Maruti Suzuki e-Survivor concept! You just can't afford to miss this car

Maruti Suzuki e-Survivor Concept: a concept of electric vehicle design and a working model of the next generation of the Suzuki hybrid system (HEV) today is striking, to say the least. That it packs a punch in terms of specifications and features, adds to its charm! However, this concept has barely hit the news anywhere, but you can not afford to lose the e-Survivor. For starters, it's a design concept for a compact SUV that pays homage to Suzuki's proud 4WD legacy.

This Maruti Suzuki concept car aims to take the excitement of driving to the next level. It also has the promise of providing off-road fun. Yes, it is ahead of its time, but also relevant to the present. e-Survivor represents the new and exciting F.A.C.E of Suzuki's intention for future mobility. It covers all future possibilities … "Four-wheel drive, autonomous, connected and electric".

Maruti e-Survivor has a mission and that starts from his own conceptualization. The vision is to train clients to & # 39; Explore the unexplored with an exciting experience & # 39;

In terms of exterior design, e-Survivor has a ladder frame and a lightweight and compact body that allows it to achieve exceptional maneuverability and durability on rugged roads. It also has a combination of high ground coverage capacity to take several roads with the powerful torque and acceleration of an electric vehicle.

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Not only does it carry Suzuki's 4×4 legacy, but it also adds new possibilities through its four-wheel electric traction. It has a set of four electric motors on the wheels that control the 4 wheels, independently! The motors allow a fine control of the wheels depending on the road or other driving conditions.

The e-Survivor is also equipped with autonomous driving capabilities. In addition to that, you can also switch to manual mode to drive off the road at any time. This supports safe and fun driving that adapts to road conditions and the driver's abilities or intentions at any time.

The interior of the vehicle shows a futuristic interface that displays information that promotes safety and provides an exciting driving experience. It has a spherical monitor in which you can check the condition of the vehicle and the road conditions at a glance.

It has a navigation system and a large monitor to display online information and images of the vehicle's cameras. Smart phones and a variety of other electronic devices can be connected to the vehicle to display information about topography, nearby vehicles, weather and more.

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