20 Best Mailchimp Email Templates Used By Top Email Marketers

Email marketing is the most effective tool for B2B companies. There is a great possibility that people who are reading this list of MailChimp email templates are B2B marketing professionals. It does not mean that the B2C model does not use email marketing, they do use it, but the result of the conversion is quite greater on the B2B side. Here is a simple statistic, only 30% of customers on the email list bought products by email, while 86% of business professionals prefer email communication to talk and complete a deal.

Today, many companies and service providers the user creates a free account first and try to convert them later. An Easy SMTP publication says that, in the conversion process, the welcome email alone contributes 320% of revenue to organizations. Therefore, when you prepare your email templates, try to spend more time on the welcome email templates. MailChimp is one of the best and it is also an easy tool to use for both developers and end users. In this list, we've compiled some of MailChimp's best email templates, which you can use in your email marketing campaigns or other transition emails.

Although MailChimp itself provides you with its own email creation tool and email templates to start your campaign immediately, the modules you get there are limited. The MailChimp email templates on this list also come with their own email creation tools and some even offer you over 300 modules to create your own unique templates. All of these email templates not only work with MailChimp but also work with other famous email service providers. E-mail marketers will find these premium tools extremely useful for their campaigns.


Igodo is an easy-to-use and well-documented email template for Mailchimp, Stampready and the Campaign monitor. This template is based on the concept of creating email, like the creators of pages, you saw in many WordPress themes. All the basic elements are provided in the form of modules. You can only drag and drop the modules to create your own email template. The Igodo template offers more than 400 prefabricated modules. With its easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, you can create your template in a very short time.

You can download the template and upload it to your MailChimp email campaign. If you are new to this email creation tool, the creators of this template have created a video tutorial so you can easily start. With this email creator, you are creating a responsive email template by default, so you do not need to worry about making it compatible with mobile devices.

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Email from Mars


Mars Email is a new entry in the email templates market. A new entry can expect a more modern design and user-friendly features. It is a well-proven and optimized email template Professional creator. All templates in this package are tested with email in acid, for those who do not know the email in acid, is a platform that developers used to verify the compatibility of email between all famous email clients and applications .

The templates in the Mars Email package are optimized specifically for Gmail and Outlook. As a result, you get smooth performance on all platforms and all your interactive elements are displayed without any errors. In the editor itself, you have options to preview your email on mobile devices so you can easily adjust it.

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Petras is one of the best-selling MailChimp templates. This one year old email template has impressive sales account, which is proof of its quality and useful features. The Petras includes a fully customizable email templates. More than two hundred modules give you an unlimited possibility to create your own personalized email template without even getting carried away. Well-coded modules do not create redundant tags, so emails load faster on all types of devices.

In addition to the modules, Petras also includes prefabricated templates for all famous niches, such as restaurants, travel and business. If you are in a hurry, you can use these templates as such without making any changes, since all the templates follow the perfect email design standards.

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denise-mailchimp-email- templates

Denise's email templates are for lovers of minimalism. With simple design templates, it helps you to create content focused on the laser without any distraction. The alignme nt logic of the sections is followed exactly as in the templates on the landing page to increase the click rate and the conversion rate. The Denise template provides you with more than 110 modules prepared for you, in which you get almost all the basic and advanced options covered. Along with the design, you also get twelve prefabricated templates, so if you're in a hurry you can create your templates in a short time.

Compatibility is the strongest point of the Denise template. This template supports more than thirty email tools and all famous email service providers. In general, the Denise is a profitable tool, if you are a marketing agency and use many platforms for your email campaigns, this is the template for you.

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Mount Mail

mount-mailchimp -email-templates

Mount mail is one of the best creators of email templates for marketing agencies. With more than 300 modules, this creator helps you create almost any type of email template. The intuitive email creator helps you create a perfect design in pixels without even writing a single line of code. Any creative designer without coding experience will find that this Mount Mail package is extremely useful.

This builder uses a separate control box on the left, depending on the item you choose, the control option changes. Some fans of the online editor will find it quite annoying, but this approach is clean and helps you preview your template without any hassle. With this builder you also get only the modules and there are no prefabricated templates. But the demo modules include elements for almost all famous niches. By default, this mail creator is compatible with MailChimp, Stampready and Campaign Monitor.

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BlauMail is one of the most sold email templates on the market. With more than 4k + sales, this template is still one of access options for creators of email templates. This template gives you a package of almost two and pre-fabricated templates. The prefabricated templates include design for almost every scenario in the business, plus you get the Stampready generator built into it. With the Stampready email creator, you can create an interactive email in a very short time. It has a lot of prebuilt blocks, all you have to do is drag and drop the modules to create your own email templates. All the templates that you create using Blaumail respond to mobile devices.

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Carol is a very famous email template creator in the market for over a year. With recent updates, this template offers you even more options and a stable structure. The unique feature of this template is that it has more than 100 modules to help you create an interactive email. The stampready editor offers you a friendly user interface, which you can use immediately when you have an overview. This template is also well documented, which provides step-by-step instruction. So adding and editing templates will be an easy job even for beginners. Although Carol does not include any prefabricated templates, the modules provided are created for almost all famous niches. By default, the templates that you create with this constructor respond immediately.

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Márquez is another email template based on a minimal theme, like the Denise template mentioned above. This email template also comes with the stampaady email generator as you have seen it in some of the MailChimp email templates mentioned in this list. The constructor is intelligently designed so you can edit almost all the elements without worries. The editing options are shown in a separate section of the control panel that is displayed in the left sidebar. The staff of Márquez offers more than seventy prefabricated sections to simplify the work. This template can be integrated with famous email service providers such as Campaign Monitor, Mailster, MailChimp and StampReady. As most of the back-end functionalities are already in charge of the creators of this template, all you have to do is create an interactive email template for your campaign.

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notify-mailchimp -email-templates

Notify is a complete email template package. package, you get prefabricated email template, email creator for easy editing and PSD files. The email template follows a vector-based design, with the PSD files you get all the vectors of lines and icons that were used to create these impressive templates. As in the models, the icons are given as editable smart objects so you can easily customize them.

Speaking of the email editor, you get more than 30 prefabricated modules for you. The editing options are displayed in the left sidebar, the included options help you customize almost every aspect of the elements. The prefabricated templates include almost all types of email you normally need to manage your business smoothly via email. If you have some other special purpose, you can use the email generator to create one.

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Miley is also from the creators of the notification template mentioned above. With the Miley template you can also expect the same design quality and user-friendly features. The templates used in this package also follow a minimal design. The default templates are given in this template the best suits for design agencies and interior design companies. The template uses the typical minimum template design with the dark and light color scheme.

The editing options are displayed in the left sidebar under different categories. However, the user interface is not as good as the one you get with the Stampready editor. The unique feature of the Miley template is the prefabricated templates, you get more than 30 pre-established bulletins with this package, all follow the same minimalist design.

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Trust is a simple and clean email template creator. This creative email template uses the Mailbuilds builder, which gives you twenty-four unique modules. All modules are ex extremely customizable so you can create your own custom email template in no time. Most of the email developers mentioned above use an online editor or a control panel type structure. This mail creator uses a rather outdated user interface. Text editors open in a separate lightbox as you have seen it in the visual composer. In addition to the user interface, the functions you get with this template are useful and also easy to use. With this email generator, you can easily create a simple modern email template.

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Boom is a simple email template generator, which also offers you a live editor to create a template of e-mail. This package of templates offers you only a handful of twenty-six plus modules, which is far less than other email creators for almost the same price range. The line editor works perfectly so you can add and edit texts in a very short time.

Email templates are reviewed and supported by famous email service providers such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, iContact and Aweber. Like Mars's email templates, it is also tested with Email on Acid to ensure uninterrupted performance on all famous email applications and platforms. If you are going to move from the category of free email templates to the premium category, you may find it useful. But at the same time, with one or two dollars more, you can get an email generator with more modules and options.

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Laxus uses the MailBuild tool to help you create email templates in a very short time by simply dragging and dropping the blocks What I need. With this template generator, you only get modules, there are no prefabricated templates like the ones you've seen in some of MailChimp's email templates mentioned above. Another small drawback with the Laxus email template is that it has only thirty unique models with this builder. The thirty module includes all the necessary features and options that you would normally need. Other advanced interactive elements are not available with this email creator. Once you have completed, you can simply export the template and upload it to the email marketing tool you use. Laxus is compatible with all email platforms and famous email marketing tools.

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Remo helps you create an email template enriched in multimedia. Rowing gives you modules to create your own template using the mail creator Maesto. used in Remo is clean and easy to use. The user interface can remind the creator of the page Visual Composer p lugin for WordPress users, therefore, the learning curve to use this template is not difficult.

A useful feature in this editor is the global option, for example, if you want to use the same color for the entire call to action button you can use this Global option, it saves time. The small disadvantage of this template is the number of modules. Although it has all the basic module, for the price mentioned, you can buy other email templates with more than two hundred and three hundred modules.

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Vespro is the colorful version of the notification email mentioned above. This package also includes all types of transition emails prepared for you. Transition emails are the ones with a high opening rate of more than 47%. Since these are the emails that work well, the brand is a must. These templates also come with a custom email generator to help you customize the templates easily. The creators of this template provide you with thirty-five prefabricated templates, from which you can customize and create your own template. All templates are tested with litmus, so you should not worry about compatibility issues. Supports all famous email service providers such as MailChimp, Mailster and Campaign Monitor.

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Fashion and e-commerce


Fashion and eCommerce, as the name implies, these e-mail templates are made for eCommerce stores and fashion stores. eCommerce and real estate industries is the one that uses social media marketing and email marketing effectively. If you own a store, you can use these email templates as such without any changes. Like most of MailChimp's other email templates on this list, it also uses the stampready email creator. With more than fifty modules, you can easily create an effective email template in minutes. Another positive point with this template is that the author of this template promises to give new templates every month. If you already have this template, share your experience in the comments section so that other readers can benefit.

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Pro is an email template focused on niches for startups and other companies. Simple and clean design and clean color The scheme used in this template complies with current design trends. Even if you need it, you can customize these elements. It is easy to use the Stampready builder provided along with these email templates. By debuting its entry in the last month, this template receives regular updates, which is a good sign for a professional product. The templates created with the Pro template are compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Stampready.

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Inspire will help you create a simple professional email template. Although this template uses the creator of stampready emails, the modules and the options you get with it are limited. If you are looking for a professional template or email template for the consulting business, this is for you. The editing option is similar to all the other email templates mentioned in this list that use stampready builder. The customization options are unlimited with this template, you can do all kinds of customization jobs easily. The only drawback of this template is the price, for the same price as the email template with more options. Compare this template with other templates before making your purchase.

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TRAMAIL is a fully customizable email template. Although this package does not give you many templates, in the stampready email template the creators added more than 250 modules. You can use these modules to create your own personalized email template. faithfully The modules include both media-rich elements and simple, elegant modules with bold text. The templates in this package are tested with email in acid, so you should not worry about their performance in different email services and applications. In general, you can use TRAMAIL as the basis for creating your own personalized email template.

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Lite is another email template based on the minimal design in this list of MailChimp email templates. This template offers you over fifty modules to create beautiful looking email templates. In the minimum clean design, the content looks clean and clear. If you are a design agency, your work will look visually attractive to this email template. Lite uses the creator of stampready emails, so you get an easy-to-use interface with more customization options.

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