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A website is a powerful online marketing tool that you can use to promote your online business. Creating a professional business or a corporate website these days is never easier, thanks to WordPress. Building a website for a business today is not as expensive and distressing as it was several years ago. WordPress offers commercial themes that combine with your business.

These beautiful WordPress business themes are tailor made to provide all the functions you need to promote and manage your online business. If you want to create a striking and attractive website for your company, consult any of these commercial issues. They have functional designs and are loaded with incredible features that can help you create a website that stands out!


Divi is a completely innovative and infinitely creative WordPress theme, a multifaceted and easily adaptable website creation solution packed with widgets, abbreviated codes, useful, convenient features and features, wonderfully time-savers and unimaginably deep, elegantly offered through a visual interface based on the exclusive block-based Divi Builder and drag-and-drop mechanics that will take a few seconds to master and reduce the time needed to develop an attractive website and of professional quality in a matter of minutes.

Easily accessible and professionally designed device dinners page templates and layouts, as well as independently certified security features, make Divi a solid choice for commercial and business websites that need power and flexibility. It also includes the ability to start from the first day, all of which Divi efficiently brings to the table. Extensive SEO capabilities, serious and elegant Portfolio pages to showcase your work and much more under the hood also make Divi the most trusted topic for creating successful business websites today.

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If your goal is to design a successful business website, look no further than Decode . This versatile WordPress business theme can adapt to any niche market and provide users with an accessible and intuitive interface. Maximize the performance of your page, showing your customers that your company values ​​quality and attention to detail. When it comes to aesthetic personalization, the Visual Composer tool has it covered. This feature simplifies and streamlines the process, while providing many customization options. Uncode is a product that can be adapted to any user, not just those with advanced programming knowledge.

With Uncode, you can use your commercial page to distribute your products. It also includes a complement of WooCommerce, which is one of the most prolific WordPress add-ons. It facilitates the creation of online professional stores, giving users the opportunity to increase their revenue stream. It can even serve an international audience, given the inclusion of the WPML plugin. Creating multilingual commercial sites has never been so easy. This automatic scaling further increases the adaptability of your site, resulting in an excellent browsing experience for all potential customers.

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Jevelin has for you an incredibly robust set of tools, add-ons, templates and complete websites of demonstration that make the majority of website design and construction tasks an easy and happy one; It does not require any coding knowledge and just a few clicks to achieve professional levels of polished graphic personalization. This theme is also built with a powerful framework for the intuitive visual design of designs and pages, while incorporating a wide range of advanced tools for the administration panel, which allow you to adjust the behavior and overall appearance of your website in matter of minutes. [19659002] Jevelin can effortlessly handle all kinds of use cases and industry-specific needs with its more than 40 custom elements, complete with customizable settings and much more under the hood. This theme is perfect for companies of all kinds; with its six different portfolio designs and a large number of custom portfolio configurations in addition to the functional features of the WooCommerce online store that allow you to market your products around the world easily and quickly. With J
evelin at your side, your business will reach new heights!

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TheGem is a wonderful set of tools, widgets and accessories carefully selected for work together, providing a modern, robust and ingenious website in any number of possible fields, industries and businesses, as well as any type of cases of personal or professional use.

Based on a modular Bootstrap design, TheGem is as mobile a friendly subject as they come. And with more than 40 unique conceptual demo websites for you to choose from, you will always find the right way to present your website to the world within TheGem. In addition, more than 150 template pages ensure that you can always expand your website to add the correct function. Meanwhile, the drag-and-drop page editor plugin in Visual Composer allows you to control the appearance of your website without having to write a single line of code. TheGem is perfect for small and large commercial companies, for professional portfolios, for personal or corporate blog websites, and even for online stores. Also, with its compatibility with WPML, reaching your audience around the world is as easy as getting it. Try TheGem today!

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For those who wish to create websites Incredible business, Sanabel is an ideal choice. This is a very adaptable WordPress product that can meet the requirements of any niche. With Sanabel, owners of business websites never have to start from scratch. There are more than 10 incredible demonstrations, each one capable of improving its page. In addition, the installation process was greatly simplified. With just one click, you can import all the relevant data.

Regardless of the preference of your device, customers can access their publications and view their offers. The theme design is also fully responsive and ready for Retina, and is capable of displaying content on tablets, smartphones, desktops and laptops. In addition, all business website owners will benefit from a large number of powerful and creative short codes through the short code generator. This feature facilitates the creation of some incredible pages. Even those lacking coding experience will be able to modify all configurations and modify any option. In addition, users can now impress customers with some amazing slides, thanks to the implementation of the Revolution Slider plugin. Despite being a premium feature, it is available for free. For more information on this WordPress business theme, be sure to check your live preview.

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One of the most impressive features of Specular is that it allows you to Test the content by testing the demonstrations. In addition, you can interact with the demo and customize it, without spending a single penny. Currently, there are more than 28 of these templates available. If you ever find something that is unfamiliar to you, be sure to check the documentation on the subject. It is well written, informative and can be obtained for free. If problems arise, the Support Forum is ready to receive your question. Regardless of the problem you have, do not hesitate to go to the forum. Support representatives are eager to help all customers. If you do not have time to read the Documentation, there are videos of tutorials and presentations on the subject's website.

If someone tries to resize their page, their visual quality will not deteriorate. It does not matter if you use a mobile phone, tablet or laptop; the image will still look sharp. The fluidity of this theme is very impressive, since it has a l
arge list of features, preparing it for every conceivable commercial niche. Whether on a private medical practice, photography, construction or restaurant website, Specular is on your side. This product is very easy to use. Theme options do not require any coding knowledge; You just need to click and select the options that fit your vision. Specular also incorporates a full-width creative blog style.

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Handel is a related, modern and responsive web theme for WordPress. This theme is a sophisticated platform for the rapid development of professional business websites. Webmasters of all origins make the most of Handel, thanks to the generous documentation. Live, the WYSIWYG building is standard throughout Handel, from pages to headings and more. Cutting-edge features such as trailing spaces make visual design a pleasant and painless process. Parallax effects accelerated by GPU make your website impressive but lightweight.

Selective and intelligent content loading keeps server costs low without compromising user experience. Adaptive Images technology minimizes media bandwidth by generating optimal versions for each user. Handel is the perfect mid-point between ease of business and ease of use. The predefined elements and content blocks eliminate the guesswork of the page's quick design. Add testimonials, portfolio items and staff, directly from the live generator. Handel is the set of tools that your company needs to join the digital revolution!

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Stash is a professional and professional WordPress theme that acts like a chameleon; It has the incredible ability to adapt to the needs of all types of websites! Stash is a flexible, intuitive and powerful tool that makes construction processes take a walk through the park. It comes with a variety of designs that adapt perfectly to different activities.

With its many options, you can design a virtual page for a furniture store, a branding agency, a design studio and more. Choose and personalize every aspect with unlimited colors and multiple headers. Personalize with Google Fonts typography and Font Awesome icons. Play with Visual Composer and all its amazing building blocks!

Stash offers pre-designed items and high-quality add-ons to save some money. It is packed with Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, Contact form 7 and SEO optimization. It is also compatible with WooCommerce for monetary aspects and WPML for translation. Stash trusts a high resolution, image quality prepared for Retina that makes everything impressive. Create beautiful galleries and personalized publications in a totally responsive design. Make your business recognized with this theme and all its benefits more than to mention! Use Stash!

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Studio 8


Arrive a moment in which each entrepreneur realizes that the business world does not forgive mediocrity. Your website will be your business card, and you can not afford to present a design below the standard. Studio 8 is a theme that allows everyone to build an impressive business page, reg
ardless of their skill level. For non-technical users, the developers will be responsible for the installation and configuration. This product includes many useful functions and a design that never fails to impress. All configurations will be under your control, and you can expect a decent number of free updates. There is even a refund policy, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Studio 8 works with any version of WordPress and is compatible with any device, web browser or operating system. This not only expands your demographic goal, but also allows you to update content while on the move. Working from your smartphone has never been easier! The site incorporates 3 custom widgets, several areas of widgets and a threaded comments feature. Users can also benefit from a powerful pull-down menu, multiple HTML files and a 404 error page. The theme code is clean and simplified, and fast-loading pages will never waste their time.

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Kalium is an excellent WordPress theme for blogs and portals. It has many design variations, along with an impressive drag-and-drop content generator. In just its first month, Kalium was downloaded more than 600 times, making it the new fastest-selling WordPress theme on the market. He has received several prestigious awards, including the CSS Design Award in April. This theme is configured to include your own online store, which will be added with future updates. Users can market their services and articles, taking advantage of a stable and reliable platform. Currently, customers can benefit from a $ 10 price discount. In addition, those who buy Kalium will now benefit from a series of free updates.

Given the amazing amount of useful features, the price is very reasonable. Added the impressive Visual Composer, which is a premium add-on that normally costs $ 28. This allows users to easily build their pages in a matter of minutes. With Kalium, your future website will benefit from multilingual support. This is due to the inclusion of the versatile WPML add-on, along with the .po and .mo files. A translatable page is more likely to attract visitors, making your content more accessible.

Each element has its own specific short code, since clients can implement it on any page. For more information on this topic, be sure to check the extensive documentation of the topic. Kalium offers a live preview, along with some interesting screenshots. The Revolution slider is also available, and offers a multi-purpose sliding screen system. Now you can display your content efficiently, demonstrating to your potential customers that you are worthy of your consideration.

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Massive Dynamic

A dedicated team of professionals and developers have created Massive Dynamic with the utmost care and attention in detail, working together to ensure that the softest, most polished and most deeply functional interfaces, elements and technology make it up.

This theme also includes more than 70 completely unique short codes, as well as a myriad of different headers, footers, navigation bars and templates, arranged in an attractive way on various websites and convenient demo pages that users can import with a single click. The exclusive Live Website Builder makes the personalization and development of the brand a simple and simple task that requires absolutely no coding experience, with pristine and polished results at all times. Massive Dynamic is ideal for companies and corporations in a wide range of industries and fields. Its modern and attractive environment and attractive and attractive experience for the end user make Massive Dynamic a solid choice for both experienced webmasters and novices. The Massive Dynamic Bootstrap framework makes it natively responsive and compatible with devices, browsers and platforms around the world. Try Massive Dynamic today!

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X – The theme


It is not often a theme so it arises in WordPress. X is a pioneer and breaks records, since it is the most popular WordPress product that offers multiple designs and concepts. Included in a package, users can enjoy 4 unique designs called batteries. X also offers a great feature package, which greatly increases its versatility and value. It does not matter which web browser your users prefer, since this theme will work in all of them. It also includes a large amount of documentation with the package, which offers a large amount of information to anyone who is willing to read it. If a problem arises, the support staff anxiously awaits your request. Themeco has a dozen dedicated representatives and workers who are available full time. These people are driven to develop and support the product.

With X, the client is getting a great benefit for his investment. A large number of add-ons are available for free, included in the standard download. These are not regular add-ons that were offered to soften the list of subject features, but custom extensions that were specifically designed to operate with X. If you have to believe Envato, X has broken all WordPress sales records. Won the title of best selling theme. It's so good that the Utah State government has ordered their own copies, with more orders in the future. X has irrevocably changed the WordPress landscape, raising the bar for all future products.

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Crane is a WordPress theme for beginners. If you want to launch an online business but have no coding experience, look no further. You do not need any programming knowledge, and the functionality is intuitive. Crane allows you to display and preview your products. You will also find many different types of portfolios and galleries. Choose between classic, cells, masonry and modern. Select between 25 premium clipart or 150 full internal pages in 11 main pages. Personalize it as you wish with the Groovy menu and create headers and sidebars. Crane follows the best SEO practices, which helps you get more visibility. He is receptive and ready for Retina. Your website will appear optimized and adjustable on all devices. Manage your sale with the WooCommerce configuration. Crane uses the installation with a single click, and is well documented. In addition to this, your support team provides assistance and updates. More information / Download


LeadEngine is a clean, crisp and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. It is a theme for webmasters of all backgrounds and experience levels. Without coding and easy to use, LeadEngine always offers professional quality. It is perfect for websites of companies and companies. With dozens of industry-specific demonstrations and a powerful lead demonstration, it covers all bases. From interesting team presentations to compelling client testimonials, LeadEngine knows what you are doing. More than 200 custom short codes deploy advanced features anywhere on your website.

Use the WPBakery page generator to present numbers, figures, graphs and more with charming style. The powerful geolocation tools simplify addresses in all areas. Elegant and minimalist portfolios show your best work in the best possible way. Present custom budgets, price plans and payment gateways for direct sales. Make the first correct impression each time, and get the account. Get LeadEngine today and watch your business skyrocket!

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Incubator is the result of a dedicated design and a process developed over a period of time, seeking to create a perfect platform for the rapid and flexible development of unique websites, worthy of mention, capable of performing professionally in all cases of use and traffic conditions without being necessary that you write a single line of code at any time. That's why many companies love Incubator; It provides you with the ability to achieve high quality and palpable results in a matter of minutes, regardless of your background.

The amazing creator of the drag-and-drop page of Visual Composer, combined with the impressive creator of slide shows Revolution Slider, allows you to create exciting visual experiences for your users. Meanwhile, a set of commercial capacities fully developed and developed internally make Incubator a competent means to distribute its products and services. Compatible with the industry standard WooCommerce plugin set, and ready to handle digital products and downloads, Incubator is everything a modern company needs to grow on a large scale on the Internet. Test Incubator now!

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Simple and elegant


Simple & Elegant is the result of a careful and deliberate approach to website design, with an optimized and polished finish that permeates every iteration of this powerful and elegant theme. This theme has extensive technological capabilities, with wonderful gadgets such as Slider Revolution, MailChimp and Instagram widgets with custom styles and factory work, the Visual Composer tool, MegaMenus, and a large number of custom internal Live Customizer options to fit your site. Simple and elegant website to meet your graphic and branding needs in a very short time and without the need for coding.

Simple & Elegant is an excellent theme for managing one-page websites, since its simplified browsing and navigation experience is skillfully translated into one page layout, many of which are included with Simple & Elegant and ready to use . It is also extremely intuitive for webmasters, so that users of any background can produce professional looking one page websites of any kind or nature with ease and speed. In addition, thorough documentation comes with the package, so you get the most out of this theme.

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Potent commercial and business relevant features are packaged within You, allowing for all sorts of possibilities, from beautiful and functional online shop websites powered by the industry standard WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite to the flexible bbPress dedicated social forum plugin to effectively gather hundreds or thousands of users into
dedicated forums on your very own website. Business users love You's Pricing Tables and charming Typewriter effects and Counter features. It's time for you to try You, and let it impress YOU!

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Infinite is a technologically advanced and incredibly flexible, smooth and dynamic, dynamic and rapidly responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. This theme has been devised as a true multipurpose, a veritable shape-shifter of a theme that can take on an endless range of usage cases and website applications and execute them to perfection within its robust, adaptive framework. Packaged with dozens of purposeful and time-saving demo websites and templates, Infinite is a highly efficient approach to site design, and with the GoodLayers drag and drop page builder, layout customization is both easy and hassle-free, with results displayed live before your eyes.

Infinite is ready to go from day one, with single click demo, import tools that allow your website to be up and running the same day you set up, awaiting nothing but your precious content. One-page capabilities are plentiful with Infinite, including delightfully smooth Parallax visual scrolling effects and infinite loading technologies for seamless one-page presentation of any demo website or page within Infinite. With cutting edge handling of multimedia content, Infinite looks good and feels young and innovative, and engaging video wrappers liven up your website like none other on the market today. Try Infinite now!

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Advice is a premium consulting & business WordPress theme. It has been designed with the expectation of profiting from inbound marketing. It uses the well-known Visual Composer and its features are GTmetrix-improved. Advice seeks to make users know about them through lots of good search filters from SEO. It also has useful connections to most popular social media platforms. You will even find contact forms and MailChimp newsletter integration; making contact with potential customers is important!

Advice also has a highly malleable and responsive layout. It features a page scroll progress bar, side navigation and multiple pre-built elements. Set headers from 4 given options; play with +700 Google Fonts or Material Design Icons. Videos are completely customizable with Parallax effect! Advice also offers awesome Revolution Slider plugin to set gorgeous galleries! It is totally set up for online purchases with WooCommerce integration. You’ll get to make shops for yourself with ease. Make directories and lists from all your services and staff. Google Maps location services and full page translation with WPML are also available! Come try it with just a one-click installment process! In addition, it is well documented, translatable and provides regular updates. Try Advice!

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Sherlock is an amazing WordPress theme that can adapt to the needs of business websites of all types. It is a powerful tool that makes incredible pages in a matter of minutes. Yo
u will have a professional, modern, and well-organized layout that focuses on usability. Sherlock is packed with integrated plugins, such as Visual Composer and Setup Wizard. This makes the process of building incredibly easy. It is also compatible with all the most popular plugins, such as WooCommerce and Contact Form7. Set up shops and reach clients with easy and specialized options. Layout elements are also quite fun and easy to use. Unlimited colors, Google fonts, portfolio pages, and sidebars are available.

Sherlock, moreover, gives you a lot of prebuilt material to customize your page. Over 240 page builder blocks, 48 homepages, and 80 page elements are available to use. Edit the style in real time using the Yellow Pencil plugin. Sherlock comes with an advanced options panel, numerous shortcodes, and SEO optimization. Everything is handled with more than 10 custom widgets, quick steps, and speed. This professionally oriented theme will give you regular updates, a detailed documentation, and a great support team.

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thecraft wordpress business theme

Push your amazing craft to the outer world and attain new clients with TheCraft WordPress theme. In the TheCraft kit, you get six customizable demos, as well as eight attention grabbing color presets. However, you can still improve the web design of TheCraft at free will.

Make it your own by incorporating your firm’s color, fill it with your amazing content and even change fonts. The outcome will always be a professional website that smoothly and fluently adapts to any screen and works flawlessly across all web platforms.

There is more.

TheCraft is compatible with all the popular plugins and even has a few premium ones included at no extra cost. And to go global, do not hesitate and translate your business website to different languages and increase your potential. Craft a portfolio, start selling online and even begin blogging, all this with TheCraft theme.

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Etalon is a powerful WordPress theme for entrepreneurs and services companies. It is a well-documented instrument to reach the technology era with what you can offer. Selling transactions and shops or product display are handled with the well-praised WooCommerce. Etalon also features great plugins like Contact Form 7, Google Maps or Typekit. It has a vast collection of icons and fonts that reaches more than 3000. Everything about it is customizable and fast loading. Furthermore, it is an awesome Bootstrap-based creation with Drag & Drop built. Etalon also has incredible options for galleries and portfolio showcasing. It lets you basically play with 2 premium sliders and a photo specialized plugin. Use Slider Revolution, Lightbox, Google Fonts and more.

Etalon has a HTML5 and CSS3 built with SEO in mind. Animations and searching bars are just amazing! Layout and panel actions in general are completely customizable. Etalon is also easily adaptable to all screens and browsers. What’s more, all pages are multilingual ready with WPML. Custom elements include countdowns, pricing tables, calendars, team members and more. ¿Todavía no está convencido? Doubts about functions or performance can be solved with their support team. Updates are permanent and free! Get this 5-star reviewed theme right now! Get Etalon!

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Total is a robust and reliable, competent and professional, easy to use and highly responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. It is the result of an elaborate and careful design and development process by a dedicated team of professionals working to provide webmasters with an easy and intuitive platform for putting together sophisticated, functional websites in the blink of an eye. Total is perfect for all sorts of applications and website archetypes; from professional and personal projects to business and corporate endeavors, Total can tackle them all.

Total is loved by business webmasters across the board because its masterfully crafted live demo websites and resourceful page templates are chock-full of business-friendly features for product portfolio presentation, pricing plan presentation or staff introduction pages readymade, nothing but a few clicks away. Furthermore, a powerful Theme Customizer allows Total to completely shift its appearance and behavior through a completely intuitive visual interface, while the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite makes Total a perfect platform for marketing your products and wares to the world at large. Try Total now!

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Apress is a sleek, modern and responsive multipurpose WordPress website theme. This theme is a massive, flexible platform for developing sharp modern websites. Apress offers the latest and greatest web tech without writing a line of code. Visual Composer empowers users to drag-and-drop 250 custom content blocks. They’re fit for a specific or for general purposes. Customize everything with powerful theme settings.

Apress is a perfect theme for crafting unique, engaging portfolios. Its Parallax-first visual approach lets you bring your portfolios alive. Every section in Apress is ready for smooth Parallax visual effects. Dazzle your audience with sophisticated, tasteful animations and transitions. Impress them with smooth scrolling and seamless hover effects. Apress makes every gallery, layout and grid a feast for the senses. Fluid page separators, vertical and horizontal Parallax and more are included. Let Apress take your portfolio to the next level!

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Financity is a WordPress theme designed for business & financial activities. It perfectly suits accounting sites, financial companies and law firm websites. You will get a flexible, customizable and resourceful theme ready to use. Financity comes with several pre-built layouts for blog, gallery and portfolio sections. You will get to put and/or disable footer/copyright section in specific pages, too. Financity also comes with Revolution Slider and Light Box integration! Choose between iLightbox and Strip to use it as an overlay window. Galleries and portfolios are easy to set, especially with its live customizer. Make instant and amazing changes!

Financity also uses the well-known Good Layers page builder for all its perks. It lets you add Google Fonts and unlimited sidebars, too. This work of art comes with SEO optimization and a great customizable admin panel. Fast performance and intuitive options will be at your reach. Moreover, Financity is AMP ready and can be updated with a single click. It supports WPML translation and WooCommerce to set online shops. It also comes with well detailed documentation, outstanding customer support and easy installation.

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Intact is a well rated award winning Elite Author product. It comes with multiple specialized demos and homepages. You get a child theme and smooth modern looking, clean theme. Intact Business, one of the pre-built demos, is packed with everything needed. It has a simplified panel of no coding requirement and a responsive layout. The design also comes with customizable footers and headers. 600+ Google Fonts and many columns for posting are also featured.

Intact also comes with a Redux framework and Visual Composer as its main page builder. Use compatible plug-ins like Revolution Slider for galleries and WPML for translations. As a must for business transactions, you get WooCommerce compatibility. Other features like CSS3 animations, SEO and Parallax are also at dispose. Intact gets constant updates for free with bug fixes, improvements and tutorials. This great tool is Google Maps integrated and open to social networks share buttons. It is also Contact Form 7 and Bootstrap compatible. Moreover, Intact is versatile and keen for out of the box online businesses. It makes you stand out wherever you are with a one-click install! Try now this awesome widget ready, pixel perfect, handy and dynamic theme! Acquire Intact Business now!

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Brando is a one-page multipurpose WordPress theme that has lots of versatility and specialized demos. It also comes with many interchangeable layouts and a child theme. Brando can be adapted to any kind of business you want. It fits well for publicity where constant news feeds leading to different links is the key. You will get pre-built choices for layout styles for portfolios, blogs, and galleries. Brando has amazing colors and typography emphasis. It uses Google Fonts, Fonts Awesome and Et-line. Backgrounds can even be customized with Parallax and animations or videos.

You can also set up social sharing buttons and play with their location. Brando also uses the well-known Visual Composer page builder. It has lots of documentation that make everything fast to grasp. It even uses lots advanced panel simplifications and shortcodes to speed the process. Brando is Contact Form 7 and WPML compatible. It is an award winner in its field with more than 10 nominations and won prizes. Flexibility is simply the main element for this theme. You can build and promote any business and use the available child theme to set up shops! Get a good look at this awesome theme and start using it. Go for Brando!

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Fi-Print is a high performance multipurpose WordPress theme. It is modern looking and clean with tons of guidance and documentation. You will get 3 different homepages to start up, and 6 one-click demo installs. Fi-Print comes with two Drag & Drop stars: Visual Composer and SiteOrigin. Layouts are easy to manipulate with theme’s provided clean code. For posting you get more than 4 columns. Fi-Print was built for small groups rather than large companies. It is intended for it to be practical and for people to feel at home.

You will also get a live customer support and a live customizer. That way, you can make changes and solve doubts both on real time. Fi-Print comes with lots of shortcodes to make panel access and options the best ever. You also get the possibility to use Layer Slider for your image posting and photo galleries. Searches and page response are fastened with SEO and a speed enhancing plug-in. Fi-Print is thought out for a quick set-up with lots of versatility. You will also get headers and footers to modify at will. In them, you can add social media share buttons too. Enjoy this high quality mobile friendly product…Use Fi-Print!

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Megatron is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that has more than 25 demos and homepages and child theme. Among them, you will find one dedicated to business only. Megatron has a WooCommerce trading plug-in and a very well-trained customer support team. It uses the whole Drag & Drop package with Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Photoshop files. Thanks to its 1000 included icons and unlimited Google Fonts, you get a fully creative experience all together. Megatron is a premium quality product that gets automatic updates from Envato.

With its layout design, you will find numerous headers and footers. You will also get a MegaMenu and more than 4 columns to post. Megatron uses Parallax for its background, and has countless colors customization for its layouts. For translation matters you have RTL and WPML compatibility. Megatron is the quickest most solid way to get your business up to rise with simple and smooth options. It is compatible with the latest Bootstrap and all browsers in the market. Get the best experience for your business with Megatron Business!

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Folie is a new incredibly versatile WordPress theme that has a special codeless page builder. You will get it with live customizations and many predefined elements. Even several demos and a child theme are included! Folie also has a particular emphasis on portfolio and abilities showcase perfect for professionals. It features LightBox and 2 premium sliders to set astonishing galleries. Work with more than 6 amazing sets of fonts and +100 icons. Google Fonts, Font Awesome, also come with the package. Folie allows all changes to be easily crafted within seconds with a live customizer.

It also has third party plugins compatibility and uses Codeless Builder as page builder with draggable elements and spaces. Folie lets you set a practical design with a flexible MegaMenu and tons of posting formats in up to 6 columns. Make options display practical with a widgetized footer and a header navigation bar. Folie even features unlimited blog layout styles and many portfolio details. Layout in general is responsive with cross browser compatibility and screen adaptable image. In addition, Folie features header builder, portfolio, staff, testimonial inline editing. It has boosted performance: loads only needed scripts and files, GPU accelerated animations and parallax. Don’t miss out from customizing backgrounds with videos and animations! Use this well documented with video tutorials theme now!

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Provide is a professional multipurpose WordPress theme focused on consulting and finance in all levels of businesses and agencies. You will get it with 12 homepages and demos. Provide easily adapts to any expectation and provide a white canvas to customize. It is fast and responsive, with a sober serious tone. It also has an incredible live customizer to play with the entire layout! Provide uses 5 pre-built styles for blogs and portfolios. You will get to customize color settings and backgrounds in unlimited ways. Parallax effect and a header/footer builder also come with the package.

Even a great set of Google Fonts are available! Provide uses add-ons like charts and pricing tables for economical projections. It also uses Visual Composer and Revolution slider for main page build. Provide is minimalistic, clean and aesthetic. It also has a focused professional vision and gives a relevance to visual aid. Thus, previous customers and buyers have rated with 5 stars. Provide is simple to use and understand, yet it features documentation and support. It also has connections with social media through icons and Google maps integration. Get this appealing, modern and flexible theme adapted to your business. Get Provide!

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Circle Flip

If you are having trouble with the installation process, be sure to consult the free video tutorials. They can explain everything in detail, helping you to master your site. For those who prefer reading, a detailed theme documentation source is available. Circle Flip also offers an impressive design for any hosting website. It embodies a straightforward and efficient business mentality. Your one page site will feature a wonderful menu, and a nifty scroll effect.

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MF is a brand-new WordPress theme designed for professionals in any level. With many topic-oriented demos, consulting agencies and corporations finally have a theme to call home. MF comes with a fresh, smooth concept and a layout that adapts to all environments. MF was created for you to get creative and let originality define your page. There are 13 different types of headers, 12+ blogs, 36 Portfolios and 2500 font icons at your disposal. Even footer widgets and unlimited sidebars are made readily available. MF uses WPBakery builder, and it is SEO optimized. Premium plugins like Contact Form 7, MailChimp and Massive Add-ons are available for free. Customizations and client reach are definitely not a problem. Display will be no problem as it is 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible! It is mobile friendly and pretty fast. MF; Give me a go!

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If you are looking to conduct some real business and want to put it online, Bostan is the theme to suit your needs. Decked out with handsome features like Projects Carousel, Clients Carousel, Team Members Carousel and Testimonials Carousel, Bostan will have your users fascinated and engaged every step of the way. And with cutting-edge Bootstrap technologies powering all of Bostan, development is simple and accessible, with thoroug
h annotation and extensive documentation included. Bostan is easily customizable to suit your every need, and packs premium plugins like the Revolution Slider and Isotope Portfolio Filter at no additional cost to you. Go Bostan today, and you will never look back!

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Zerif PRO

If you are looking for a clean, modern and professional WordPress business theme, then Zerif PRO is the right choice. This theme comes with awesome parallax scrolling for various sections of your website as well as smooth CSS3 animations that makes your content to appear with style. Zerif PRO theme is also SEO friendly and that should help with traffic from search engines. The theme comes with several custom widgets, page layouts and everything else to create website for any kind of business.

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Kallyas is a professional and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. It is a reliable platform for creating impressive websites for a range of purposes. Personal, corporate, professional and business users alike find Kallyas an ideal solution. With tools and elements beyond belief, Kallyas has everything for everyone. From portfolio showcases and carousels to sliders and latest posts, Kallyas has it all. Within a few clicks, you can deploy sophisticated professional or commercial features. List your products or services, present your previous accomplishments and much more.

WooCommerce plugin suite powers up commercial capabilities. Functional shop templates allow you to market your services or products with minutes. Advanced workflow tools also let you process your own image content without outside designers. Kallyas also includes blog layouts for you to keep your website content-oriented and relevant. It also packs a powerful SEO framework that makes your website highly ranked overnight. That’s why Kallyas is perfect for business users across all industries. Built on the potent Bootstrap framework, Kallyas is totally cross-compatible. What’s more, its responsive nature makes it perfect for appealing to audiences across all platforms. That goes a long way towards maximizing your reach. With Kallyas at your side, your business will thrive!

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Economist is a professional and responsive WordPress business and finance multipurpose website theme. It is a sleek and effective platform for crafting resourceful modern websites. In a matter of minutes, Economist can set you up with sophisticated custom websites. Regardless of your previous developing or coding experience, Economist delivers sharp, polished results. Visual Composer makes crafting layouts and fine-tuning elements and modules quick and simple. Importing full-fledged websites with a single click is intuitive and effortless.

They include real data in your templates, making website building a walk in the park. Businesses love Economist’s powerful plugins, especially the LayerSlider premium slider builder. It allows a unique opportunity to engage their audience and potential customers. Memorable slideshows also make a lasting positive impression that
results in higher conversion rates. It also has plentiful SEO capabilities. Your search rankings will hit the roof overnight with Economist’s potent SEO framework. You can also convert that traffic into real sales and real revenue in no time at all. Economist packs powerful commercial capabilities provided by the WooCommerce plugin suite. Testimonials, beautiful shortcodes and sticky headers, Economist packs it all. Give your business a total boost, check out Economist today!

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a technologically competent framework for crafting unique and powerfully functional websites within a range of businesses and industries, with a capability for technological businesses such as startup companies, digital marketing firms and similar, related digital or technological enterprises and endeavors. Easy to configure, customize and brand, Hestia Pro requires only a few clicks in order for you to thoroughly make your website your own without having to write a line of code yourself.

Hestia Pro is also ideal for businesses because it includes convenient and purposeful widgets and shortcodes you can deploy, from sharp looking testimonials to polished and perfected pricing plans, engaging staff introduction blurbs, handsome and creative product portfolios, informative and highly customizable product pages and much more under the hood. It also features a host of integrated commercial features and capabilities you can effortlessly furnish your website with. To conclude, Hestia Pro is an ideal solution for all your business needs, and its sleek, clean design will impress your potential customers and clients and make a lasting impression. Try Hestia Pro today!

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Business Theme by TemplateMonster

With the Business Responsive WordPress Theme, your website will be amazing. It has a sizable roster of practical features, and an excellent design that is sure to attract many customers. The installation process only takes a few moments, leaving you plenty of time to focus on what is truly important: the content. This product is a child theme of TemplateMonster’s popular Monstroid multipurpose template. If you encounter any issues, be sure to contact the excellent support team. They are available around the clock, and their representatives are eager to resolve any problem. Gorgeous Parallax effects can greatly increase your page’s visual appeal, giving each section a sense of depth and dimension.

Site personalization can be a very intimidating experience for users who lack technical expertise. Thankfully, this theme benefits from drag and drop technology. You will only need to click on an element, drag it across the screen, and drop it into place. It’s that simple! You can use this product to improve your personal blog, or business website. The MailChimp plugin also comes with the package, in addition to a modern Dropdown menu. It is possible to showcase a Google Map directly on the site page, guiding potential customers to your venue.

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With multiple business-oriented pages ready for you to deploy, you can present your products or services, introduce your portfolio or catalogs, keep your audience updated on your latest developments with a range of blogging tools and custom post types and styles, and far more to expand your business beyond your wildest dreams. Mobile-friendly and lightweight, Opus also displays seamlessly on devices and platforms across the planet. And with complete integration of the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite, marketing your products or services or those of your affiliates or sponsors is an incredibly easy task. Take your business to the next level, with Opus!

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When considering any purchase, one question always pops into mind: is this product worth the money that I am paying for it? With Scalia, the answer will always be yes. It is an astounding WordPress theme best to enhance online business sites of any size. Scalia’s feature list is very long, and each of these features allows for a greater degree of flexibility and versatility. With over 150 page templates, this amazing product covers all online niches. Be sure to check out the screenshots and the live preview on the theme’s site.

Upon purchasing Scalia, users will gain access to several distinct, built-in designs. These include an aesthetically-pleasing online shop, a streamlined multi-purpose corporate design, and a portfolio/creative agency one pager. In order to sample the amazing diversity, be sure to view the product demos. There are also over 8 impressive style options for your blog, several layouts for the portfolio, and some very enticing product and service pages. Scalia also includes many gallery options, and creative Quickfinders for faster navigation. Full review for Scalia theme is available here.

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While the Revolution Slider empowers webmasters to create their beautiful slideshows with unique animations and transitions using their own dynamically defined categories and tags. Moreover, businesses are very fond of Montserrat’s convenient integration of the industry standard WooCommerce plugin suite, which underpins all of Montserrat’s advanced commercial features and allows companies to market their products or those of their affiliates and sponsors, market their services or service packages or even digital downloads through an incredibly streamlined visual process. Check out Montserrat today, and make that sale!

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POFO is a stylish, eloquent and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Resourceful and flexible, POFO adapts to meet the needs of any website and audience. Built to impress, POFO, delivers your content in an engaging, captivating fashion. Corporations and businesses love POFO due to its sleek portfolio demo selection. Innovative layouts featuring cutting-edge lightweight, fast-loading Parallax animations will dazzle your visitors. Present your products and services in dynamic multiple carousels, or pliable masonry grids.

POFO stays fresh and intuitive  with the WP Bakery, successor to Visual Composer. The powerful WYSIWYG page builder lets you customize like a pro with no coding. Cement your brand image through every corner of your website. Showcase your professional accomplishments in entrancing presentation and watch your business grow overnight. Reach out to your audience with MailChimp newsletters and creative blog templates. Make the right impression, with POFO!

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Startuply Landing Page is a potent multi-purpose template page for WordPress websites, ideally for businesses serving very different needs to their demographic. It is also convenient for startup project websites, as well as product or event launch websites. An impressively well documented guide also prepares the webmaster for expert use of its native shortcodes, nifty little tools that enable the effortless creation of anything from image galleries, product pricing & feature tables, registration forms, order forms, tabbed views of content, accordion nesting content, social media sharing platforms, and so much more, the only limit is exactly how imaginative the webmaster can be!

Aside from these useful preprogrammed shortcodes, Startuply Landing Page is radically responsive to user device preference, adapting your content’s displayed layout to best suit the user’s screen (and screen orientation, as cases may be). Compatibility with all modern browsers is, as a result, included, as are all possible screen ratios. Finally, native Bootstrap 3, CSS3 and HTML5 compatibility make Startuply Landing Pages prepared for the future of the Internet, and ensure your business will look current and tech-savvy for years to come.

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H-Code has a powerful set of convenient, diverse, highly functional tools that empower webmasters with or without previous coding experience to effortlessly put together the most amazing websites in a matter of minutes, without so much as peeking at a single line of code.

That’s because H-Code has been built around the integrated premium drag and drop Visual Composer page builder, a stupendously intuitive platform for constructing your website from scratch or using any of our professionally graphically composed demo websites and template pages to get things started off the right foot. With H-Code, you have a wide array of business-friendly demo pages and sites to choose from, complete with full-blown WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite integration and seamless visual cohesion through online shop templates and more. Moreover, running your own online business website is easier than ever with H-Code, and when you factor in H-Code’s impressively SEO enhanced codebase and its superb search engine performance, it’s clear that this modern, ambitious theme is a strong candidate for servicing absolutely any business website out there. Try H-Code today, and see for yourself!

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Equipped with three conceptual approaches to website layout and presentation, always in a slender single page presentation, Treson is the ideal assistant for introducing your business to a wide, undifferentiated online audience. The premium Visual Composer plugin, integrated for your convenience, has also been expanded with over 50 awesome responsive website blocks, with impressive functionality and targeted directly at the needs of an up and coming business or service provider, including detailed pricing plans, testimonials, dynamic staff blurbs, image and video portfolios and much more. Numerous infographic tools also help you get the word out to your potential customers about what you do, how you do it and what you stand for. Widen your business horizons and augment your possibilities, with Treson, today!

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From the uncomplicated one click demo importation process that sets you up with a structured professional website right away, to the intuitive Visual Composer drag and drop page builder expanded with the Ultimate Addons for VC plugin, you’ll find yourself choosing from hundreds of elements and thousands of combinations at every turn, ensuring your Melinda website is a true expression of your design choices. Melinda is also cleverly equipped with a fully functional commercial capacity, powered by the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite and several related plugins integrated to furnish you with amazing, ready to go shop pages with AJAX-powered search features and much more, so you can effectively market your professional services. Try Melinda now!

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azoom multipurpose corporate theme

Azoom is a unique and refreshing WordPress theme, best for those who value quality and consistency. It offers a massive roster of features, implemented in order to improve and complement any website. There are Special Grids, which you can usecan be us to configure Parallax video backgrounds and other impressive elements. Both visually impressive and highly functional, Azoom is a theme that is definitely worth your consideration.

There are three distinct break points for different devices. Fluid elements and grids will always adjust to the size of the user’s display. In addition, this theme is compatible with one of the most popular plugins of WordPress: WooCommerce. It also allows you to create a personal online store to commercialize products and services. You can craft every product page using the Rock Page Builder. If you want to save time, you can select the One Click Demo importer. As its name suggests, it lets customers select a demo version and import it to the site. Additionally, page administrators can choose any width for the layout. It also requires no code modification, making it more accessible to users who lack programming knowledge. Overall, simply input the desired size in the Theme Options, and you’re good to go!

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This theme’s name is appropriate, as it stands tall over all WordPress product. With Tower, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Your imagination will be the only factor that can limit progress. Every conceivable tool will be at your disposal, offering to upgrade your page’s capabilities, and improve the aesthetic quality of its design. In the online world, a high view count represents success. In order to attract more people to your content, you should consider offering a multi-lingual format. Your foreign followers will certainly appreciate the extra effort.

In terms of customization, there are also many interesting options. Four Icon Font Packets are available, in addition to a Megamenu feature. Only committed fans will be willing to browse your past submissions. Your best content might be underneath a mountain of other posts. Thankfully, there are sections which can shine a spotlight on your best work: multimedia slides. These slides can also showcase multiple content formats, assuring that no visitor will ever miss your well-written articles. Moreover, one-click demo data comes with the bundle, along with 30 incredible layouts for your portfolio. In addition, a live Tower preview is available for users who wish to sample this theme’s features.

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corpuse - creative parallax bussines theme

Corpus’ quintessence is a theme that is as unobtrusive as it is subtle, as beautiful as it is functional, and as pliable as it is potent. It is ideal for corporate users, as its finished, professionally-designed layouts and schemes lend themselves well both to serious businesslike use as well as thorough, conscientious personalized branding of preexisting brand identities.

Corpus is easy and intuitive, powered by WPBakery’s Visual Composer and the Redux framework as well as dozens of powerful shortcodes that will save you hours of developer manpower. This theme also includes a plethora of carefully crafted templates ready to deploy for your corporate news blog, is very mobile and touch friendly, natively search engine optimized and remarkably fast loading, meaning it’s easy on your server loads (and bills), making use of minimalistic HTML5 and CSS3 coding as well as cutting edge LESS coding. Incredible interaction is the result, in the form of Parallax effects, smooth animations and interactive sliders and bars. Corpus is a theme that means business, attracts business, and seals the deal. Just click your name on the dotted line.

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Consulting is a spectacularly crafted and painstakingly developed WordPress theme that, while packing sufficiently pliable and powerful tools to handle a vast range of website archetypes and applications, has been devoted specifically to creating, designing and developing amazing, modern business websites of any scale and size and across all industries and fields.

This theme is a robust theme that can handle any amount of traffic due to its solid, lightweight and fast-loading, efficient code, while its aesthetic customization capabilities are truly untold. Combining both the potent Visual Composer page builder plugin and the real time WordPress Live Customizer, Consulting also puts the entire look and feel of your website directly in your hands, without having to write a single line of code yourself. In addition, four different headers along with four different footer styles give you a huge room for diversity, and three completely different services listing styles let you present your business to your clients in new, innovative ways. Try Consulting today!

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Focuson is a highly competent and readily reliable, safe and secure, clever and responsive WordPress multipurpose business and corporate website theme. It has been purposefully equipped with a cutting-edge, top of the line set of tools, features and resources to make the website building experience an intuitive, uncomplicated task for webmasters from all walks of life, with or without coding experience. The Visual Composer drag and drop page builder makes most website design goals breezy, easy matters, while the integrated Revolution Slider lets you craft gorgeous, modern, inviting sliders that will keep your users interested and engaged while browsing your business website.

Thorough out of the box integration with the WooCommerce plugin suite makes Focuson a natural salesman, readily capable of marketing your wares to a massive, undifferentiated online audience at a moment’s notice and with expertly ease. Focuson’s helpful demo websites and pages will save you time and effort as you set up your website, requiring minimal customization and branding before going live, while a plethora of over 50 VisualComposer elements are at your disposition to expand your pages, including pricing plans, staff blurbs, contact buttons and much more. Ultimately, Focuson is the first step towards a successful career in business!

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With complete out of the box WooCommerce integration, marketing your wares from your Deliver business website is easier than ever, and a healthy helping of diverse portfolio configuration opt i ons will go a long way towards selling your product to all those interested and concerned. With these tools, along with a ton of awesome layouts, 10 different headers and 15 different footers, making a Deliver template your unique, recognizable, very own business website an easy, breezy matter. Try Deliver now, and enjoy the uncomplicated bliss of a theme that just works!

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This theme has creative professionals in mind; as such, it includes a series of selected demo websites suited ideally for Creative Design Agencies, Web Design Agencies, Marketing Agencies, and for professionals such as illustrators, graphic and plastic artists, and all similar, related enterprises. Visionary also includes amazing capacities for masonry and grid based layouts, some of the most cutting edge and engaging portfolio templates and layouts on the market today, eloquent sliders and highly customizable shortcodes and widgets to add all sorts of features to your websites, and a number of plugins and tools to help you highlight your finest
visual works for the world to see and delight in. Try Visionary today, and see for yourself!

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This theme requires absolutely no coding skills and is perfect for webmasters of any background, with an easy to use and intuitive page design process that is aided by a wealth of gorgeous, unique shortcodes and powerful features like MegaMenus integrated out of the box, no plugins required! Sarraty also includes many template pages for all sorts of different, specific purposes, which will save you time and effort and allow you to hit the ground running with your modern and engaging WordPress website. Also, WooCommerce and Slider Revolution round off a solid deal. Go anywhere, with Sarraty!

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Dalton is a fantastically flexible, highly reliable, completely secure, fluid and pliable, wonderfully reactive, modern and engaging WordPress responsive multipurpose commercial theme. This theme is extremely professional and businesslike, which makes it a theme simply ideal for pretty much all sorts of businesses that are looking to establish an online foothold for their company or venture.

Dalton’s feature rich and customization options-dense nature makes it wholly adaptable enough to lend itself to pretty much any business concern, identity or visual concept required by a webmaster. Dalton also comes out of the box integrated with the potent WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, affording Dalton a series of sophisticated commercial widgets, tools and options that include setting up your own online shop right off your Dalton website in a matter of minutes, with just a couple clicks and with impressive functionality to boot. Furthermore, Dalton is built on top of the Redux Framework, WordPress’ most advanced framework for theme options, the potent Visual Composer drag & drop page builder, and an easy and painless single click installation process. Dalton—what’s not to love?

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dastak - professional multipurpose theme

Dastak is a professional multipurpose WordPress theme best for any small or medium size business in any niche. This theme features 25 different demos that showcases its potential for medical, construction company, portfolio, ecommerce, IT, social media and many other business websites.

While this theme has loads of options and complex structure it is still SEO friendly that will help you to get more visitors from search engines such as Google. Dastak theme also comes with bundled Revolution Slider and Royal Slider plugins that will help you to create professional looking slider with multiple layers and other premium enhancements. Theme developers also haven’t forgot about drag & drop page builder called Visual Composer which is also included with this theme and has over 100 different modules that will help you to create awesome functionality for your website without writing a single line of code.

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1526912272 870 50 best wordpress corporate business themes of 2018 colorlib

Jupiter is an astoundingly nimble and flexible theme, empowering webmasters of any background and with or without previous coding experience to seamlessly and speedily craft the most unique, innovative and tech-savvy modern websites imaginable, across a broad spectrum of applications, interests and fields, ranging from corporate to commercial and from business to personal.

Business websites benefit particularly from Jupiter, with its potent and professionally preconfigured website templates, totaling in at over 50 at the moment, each a unique and graceful conceptualized interpretation of what a website should look and feel like, through the powerful lens of over 100 customizable elements in well over 230 distinct stylistic presentations, making for potential millions of combinations possible, so that every imaginable business necessity you may encounter can be effectively addressed within minutes, while still dressed to impress. That is the power and flexibility offered by Jupiter, on top of hundreds of amazing shortcodes for all sorts of functionality. Try Jupiter today, you won’t regret it!

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Salient is a deeply creative website building toolkit, a powerful and all-encompassing solution for webmasters across a very wide range of fields and interests to quickly and effortlessly churn out the most amazing, professional quality, mobile friendly and responsive websites imaginable within minutes, without having to write a single line of code.

Additionally, this theme’s intuitive page design process, employing a highly tailored Salient Visual Composer with exclusive elements, plugins and configuration options, make short work of putting together handsome, dashing new pages and whole websites within a day of installing Salient, a simple, 1-click process itself. Salient also includes very powerful and advanced configuration options through the Theme Options Panel, allowing you to completely fine-tune the look and feel of every Salient website with a few clicks across an impressively wide range of customizable fields. With Salient, standing out from the crowd has never been easier, and its unique, innovative layouts and engaging visual stylings are ideal for business websites that need to establish a connection with users and potential customers. Try Salient today!

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Ronneby is a splendidly well constructed and spectacularly robust and reliable WordPress theme, crafted to deftly handle an enormously vast range of website applications and archetypes, specifically aimed towards websites dealing with very large scale, high quality or upscale audiences, markets or products.

Businesses and companies of all kinds can benefit from Ronneby’s ample selection of creatively inspired, appealing and trendy demo websites, totaling in at over 40 and growing, each uniquely applicable to diverse niche markets and industries, yet all equally gracious and elegant in their visual styling and presentation. Professional quality, premium plugins such as the Visual Composer, e
nhanced with the Ultimate VC add-ons extension, as well as the beautiful Slider Revolution, make Ronneby a true value package. Get more bang for your buck, with Ronneby!

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Polygon is an astoundingly powerful and remarkably thorough theme, an ambitious solution for business webmasters seeking to create handsome, functional and modern websites capable of handling small or large scale traffic loads with equally flawless disposition.

This theme has been decked out with a set of powerhouse tools, templates, widgets, shortcodes and plugins that completely enable webmasters with or without any previous coding experience to nimbly and efficiently craft unique, distinct and very personalized business websites with all sorts of powerful, deep-running features and functions exclusively designed for business environments, such as WooCommerce integration out of the box, WooThemes Projects integration, the powerful Widget Logic plugin, and many more. With Polygon, within an hour of the uncomplicated, one-click installation and demo importation process, you’ll be marketing your products or services right off your own Polygon website! Try Polygon now!

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Avada is a clean and fully responsive WordPress business theme. Each element of this super flexible theme is retina-ready and would look spectacular on high resolution screens. This theme is easy to use and equipped with the most powerful theme features. It is also fully customizable and comes with gorgeous pre-built layouts. Additionally, its flexible framework allows you to build a decent website for business, portfolio, blog, magazine, ecommerce and more. Moreover, its advanced admin panel helps users customize the theme with ease. Furthermore, you can also make the most of it one page parallax feature to create an attractive and elegant one page site for your company. Avada is built based on HTML5 & CSS3 technology. What’s more, this responsive theme is 100% WooCommerce compatible and supports bbPress plugin. Avada simply redefines the word AWESOME!

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With BeTheme, you are also able to build a striking one page website. The integration of Drag&Drop Muffin B
uilder feature in this theme is also a huge help for many website admin who detest working with text shortcodes. It also incorporates astonishing entry animation effects on scroll. It enables you to display a maintenance mode page in case your website is not yet ready to show up or going through a major redesign. This theme also supports WooCommerce plugin, which has the ability to transform your site to a profitable online store.

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The Agency

the agency - creative portfolio theme

The Agency is a versatile agency theme that lets you create an inimitable web presence for your business. This trendy WordPress theme is created for artists and creative agencies who want to display and sell their works online. Additionally, it is packed with awesome features and customization options that could help you set up a unique website with just few clicks. Moreover, this theme is built using the latest web development practices to help you get ahead of your competitors.

The theme package also contains HTML, XML and PSD files, 2 custom post types and 3 widget areas to help you create a stunning website for your business in an instant. It offers unlimited colour options to suit your brand or corporate identity. This theme also comes with a smart theme options panel that lets you edit your header design, background, favicon, fonts and many more. Moreover, it has a full width slider which allows you to highlight your works and draw the attention of your target audience. It even features a drop-down menu to help your visitors find the content they are looking for in a jiffy. The Agency WordPress theme is also created using valid HTML5 and CSS3 code and loads really fast. Ultimately, this theme is fully responsive to provide your target audience a great user experience no matter what kind of device they prefer to use.

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enfold - drag and drop wordpress theme

Enfold is a clean and multi-purpose WordPress business theme. Its responsive layout allows you to provide great user experience to your consumers. Additionally, Enfold is ideal for business websites, shop websites, and website owners who want to flaunt their master piece on a spacious portfolio site. It also includes countless theme options that allow you to edit the layout, colors and fonts straight from the admin panel. What’s more, its innovative template builder will help you create a striking website in a jiffy. Ultimately, its WooCommerce integration makes it possible for you to sell any products or services online.

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amax marketing firm wp theme

Amax is a WordPress theme that you can tailor to fit any web page. It has powerful options, and a modern design that is sure to attract plenty of views. For those who are not familiar with this amazing theme, the developers have added a short theme overview video. It also showcases the main theme features, and explains how Amax can enhance your site. This is a true multi-purpose product, due the integration of some very versatile tools. Regardless of your business niche, Amax can accommodate your vision. You may also alter the fonts and colors of the site, while choosing from various headers, titles and page layouts. Basically, you are in control of every element. This assures that your site will be your own, and not just a carbon copy of the standard template.

You can also use the built-in composer to construct a limitless number of pages. If you want to bypass the construction process, you can always take advantage of demo pages. Amax incorporates a prolific video page builder plugin. What’s more, it is entirely responsive, capable of working on any screen, regardless of size or resolution. For more details about this theme read our detailed review.

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logistic logistic company theme

If you are looking for a nice WordPress theme that can improve your transportation company website, Logistic might be exactly what you need. It is not that difficult to set it up and navigate its options. This product includes plenty of amazing features such as web fonts, personalized components, astounding CSS3 animations and animated content. It is obvious that countless hours of development went into this theme, as the developers analyzed other successful sites and implemented their best features here.

With Logistic, it’s all about the results! Its powerful yet simple layout is great for everyone. Every visitor will become a regular customer, if you play your cards right. This theme also has an exquisite admin experience, and it can adapt to any business niche thanks to its massive amount of features. Most clients are very thankful for Logistic, and a majority of reviews have been positive. They appreciated the well-rounded design, and the tremendous attention to detail.

If you are not an experienced user and you have some issues with your theme installation, be sure to check out the online video tutorials. An elite author has developed this theme, and it is compatible with several major browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9-11, and of course, Google Chrome. Theme Forest files also come with the package, including: CSS, PHP, and JS files. Moreover, the Documentation for this theme is very well written, and it can help users to navigate even the most troubling issues. Logistic is also fully responsive, having no trouble with resizing your website.

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constructo - construction company theme

This is a great WordPress theme best for business websites and entrepreneurs. It works best for the pages of construction companies. It has an amazing Revolution Slider, a Visual Composer, and an advanced Admin Panel. All of these features make the theme extremely versatile, letting you construct the page of your dreams.

The support system is also great, helping you to resolve any issue that might occur. Moreover, Constructo has 4 preset colors, 40 available color choices, and 4 different types of headers. There is no limit to what you can do. Also, be sure to check out the online video tutorials, as they are quite informative. If you prefer reading, you may download the theme documentation. In addition, a PSD file comes along, free of charge.

Constructo also has free WooCommerce integration. With this, you are able to establish your own online store, in order to start selling your goods or services. If made correctly, that store can be an important source of revenue for your business. This theme also has the best drag and drop page builder in the world. Customizing your page will not seem like a chore any more, as it simplifies and hastens your work.

For a one-click demo install, simply go to the Admin Panel and begin the process. Moreover, Constructo is entirely responsive, and it looks amazing on any screen. Furthermore, it is certain that your page will work with any device. Lastly, the theme is WPML compatible, and every line is translatable into a different language. This helps you attract a larger audience.

More info / Download


Omega is a versatile WordPress theme suitable for creating corporate, online portfolio and personal blog site. This business theme is renowned for its flexible and responsive design. It also comes with the greatest features that you can use in building a stunning portfolio. Its visual composer feature also allows you to easily develop splendid business pages. You can also take full advantage of its powerful admin panel and modify the theme to suit your needs. Furthermore, it supports child theme to make theme customization a breeze and update proof. With its WooCommerce integration, you are able to promote and sell your products online. Omega also comes with bbPress integration, built on latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and WPML ready. More info / Download


If you are an ambitious online marketer, you might want to consider Verko. It will facilitate the safe distribution of services and products. In order to encourage customers to browse your offers, special landing pages came along with the bundle. Teaser videos, calls to action and beautiful photos can also increase page traffic. Last edited bWith Verko, a site will always manage to impress everyone. This is due to the inclusion of the master slider and visual composer. You may also use this product for marketing agency, hosting company, advertising agency and digital agency pages as well.

Although it is very advanced, the use of Verko is not restricted to programming experts and website developers. Wonderful eCommerce sites can be designed by anyone, regardless of their previous online experience. Moreover, interesting slides can be incorporated, displaying your top offers and items. Before a change is finalized, a site administrator can preview them. Layouts, front pages and logos are also fully customizable. Furthermore, your landing pages can benefit from blank templates that lack any headers of footers. Overall, Verko can create one of the most pleasurable and customer-friendly browsing experiences on the market.

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Indeed, Cake is such a sweet name for a feature-rich WordPress theme! You can use this theme for promoting any kind of business. This multi-purpose theme also incorporates a minimalist yet modern feel to your site and comes with exceptional tools to create an engaging website. Its intuitive muffin options also let you alter almost every element discernible on page such as colors, fonts, layout and all that. Cake also supports WooCommerce plugin to help you build your online shop instantaneously. With Cake WordPress theme, building a professional website is just a piece of… CAKE!

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