23 Best Free Login Forms For Websites And Mobile Applications

Login forms are what your users will see quite often than any other page on your site. We spend several dollars to get an advantage and use different strategies to turn them into a member. Therefore, the login form that we will use on our site or application should reflect all of these efforts. In this list, we have compiled free login forms with a modern and modern design, which you can use for your site and for your web and mobile applications.

Currently, there are several applications and websites that allow users to create a free account. Each website recommends the user to create a secure password with the combination of characters and symbols. Remembering all the unique passwords is a difficult job for users. Then, as a solution, many applications and websites offer the option of social login. Because of the option to start a social session, the process became simpler. In this list of free login forms, we have compiled some of the templates that give you the option to log in. One thing you should keep in mind is that these are all HTML templates and you should take care of the backend work.

Login Form 1

Login Form 1 is the best login form created with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 structure. In this form template, you have the option to display the login image or you can display your website logo here. The logo part has a little trick in this template, it moves according to the movement of the mouse. To indicate to the user which form field they have selected a small anima effect of the cure is used. Just below the call to action button, the account recovery option is provided. At the bottom, you have the option to take the user to the account registration form. If you are looking for a creative login form for a modern tepmlates website, this is the best option.

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Login Form 2


The second login version is designed as a mobile application login form. Although this template seems simple, the detailed details made with visual effects make this template unique. On the clean white background, the texts are clearly visible to users. Most free login forms will not give you the option to see the password. With this template, you can see and hide the login password. To indicate the users that make up the field they have selected, line load is used in a small way like animation effects. The developer of this template uses the gradient color effectively.

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Login form 3


Login form 3 is completely opposite to the second version mentioned above. This template uses gradient color for the form background and blank animation effects for the form fields. You can change the background of the image if you can simply use the form for your site. This login form gives you the space to add the "remember me" option at the bottom. Although many of us are using the password management tool, even this option becomes practical for many users. At the top, you have a large space to add your logo. If you are doing a site focused on the brand, these small details will help you maintain consistency in the design of the website template.

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Login form 4


This is a long login form template, which gives you more than enough space to add all the form fields, social network profile links and registration link at the bottom. With the help of the latest HTML5 encoding, this template gives you web elements with rounded edges to match the modern templates of HTML5 websites. The colors also look more natural with the help of the latest CSS3 files. On a clean white background, texts and web elements look cleaner on the login form. This form also supports mobile devices, so if you are looking for a sign-in form for your responsive website template, this form would be the best option.

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Login Form 5


Login Form 5 not only has a modern look, but also has features of fashion. Most sites support social login. methods to make the login process simple for the user. Remembering the password of each website will be a difficult job, by providing a social login option will save many time for the user. This template gives you the option to add the social login option for Facebook and Google. Remember that this is just a template with front-end functions only, you must manually work with the social media platform APIs to be a fully functional way. Bold text and large web elements make interaction with this template easier even on small screen devices.

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Login Form 6


Login Form 6 is a minimalist-looking access form. With the design without borders, this template uses all the given spaces. Another benefit of this borderless design Does this template easily fit small screen devices? Therefore, the user will experience a uniform interface design on all devices. It gives you the option to add a profile image form field, username and password. To differentiate the call-to-action button from the clean white background, shadow effects are used. In the demo version, this form uses a green color scheme, if you are following a different color scheme in the template of your website, you can easily customize it. This form is a perfect choice for minimal design website templates.

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Login Form 7


Login Form 7 is a login form template with elegant appearance that shows the social option of login and also the option to show and hide password. To match the minimal design of this template, the effects used are also smooth and simple. This form also follows a design without margins and gives a floating web design. The rounded corner helps to easily identify that this template is made of the HTML5 framework. With bold typography, this form design goes well with the creative website templates and the news website template. The only thing you can consider changing is moving the registration option a bit higher, in the default design, it is placed in the footer. Because moving it a little higher will improve the visibility of the subscription option.

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Access form 8


Login form 8 is a simple and elegant login form. With the simple and orderly design, the creator of this template gave us a professional appearance. Use of shadow effects and natural-looking web elements. the form is the best example of the use of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 structure. All options are placed in an achievable position, so the user does not need to search for the options. Just below the password form field, you have space to add the account recovery option. The floating card design looks elegant on the latest screen of the quad HD smartphone since the pixel density is high on those screens, the way it feels like coming out of the screen.

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Login Form 9


If you are looking for a modern login form for your mobile application or web application, then the Start of session Form 9 is the best option. This form is also a long logon form just like the four logon form mentioned above. Login form 9 follows the last request. IU / UX ion design, therefore, will easily adjust to modern web design and application design. Since both the background and the form field use the same white background, shadow effects are used to differentiate form fields from the background. The social media login option is displayed just below the sign-in form fields.

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Login Form 10


Login Form 10 is a professional-looking login form. This form would be the best addition to commercial sites and application-based membership sites. The web elements used in this form are more square, the edges not rounded up as seen in other free login forms in this list. The text labels are used to show the user what detail should be given in the respective fields for m This template also gives you the space to add the option to remember me, again this is just a framework. For this template to work completely, you must manually perform the back-end work. Since all interface jobs are done perfectly, you should not worry unless you need to customize the form template.

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Connection form 11


Login Form 11 is a hybrid of version four and version ten mentioned above. It is a long form with a square rectangular network. With this form, you have the option of keeping users connected and the option of logging into social networks. As it is a full-page sign-in form, the designer has used the degraded backg. round in which the white login form looks attractive. The white background of the form also facilitates readability on all types of devices. Like most modern website templates, this form is also optimized for mobile views and all types of famous browsers.

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Access form 12


Login form 12 is a perfect login form template for listing website templates and other types of website templates for communities. of this template, the background of the image is used with an overlay of bright colors. As this form uses a borderless design, a background image will make this look awkward, therefore, the use of blue overlay is an intelligent design idea. In this login form, you have the option to add profile image form fields, username and password. This login form uses the blue color as the default color scheme, for the effects of scrolling and other animation effects. If the template of your website follows other color schemes, you can easily change it since it uses the latest CSS3 framework.

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Access form 13


Login form 13 is a perfect login form for business website templates and other consultants related to the website. uses the split screen design to make use of the full page layout. In the left main part is reserved to add images, which you can use. e to say about your organization or the latest news. On the right, you have the option of user registration, at the bottom you have the option to change the form to the user login form. The registration form supports field validation to ensure that the user has filled in all the important fields. With large bold texts, this template facilitates readability on both small screens and large screen devices.

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Login form 14


Login form 14 is a simple and minimalist style login form. If you want to use this template without any changes, this template is a perfect option for minimal websites. With only the black and clean white color scheme, this form template uses the minimum common template design style of the website. This form gives users the option of displaying a and hiding the input password characters. The login form 14 is fully functional from the beginning, so it is not necessary to perform any basic development work again. All you have to do is take care of the back-end work and do other integration work.

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Login Form 15


Login Form 15 is a modified version of the fourteenth version mentioned above. This shape also uses a clean grayish background and a clean contact shape in the center. is reserved at the top to show images and text "Sign in" in bold. This template does not use flashy animation effects, but visual effects k and clean. To indicate to the user which field they are editing, green lines are used. This shape uses the green color as the primary color scheme. You also have space to add keep the user option connected just below the password form field section.

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Login Form 16


Login Form 16 can be used for building website templates as such without to make changes. Form labels and line icons are used to indicate the information you need Visual effects are used intuitively to make use of the specified spaces. The default form size is smaller, so you can use it anywhere you want. their website. But in the demo version, the form is displayed as a full page form with an image background. Since this form is well wrapped inside a white container, the background of the clean image is used without color overlap.

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Login Form 17


Login Form 17 is a screen-style login form template divided as form thirteen mentioned above. Instead of using the entire page, this template uses a box. The screen is divided equally so that images and contact forms can be added freely. The image on the left side can also be used as an im. Old slider, if you are looking for a sign-in form for a photo website template, this style would fit perfectly. On the right side, the login form is made to fit on a single line, the visual effects are used to highlight the current field.

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Login form 18


Login form 18 is a corporate style form. With a clean design and a professional color scheme, this template fits perfectly into modern corporate website templates: the full-page template design is effectively managed with the split-screen design. Boxy form fields give you more space w Texts in bold and clearly to users. The effects of animation are used intelligently to make effective use of the given space. Just below the call-to-action login buttons you have the option to add social media login and subscription option. This well-encoded form template can be added to a website template or easily integrated with other platforms.

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Access Form 19


Login Form 19 is a typical login form template that has the entire design and the features you would normally expect in a login form. The templates provide a large amount of space to display the texts in an orderly fashion to users. The archived indication animation in the clockwise direction is ordered without delay. Texts and fields are given the same space to make it look clean. This form uses the latest HTML5 framework and CSS3, therefore, developers will find it easy to work with this template.

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Login Form 20


Login Form 20 is a clean login form for a line. With this simple template, you get an organized look. The username and password fields are added sideways to make the form fit into a line. If you are using a one page template, you can use this form on your site. The displacement effect in this way uses colo r that is similar to the background color scheme. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 framework, editing the template will be an easy task. Just below the sign on a call-to-action button, you have the option to include the account recovery feature.

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