designs. With the material ready to use alone, you can create the sorted page you are looking for. However, implement your individual touch and you can create an extraordinary page that no similar one is similar.

In the Skylith box, you get contact forms, Instagram and Twitter feeds, blog pages, and full documentation. For all those who need to make some particular improvements, the friendly support team is always available to help you. But the code is so clean and the documentation so simple to follow, you can build a functional and professional page on your own.

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  minipo photography website template

With everything the MiniPo photography template has to offer, never again You will have to find another way to create your unique online presentation. To break down your name, MiniPo is actually a minimum default wallet with great capabilities to alter the needs of any professional. Since photographers are our current main theme, MiniPo is ideal for all your photographic work.

MiniPo comes with a total of more than 52 HTML pages consisting of eight home pages and 25 home pages. There are more than enough ways for you to visualize all your work. Also, keep your fans up to date with any of the twelve pages of the blog and let them know where you are going next. If you download it now, you will receive the full support of the creative team behind this offer. Make everything go well with MiniPo.

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  website art template

Each creative looking to market their talent online, a website is the first thing you need . Instead of doing all the things on your own, investing countless hours in design and development, do it with Art instead. It is a fabulous website template, high performance and optimized by experts for photographers and the like. It is the simplicity that makes Art stand out from the crowd and its tool to achieve the success that you have set yourself.

Art, although minimal and quite simple, offers many options for your fresh photographs. Unlimited designs, amazing header types and blog pages, everything is at your disposal. You can enable or disable slow loading of the image, add a custom logo or set up publications with or without a sidebar. Spice things up with fifteen different scroll animations and create a strong first impression.

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  photomania website template

Whether you are a professional agency, an independent professional or just want a space to show your portfolio, Photomania is the template of the photography website to go with. The canvas of the page is based on Bootstrap, HTML and CSS3 to provide a stable and flexible experience every time. No matter how your guests check their work, Photomania always makes sure it looks amazing. Hurray for a first response capacity.

Photomania has five variations of index pages ready for your convenience. Choose what best suits your style and start from there. The complete package consists of forty unique pages to ensure that it will stand out from the pack and shine. It's Photomania's clean, modern design that will get people back to see what you're doing.

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The One

  the template of a website

Be it lifestyle, portrait, landscape, fashion or any other photography that makes , The One handles your wallet with ease. This great solution has everything you need to make the page you have been dreaming of. It comes with sixty variations of full style, light and dark skins and a full screen slide show to surprise all your visitors.

You can set the images in both the background and the foreground to highlight what you really want to show. There are multiple galleries to choose from and use, however, you will see that it will be the best option for you. If you want a site that is unique in its class and impressive for its visitors, The One is, well, the right one. Great animations, compatibility between browsers, contact form with validation and the MailChimp newsletter, the functions are there, it only requires your attention.

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  liza photography website template

Let the world see your best side with the website template of photography of Liza. This valuable package comes with nine excellent gallery designs that you can choose from. It also has full screen gallery support so your visitors can see your work up close and personal. With multiple designs, you can create a unique experience that you will not soon forget.

It gets even better.

You can be sure to keep them up to date with all your latest work in the blog section that Liza comes with. Liza is a combination of excellent features and even better features so that your photographs reach a wider audience. Whatever she would like to show on the world network, it is Liza who will take her site wherever she goes.

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The Dive

  template of the diving photography website

Simply dive in and make it full with the template of the site photography website The Dive. A template, unlimited possibilities. No matter what type of photographer you are, The Dive is ready for all of you. It has fourteen advanced demonstrations at your service so you can quickly find the ideal option for your online appearance. You can choose from several images, a single image, heroic parallax content slider, spl
it screen and carousel slider.

Immersion makes this possible with the useful "three-step method". Download the template, modify it and it goes live.

As simple as that!

When it comes to features, you get animated counters and skill bars, smooth transitions, text rotator, light and dark skins, and the MailChimp newsletter. Bring your compelling photo portfolio on the Internet and expand your potential.

Already dove?

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  emily photography website template

Emily turns your photo project website into a unique destination and fun on the Internet The photography website template has everything you need to make your work shine and attract potential clients. When you want to add or change things, you can do it freely and easily. Emily has an amazing full-screen image slider that looks crisp and clean on all devices.

For an enhanced experience, the transitions on Emily's page are animated and the colors you want to add can follow your mark to T. Make your vision come true with Emily's clean and organized code, which is easy to modify. With Emily, you will never have stability problems and will also be optimized to generate traffic towards the door of your house. Enjoy Emily's originality now and create a page that makes you go from someone you do not know to someone you know.

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Create; tink

  web page template creatink photo

Crea; tink is a massive website template of multiple concepts with lots of demonstrations ready to use for any company. For photographers, Create; Tink has nine creative demonstrations available that both people and agencies can use. In addition to that, Crea; tink also has more than three hundred UI elements and more than two hundred HTML files in total. There is something for all tastes.

As creative as you are and as artistic as you would like your page to be, it is Crea; tink what will make it happen to you. Four premium add-ons are also included in the package to create tempting sliders and to order the contact page. The code of Crea; tink is written with people in mind and commented on what makes using it and editing it a simple task.

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  Template Portfolio for html website

Do you need to create a portfolio of photographs online? You came to the right place. Portfolio is a website template with a simple name, but it offers a wide selection of options for your websites. Seven exceptional designs hit you hard. You may be in a position where you do not know what variation to go to. Yes, those incredible predefined looks are. Keep in mind that no matter what you go with, the result will always be cutting edge.

There is more.

It's not just the home pages that look great, all the other sections of the Portfolio are worthy of attention, too. From approximately to the blog, everything you find in the Portfolio kit will impress you completely. Even the next page added, everything is top notch.

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  Inshot photography we
bsite template

If you want efficient and flexible galleries to show your creations better, look no further than Inshot. The splendid template of the photography website has seven index pages to choose from and six portfolios styles. Fill the latter with what your heart desires and let Inshot do the hard work of showing it to the world.

Set the background of the video or whatever you want and give your visitors an experience they will never forget. Inshot is retina, touch and slide ready, so that your images look sharp, clean and vibrant on all devices. Do not waste your time doing other things. Let Inshot do all the hard work for you and put something fresh and neat online. When you choose to choose the Inshot template, it is a guarantee that you will create a strong first impression on all the guests of your page.

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  oliver photography website template

For something elegant and elegant that will generate traffic, use the template of Oliver photography to establish your superpower in the Web. Oliver is a compatible tool, easy to use and compatible with several browsers that works without problems, no matter where they come from. Bootstrap Framework gives Oliver flexibility and extensibility, as well as stability.

Oliver's functional photo gallery is perfect for displaying your best images on the world wide web. More than thirteen pages decorate Oliver and offer all its users the best design with a unique touch. And if you want to start the hype early, be sure to use the next construction page that comes with a subscription box. Let Oliver eliminate the challenges of web design and create your page.

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  sepia photography website template

To create the perfect page for you and your images, let the template for Sepia photography takes away all the work. It is driven by Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure that your online space adapts seamlessly to any device, not to mention its ease of use. There are clear and dark versions to choose from along with more than seven homes.

It gets more crazy.

Sepia has 41 portfolio styles, ten blog appearances and almost any other internal page for you to benefit from. The clean and refreshing design will give your visitors something to enjoy while enjoying all their best creations. You have already done the hard work to make your images, now let Sepia show them to the world and the people who love them.

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  Arcon Photography Website Template

Whether you help others create websites or just want options unlimited, choose Arcon. This is a multipurpose website template that covers all the niches of all industries. And if you do not find something that is exactly for your tastes, of course, adjust it, it's easy after all. For all passionate photographers who are interested in expanding their potential, review the exclusive Arcon demonstration.

Arcon has this full-screen image slider that produces a strong first impression and every visitor is hungry for more. The full-width portfolio continues to the right below and is simply stunning. An interesting feature of Arcon that will surely arouse your interest is the revelation of the footnote. You do not see that every day what could easily be the detail that distinguishes it from the masses.

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Zap is a versatile HTML photo website template that presents an attractive and creative design. Users will benefit from a large number of practical features, each implemented to increase their chances of success. You will have the possibility to create magnificent slides using the Slider Revolution add-on. These slides can highlight your best content, showing your clients that you are worthy of their attention.

Regardless of its niche, Zap has it covered. It can be used for web pages of products, companies, companies, photographs and portfolios. This template perfectly combines superb Parallax animations with a fully responsive design, resulting in an incredible browsing experience for all users. In fact, your website can be viewed from any browser or web device.

By accessing the powerful administration panel, site owners can modify the sources, colors and styles of the page. Each option will be under your control, as you begin to design your successful website. In addition, the administration panel is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Zap has incorporated 50 PSD files, 7 creative designs and 3 different designs for your store. If you want to sample the features of this template without having to spend money, be sure to access the live preview.

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  leadgen photography website template

LeadGen is a beautiful and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template . The tool is a beautiful template for webmasters who seek to express themselves eloquently. LeadGen is the best way to present your content to a massive online audience effectively. You can reach a large audience without wasting your time with LeadGen. LeadGen is well suited to handle multimedia content in creative styles. Photographers love LeadGen because it allows them to showcase their best work. Perfect for marketing your content, LeadGen is an easy way to monetize your work.

With incredible static or sticky headers and footers, LeadGen is your brand. You can customize LeadGen in all possible ways while giving the correct impression. Your photography never looked as good as it will with LeadGen. Increase your traffic with top-notch SEO performance. Bootstrap technology guarantees maximum reach in browsers and devices. Reach a wider audience and let more people enjoy their visual works. Photography agencies, independent professionals and marketing specialists find LeadGen a solid partner. Establishing a palpable online presence with LeadGen is an effortless matter. The features of social media are integrated into LeadGen to allow your photography to go viral. Give LeadGen a try today and take a snap!

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Exa is an exemplary, perfect HTML template for any ambitious agency of marketing, creativity, digital design or freelance web page. Regardless of your needs, Exa can fulfill them. The design focuses on ease of use, since it avoids the implementation of unnecessary elements that would only reduce the loading speed. Users will get access to a blog, two different styles for contact pages and an elegant portfolio. Photoshop source files were also implemented, for the convenience of the client. Exa is prepared for Retina, it is fully compatible with high resolution Retina displays.

Many customers will be happy to know that this product is intended for those who prefer handheld devices. The design is completely responsive, capable of displaying content on any web browser device. Better conversions are available, since all the main pages will present valuable information about the displacement. For inexperienced users, the development of websites can be a very daunting process. Fortunately, this template has included a well-written source of documentation that offers to explain each feature in detail. In a very short time, you can create a page that matches your vision. If you want to try Exa and its amazing features, be sure to access its live preview. No monetary risk is necessary, since it is completely free.

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Massive can be used for general, corporate, spa, hotel, renewal, event, agency and photography websites. The design is totally responsive and can show its content on any platform, web browser or device. This can free up your agenda, since it allows you to manage the site while you are on the move. This template has included 70 PSD files in layers, along with 27 PSD mockup files. Users just need to double click on a smart object to replace the photo.

It is possible to establish a lucrative online commerce business, given the inclusion of some modern e-commerce designs. Selling your items has never been so easy. Parallax sections are available, in addition to 150 abbreviated codes, 6 options for footers and 20 different menu styles. For his portfolio, Massive has included 85 magnificent portfolio pages.

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These HTML5 / CSS3 photo website templates are excellent and would do the job for most users. However, they can be difficult to manage if your website grows, because HTML is much more difficult to manage since there is no content management system attached to these templates. If you are looking for a simple administration interface and do not want to deal with the code, then you can consider WordPress photography themes like these.

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS and will help you manage your photography website. and his portfolio. It will also make your website more secure and reliable. I'm not saying that HTML topics are bad, but not everyone wants to deal with HTML and CSS, but they want a simple administration panel for content management.

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