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The construction of a website is perhaps one of the activities that has changed the most in nature and in execution, and perhaps, has grown more in importance and general influence on the success of all types of companies. As the World Wide Web has become older and better established, refined web development technologies have continued to emerge from the well of innovation. As hardware becomes sharper, faster and cheaper in all segments, technology has to struggle to catch up, and new and better protocols and standards are introduced to use all modern devices in the most attractive way.

websites must also be unique, created with the possibility of an open, bold and brazen expressiveness built into the architecture of each element within themselves, with abundant customization options and boot capabilities to allow your website It suits your brand needs. To achieve this, modern websites must be built on a strong and reliable HTML5 framework enhanced with attractive CSS3 scripts style sheets. The following collection of website templates is based on HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, and all have been designed with a creative twist that will make any website stand out from the crowd. Enjoy this impressive list of the best creative templates of HTML5 websites for any creative website like portfolio, agency, company, landing page, sales page or any other style of website.


Jevelin is a creative website template with unlimited options to create any type of website quickly. It is no longer necessary for you to do more things on your own. With Jevelin, you have everything available at your fingertips, so be sure to use it to its full potential and be impressed and amazed by your own creation that you are about to make. All can become coders and designers at the same time with the help of the powerful Elementor page creator.

Creating personalized pages with Jevelin is a simple task that will hardly take time. Do not miss the opportunity and unlock access to a completely new horizon of possibilities that will help you take your imagination to reality. Personal and commercial websites, blogs and online stores, Jevelin is ready for any challenge.

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  boo creative website template

If you do not know which template to go to, Boo is undoubtedly the tool you will always need. You are looking for a multipurpose website template that offers all the needs for single and multi-page sites. Whatever you want to do, it's Boo who will help you do it. Also, no matter how creative you would like to go, Boo handles it with ease.

Boo comes with sixteen variations of the previous build start and more than two hundred different HTML pages. The best thing is that, whatever the design you take, you can edit it and customize it without the need to touch a single line code. In other words, it is not necessary to be an expert to be able to modify Boo. The template comes with a live website generator that allows you to play with the features and create personalized looks effortlessly.

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  skylith creative website template

Skylith is an incredibly powerful and useful creative website template that comes with everything you'll need to grow your online project You can choose between thirty demos and more than twenty pre-designed portfolios. All the ready-to-use material that Skylith presents ensures that your site is as unique as possible.

Also, get ten blog styles and five publishing styles that will allow you to show your content and keep your customers up to date. with everything you have in motion. You can implement five different navigation styles to give your site the ease of use and elegant appearance you've always wanted.

With Skylith, you can create pages of all kinds, from personal and portfolio to agencies, architecture, business and even an online store. Skylith's web design is modern and elegant, with clean codes so that everyone can edit it without breaking a single drop of sweat. It also includes a detailed documentation so you can get the essence of it. If you really want your page to stand out, use Skylith.

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  creative website template wizzard

No website is complete unless it has been created together with the website template creative of Wizzard. This user-friendly and intuitive package uses a valid HTML code to ensure your site works anytime, anywhere. It has an amazing smooth scrolling plugin and a functional contact page. You do not have to create your own form for your clients to communicate with you and find out where you are (thank you, Google Maps!). And the About page allows visitors to enjoy their time and find all the information they need.

You can use Wizzard's full-screen overlay menu to easily navigate the entire site without losing information you do not need. When it comes to simplicity, creativity and taking your website to the next level, be sure not to look beyond Wizzard.

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  casely creative website template

Casely is a versatile and creative website template with a magnificent appearance that will satisfy the needs of many users. It has a lot of predefined material so you can speed up the process of setting up your fantastic page. Speaking of which, you can use Casely for agencies, businesses, portfolios and other projects you're working on. Casely is also a great tool to boost your brand and get it in front of more people.

With Casely, you can choose between three different styles and colors and backgrounds of particles, slides or video. What best suits your needs, accept it and individualize it. Casely is building using Bootstrap and Flexbox, it comes with the AJAX subscription form and contact and registration forms. The HTML and CSS files are organized and the Casely kit also contains documentation in case you need help.

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  synx creative website template

With more than fifty HTML templates and over a hundred elements, you can be sure that the site that you design with Synx will be an original one. This creative website template is neat and easy to use, and always has the end user in mind. Synx is compatible with all devices and web browsers for the first class experience at all times. You are also ready to retina all the images and icons you have on your page with crystal clear clarity on all platforms.

Synx's multiple font styles and color options allow you to quickly find the best combination for your web presence. To get the most influential first impression, take advantage of Revolution Slider, which comes at no additional cost and lets you bring the striking parallax effect to life. If you need a page that reflects how unique you and your work are, then you surely need Synx.

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  aoko creative website template

No matter how you want your web presence to be seen, Aoko is the Creative website template that will make it happen. It has an innovative aspect that is not seen elsewhere. That said, if you want to distinguish yourself, your best option is Aoko. This totally responsive offer shows a creative and clean design that your visitors will love to check from all their devices.

Aoko incorporates video navigation that works everywhere, on desktops and even smartphones. Show your most important work with creative portfolios and expand your potential. In addition, CSS3 animations always run smoothly and will always surprise your end users. There's no reason to do it alone when Aoko lets you create everything you can imagine. Just put it to use and it will make magic. All Aoko users also get free template updates and free technical support.

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  arone creative website template

Arone is a one page website template with a beautiful addition of parallax effect. It is very likely that it arouses your interest in a website created with Arone over and over again. And that is exactly what you want to achieve to see the steady growth of your business. In the Arone kit, you will find many niches and general demonstrations, as well as soon 404 pages of blogs.

Since it uses all the modern trends of the web and technology, Arone is receptive and ready for the retina. Your final creation will appear elegantly on any device, mobile device, tablet and desktop computer. Arone also offers a functional contact form, Slider Revolution, a powerful code and supports right-to-left languages. Having said that, feel free to translate Arone and locate the experience so that everyone can get the most out of it.

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  Berlin creative website template

Berlin is everything for someone who is after building a minimalist website with great attention to detail. It is a creative website template with three index page variations that support static images, sliders, and video styles. Berlin is based on Bootstrap because of its flexibility and has a valid HTML code that is organized for both beginners and professionals.

When working with Berlin, you do not have to worry about search engine optimization and page loading speed. The tool is optimized for the best performance and happy visitors. Other objects that you get are page animations, isotope portfolio, AJAX contact form and Google Maps. Immerse yourself in everything, put all your creativity on your site and establish a unique website to shoot your project online. Do not be regular, be bold or cursive and behave with Berlin.

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  simpleux creative website template

You can use Simpleux's professional and simple creative website template as a page to market your Brand or portfolio to showcase your best creations. This elegant website is totally future proof and will never disappoint you with regards to stability and functionality. Simpleux is built with Bootstrap 4 and is fully responsive on all platforms.

Simpleux comes with an incredible contemporary design and includes nineteen sample designs so you can use Simpleux as you see fit. You can use the video as background, put the subscription form to use and enrich the site experience with JS and CSS3 animations. For the most comfortable code editing, Simpleux has everything documented and commented by you. If you are looking for something else in a template, then you should consider Simpleux.

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  funky creative website template

Build a unique destination on the Internet with Funky, the best creative website template. It has more than two hundred interface blocks and more than two thousand premium icons from which you can choose. Once your presence on the web improves, the traffic will reach you directly. Achieving that is very possible with Funky once you implement your individualism in him.

What makes Funky so receptive and friendly with mobile devices is the use of the powerful and popular framework, Bootstrap. Your pages will always adapt fluidly to all screens. Funky has one and several page concepts to make your site shine online. You can place the reusable elements anywhere you want to ensure a genuinely native experience for all your users. When you need a site that attracts clicks, you should go with Funky.

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  emily creative website template

For an ingenious and simple design that is fully compatible with mobile devices, create your site with the creative website template Emily. Emily comes with all the necessary elements and essential features to make your web presence a true destination. Like the rest, the template is easy to edit and animated page transitions will impress all your visitors.

Emily is compatible with all browsers and is ready for retina, so every detail of your page appears crisp and alive. In addition, Emily has a clean code so that you never find yourself in trouble whether you are setting it up or changing things. Emily has everything her project requires for a remarkable space on the internet where people will love to spend their time on. Make Emily do her thing for you and launch the desired website quickly.

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  creative website template

When you are looking to create a site that reflects your personality, you have just arrived at the right place. Inshot is the template of the creative photography website that will adore unconditionally. It comes with strong and flexible galleries to show your most impressive work. Seven varieties of houses are at your disposal, from slide shows to video support, choose what best suits your needs.

With the six portfolios included, you will never have to settle for something generic. Inshot sports full screen backgrounds for a smooth and visually appealing experience. Touch and slide ready, Twitter
feed, MailChimp subscription form and premium plugin, Isotopo, Inshot is full and loaded with astonishment. No matter how advanced you want your website to be, Inshot will help you solve it. Stay ahead of the competition, drive in fresh traffic and witness stable growth of your photographic business.

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  maxo creative website template

Maximize your online presence with convenient and creative website template, Maxo . The site mask has a one page layout with nine different index page layouts to speed up the process of creating a website. Of course, Maxo does not miss a contact section with a contact form that works and integrates Google Maps. It moves the world in line with modern design, responsive design and attractive parallax effects.

Maxo uses modern technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap, so that its result is of the highest standards. And if you ever need help with the template, the team of experts is always at your service to help you overcome any barrier. Whatever the plan to use Maxo for, the final product will always work without problems, regardless of the device and the platform they use to explore your page.

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  creative website template by arcon

When it comes to Arcon, the limits are really none. This creative and multipurpose website template is all you need to make the exact page you want for you. It does not matter if it's a personal or commercial page, Arcon handles them easily. Arcon comes with a wide range of excellent demonstrations, from front and internal pages. It is a convenient tool that you will be happy to use.

Awesome footnote revelation, mega menu, full-screen video background, CSS3 animations, and wallet-in-box designs and widths, Arcon brings it all to the table. In addition, use modern sliders and carousels, Google fonts, Font Awesome icons and lightbox photo gallery to enhance your website and make it known. Little do you know, this same website that you are about to make with Arcon will take your work to the next level and attract new potential customers.

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  canna creative website template

For a web presence, never go unnoticed, use the creative website template Canna to design the ideal site today. For the newest experience, Canna is built with a clean and professional code that has no challenge to edit and modify. Canna allows you to configure the colors you want, individualize your niche site with special icons and use any of the free Google sources.

The hero video background will give your visitors the feeling that they are in the right place at the right time. . Canna is totally responsive on all platforms and will never disappoint you or your guests. Canna comes packaged and stacked with all the necessary material that saves you time and effort. However, at any time, you can access extended documentation when you need to clarify something for yourself. The only limit with Canna will be your own imagination.

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Stash is a premium quality all-in-one WordPress tool. It is highly flexible, based on the Bootstrap framework and built for Visual Composer. You will get the most amazing library of demonstrations and building blocks available for geek and inventiveness. Stash offers 48 specialized demonstrations with its own home page and a set of internal pages. It is a strong and reliable tool to create a web page quickly. You will also get +260 blocks and more than 80 page elements.

No matter what your business is, it has a unique design for you. Go from corporate and commercial to artistic if you want! Several internal pages are also provided for services, frequently asked questions, contacts and the like. Stash is fully customizable, with unlimited colors and fonts to choose from. It has several headlines and optimized search engines. Video and Parallax backgrounds to play are also available. Stash relies on WooCommerce to sell aspects and is ready for translation with WPML.

You can contact customers, readers and the general public with the Contact Form forms 7. Stash is built with Google Fonts advanced typography and Font Awesome iconography. With Essential Grid, you can set designs on one page, multiple pages or combined. The backgrounds can also be customized with YouTube or Vimeo videos. Get this amazing 5-star multipurpose design! Stash is ready for retina and optimized in code to get the best performance in all environments. Try it now with documentation and support. Take your website to the next level with Stash!

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Massive is really huge , impressively expansive, vast and ambitious, technologically rich in functions and incredibly convenient and time-saving, easy to use and user-friendly, all-inclusive and carefully designed HTML5 CSS3 one-page multipurpose website and multipurpose template. The template is a creative and innovative website template that has been designed to adapt to a host of archetypes of websites, applications and needs profiles, thanks to a flexible, knowledgeable and powerful code base. at an unequaled depth. collection of demonstrations and templates pages, with a total of more than 50 exclusive web sites, unique in their kind, developed with internal pages and content, as well as more than 260 HTML5 pages preconfigured and professionally designed for every need you may encounter. [19659002] Let your creativity go crazy, with more than 20 different menu styles, 85 different portfolios and hundreds of custom short codes that you will not find anywhere else, adding useful and convenient features to any page of your website in Instants, with complex customization capabilities for maximum customization without having to write a single line of code. Massive is suitable for all webmasters and websites, and its HTML5 structure designed in magnificent animations and transitions CSS3 will be rendered responsively with a total visual perfection in all devices, browsers and screen sizes.

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  leadgen creative website template

LeadGen is a creative and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. It is the perfect solution for webmasters looking for a full-featured website creator. It implements presentations of artistic slides and attractive carousels. Personalize your designs and create your own unique pages. Feel at home with over 32 different demo websites to play with them. Adjust them to your liking through extensive customization configurations of the administration panel. You do not need to write a line of code to get professional quality results with LeadGen. You can let your creativity fly with LeadGen.

The tons of options allow you to customize the way the world approaches your content. With fixed and static headers and footers, you can present yourself as you wish in the world. You get access to exclusive, attractive blog, portfolio and gallery templates. Setting up the online store with LeadGen takes only a few minutes and always looks impeccable. Optimized for SEO and marketing performance, LeadGen allows your creativit
y to be noticed. Express yourself through personalized sources, incredible icons and beautiful animations and transitions. You can trust LeadGen to allow your website to reach a broad audience across the board. Bootstrap technology ensures that your LeadGen pages adapt to each device and browser natively. Watch LeadGen today!

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Jango is very sophisticated and avant-garde, modern and well designed, bright and clean, with fresh and youthful face, warm and welcoming, professionally developed and continuous The template of the multipurpose HTML5 CSS3 and Bootstrap website, extremely attractive and captivating, extremely receptive, an incredibly avant-garde website template that has It has been carefully created with the utmost dedication and attention to detail to create an impressive, visually stunning and professionally graphic image. designed template that is suitable for websites in a large area of ​​various industries and fields.

The tool is especially suitable for webmasters and companies with creative inclinations, since it includes a powerful set of tools and customization options that allow you to be really the driver's seat of the appearance of your website, at each step of the way, with infinitely deep and ingenious ways to make every Jango site yours, in a matter of minutes, without the need for coding. Jango incorporates expansive functionalities of electronic commerce as of the last update, presenting 28 unique and unique e-commerce pages, with 2 new e-commerce page footers, 3 sidebar menus and many JavaScript functionalities to boot, in addition to its pre-existing component system and dozens of templates and designs. Jango never stops growing for you!

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