20 Best Free Fitness Website Templates With Fresh New Design 2018

Bored of the same previous design and the same templates mentioned repeatedly in all free fitness website templates? Well, we managed to compile some of the new website templates that you can use for your fitness website. All of these free fitness website templates use the latest web design and web development framework. Then, with this free fitness website template, you can easily create a secure site for the future. Before entering the list of free website templates, let's see what are all the important elements and features that you should see in a fitness website template.

When we talk about the fitness website template, personal website templates and business templates appear in the list. If you are a trainer and you are looking for a gym, make sure you have the characteristics to mark yourself (one of the main principles of a personal website). Second, the template must have interactive web elements to share their experience. Since most fitness services can be clearly explained with images, make sure that the template you select is compatible with multimedia elements.

For business sites and gyms, the items you need to see are; Interactive visual effects, classes and programming table, service section, testimonial, price table and interactive map in the contact section. The gallery section and the videos are additional features that you can expect in the templates of a free fitness website. If you have membership plans through the price table, the user can decide which package is best suited to them.

Since gym classes are one of the preferred services by location, it is useful to provide an interactive map in the contact section. the user will communicate with you easily If you plan to run a membership site and then add a user panel is imperative, check out our collection of board templates to select the best board for your site. We have managed to compile the templates that have almost all the features mentioned for both the personal sites and the commercial sites mentioned above. Without further delay we enter the list.


Trainer is a website template for personal trainers. The orderly design of this template helps you create a strong personal brand. Wide design, you have plenty of room to add more about you and your services. The white spaces in the design add more template and also offers a visual experience free of obstacles.

Since the trainer is a template of several pages, it can be more elaborated about their services, their prices and their experiences. You also get a gallery page with this template to visually interact with your audience. The grid layout with a large amount of space between each cell on the gallery page helps you display as many images as you want. Large footer at the bottom gives you enough space to add important links, contact information and work time in the gym.

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Frame is a premium style business style template that you get for free . Being a professional website by default with the Frame template you get all the features and web elements you need to set up a site for your gym. It is a one-page website template, so users do not need to navigate to different pages to find the content they want. The logical design of the template helps the user to understand their services at a glance. Each segment on the home page is elegantly distinguished by the use of clean white background and light blue background.

With this long homepage, you get segments such as features, prices, comments and contact. A small user interface correction needed in this template is to make the top navigation bar sticky. Since we only give a long page to the user, by providing an adhesive bar, the user can easily jump to the segments that he wants. Other useful features that you get with this template are the custom line icons, the price table and the testimonials.

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Corporate is a colorful website template for creative and modern agencies With this template, you can create a site Awesome fitness web and modern model. All the segments and web elements that you get with this template are versatile and can be used for various purposes. All you need to do with this template is to add your content and images to customize the site. The rest of the elements and features have already been treated by the developers of this template.

The corporate template is also a one-page template; So you can impress your visitors by providing the necessary information about your gym and physical training without wasting your time. With this one-page template, you'll get segments like about, services, portfolio, contact and testimonials. You also get an animated counter to share some interesting statistics about you to visitors. The only thing you might need to add to this template is the price table, other than that, you will get all the features you would normally need to create an effective website for exercises.

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  classic -free-fitness-website-templates

Classic is the best interactive website template in this list. This template not only helps you share your email. xpertise and pricing with visitors, the design of the template is also related to visitors. The logical layout of the segments provides visitors with the information required in advance. As a result, it obtains a high rate of visitor retention and time of permanence, both are very important factors for the SEO ranking of the site.

The useful modern web elements that you get with this template are; Creative line icons, animated counters, price and portfolio table. The price table is carefully designed with the black and white color scheme. The interactive map in the contact section will help the visitor to easily identify the location of their gym. Again, it is a one page website template and you get top bar navigation for a better user experience.

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Do not judge the template by name. This template has the potential to become a personal website template for trainers as well as the Coach template mentioned above. The gn of the template helps you make a strong personal brand. Each segment of this template is designed to reflect your professional experience. Again, this is also a one-page website template. With the full width design, you have plenty of room to add your content and multimedia elements.

The visual effects of this template are clean and simple. The gradient color scheme of the template makes it perfect for the current audience. If you want to use this template for personal use, you can use it as such. But if you intend to use this template for business, you should make small adjustments, such as adding a price table.

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Cachet is another beautiful website template clean from us. You can not use this template directly as such, but when you add your own content and images, this template will become a colorful fitness site. As it is a multi-page template, the designers decided to use a medium-sized page. With large content blocks and the hero image in the header section, it can make a strong impression once visitors enter your site.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework. Since this HTML website template uses the latest framework, all web elements are easy to customize and can be integrated with other platforms without stopping to sweat. This template update optimizes mobility and optimizes speed.

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Initial is a corporate style website template for gyms and gyms. Web design helps you get more potential customers and members. With the green color scheme, this template offers a refreshing appearance. To visitors. On a clean white background, images and texts are clearly visible and easy to read even on small screen devices. The elements that you get with this template are colorful icons, carousels and call-to-action buttons. In the footer, you have the option to add important links, page links and social network profile links.

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CallCenter is a creative website template for multiple uses The advantage of using a multipurpose template is that You get both professional and informal web elements to impress visitors. The CallCenter website template is also one of those multipurpose website creative templates.

This template offers a lot of space for images. You can use this space to impress visitors with some great pictures of your workouts and training sessions. The call-to-action buttons are placed in the right places, allowing you to convert more potential customers. To add more wealth to this template, you get colorful icons that look attractive on the clean white background. Another useful feature in this template is the option to add video. Since this template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the latest Bootstrap framework, embedding video on the site is only a two-minute job.

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Ilene Berg


Ilene Berg is another colorful personal website template. The generic design of the template makes it easy for any type of professional. With this colorful design and modern web elements, you can elegantly display your professional experience and can impress your clients. As default is a personal website template, you have all the elements and features to share your professional experience. In the footer, you have the option to add Instagram feeds. Unfortunately, this template does not include many multimedia spaces in its design, as seen in the template of the call center website mentioned above. If you are a personal trainer and are looking for an interactive, colorful and simple website template, Ilene berg will impress you.

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Virb is a free multipurpose website HTML5 template from the designer and developers of our team. As it is a multipurpose website template, all the web elements that you get with this template are versatile and can serve well for any need. The intelligent design of the template gives you a large amount of space to add both texts and multimedia content. You can use this template both in gyms and on the personal trainer site. With this multi-page template, you get the basic pages like the portfolio, the services and the contact page designed for you. Interactive scrolling animation helps you narrate your services interactively.

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Lotus Point


Lotus Point is an interactive website template with web design and current visual effects. With full-width design and parallax effects, this template takes care of visitors as soon as they land on your site. Multimedia elements have the first priority in this web design. If you are looking for a free fitness website template to show your images and videos, Lotus Point is the best template for you.

Like most of the free fitness website templates on this list, the Lotus point is also one page website template. Since it is a single-page template, the elements become colorful and different forms are used for the holders of the images to prevent visitors from getting bored with the uniform design. As it is a fitness website template by default, it is not necessary to change any segment. This template also provides you with the countdown timer option for events.

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Gym Trainer


The gymnastics trainer is bold website template with great texts and large blocks of content . It is a full width website template with subtle animation effects. This clean design and minimal animation effects make this template a perfect choice for professional sites. The gymnastics coach's template uses a variety of colors for its web elements and texts, but you can see that the bright yellow color has been used predominantly.

This is a multi-page website template. The homepage uses minimal visual effects, while the subpages use quite aggressive displacement effects. In the footer, you have the option to add the Instagram widget and the subscription form to the newsletter.

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Gym Workout


Gym Workout is a full-page website template. By default, this template uses a design similar to an album page, as you have seen in many photo website templates. esign has its own advantages and limitations. The advantage of this type of design is that you can concentrate more on the content and visual effects that support the content. At the same time, the downside of this template is that it can not give an interactive scrolling effect as you have seen it in many free fitness website templates mentioned earlier in this list.

Coming to the design of the Gym Workout template. This template is clean and simple, with plenty of space to add both text content and multimedia content. Again, this is also a one-page website template. With this one-page template, you get segments like about, clients, classes, gallery and contact. As I said before, the disadvantage of this template is the displacement effects. As the pages are treated as cards, the user must scroll two or three times to get to the home page. But it is only a minor problem, which can be solved with few lines of code.

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If you have read other lists of free fitness website templates before this, then I've probably seen this Fitness template. This template is one of evergreen fitness website templates. The clean design of perfect pixels and the premium sensation web features make this template unique. The reason why you are getting such a high quality template for free is because Fitness is a freemium template. The best part of any freemium template is that you get a superior quality product. The only downside is that you only have restricted access. If you are just starting your site, then this freemium template will work. Later, if you still feel that the design is up to the brand, you can buy the premium version.

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Sprint is more than just a fitness website template. they are interested in forming a community that uses their audience, then this template would be the best option. Setting up a forum site is not an easy task with t The HTML website template, but you can use this template as a base and can be integrated with the forum website's software.

The Sprint is a rich media website template. Since it is a community-based website template by default, it has enough image holders to display your images with elegance. The effects of displacement and other visual effects in this template are done in an orderly manner and manage to draw the attention of the user.

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Stamina is a full-featured website template for a fitness site: name the feature what you expect at a fitness site, the Stamina template will have it. The intelligent design of the late temperature gives equal importance to both the content of the text and the multimedia content. The use of the orange color scheme for the web elements gives this template a new look and also manages to attract the user's attention in the right place. Custom icons created to indicate exercise sessions and services are one of the unique features of this template. Again, this is also a freemium template like the Fitness template mentioned above. To obtain a more advanced function, try to obtain the premium version of this template.

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Fitness In


Fitness In is a simple and simple website template. This template design concentrates more on images than texts. If you are looking for a free fitness website template with lots of options for multimedia content, then you can take a look at the Fitness In template. The developers have put a lot of effort into the visual effects of this template. With the help of animation effects, you have the place to add text content. With full width design and lots of white space, web elements and texts are clearly visible and easy to read. This template is optimized for speed and mobile response speed.

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Set point


Fit Point is the only free fitness website template with a video background in the list. To impress visitors as soon as they arrive at your site in the header section, you have the option of adding ckground video. In this template, only the banners make use of the full-width design stretching to the end. Other web elements are designed to fit the grid as content blocks. It is a template of several pages, so you get all the basic pages pre-designed for you. Another minor detail covered in this template is the registration form. If you intend to take your business completely online, this option will help the user to join their fitness program easily.

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Fitpress is a colorful website The bright colors of this template make it unique in this list. But the colors are not too vibrant. ant, is flat and modern. On the clean white background, these colorful web elements are attractive. Texts and images are also neat and legible. As it is a mobile website template, all web elements are also adapted to small screen devices. The visual effects of this template are clear and clean. The FitPress is also a one-page website template. The template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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Size Zero


Size zero is one of the best free fitness website templates, which is out there on the internet for remove some time now. What makes this template hit the last place on the list is its visual effects. This template uses flashes and animation effects for the web elements. The scroll effects are also flashy, which make this template not the best choice for the professional sites. One of the main things to consider in the website user experience is not to keep the users wait for a long time. Because keeping the visitors waiting for a long time may lead to abandoning the website. Other than the visual effects of the design and the features of the template are neat and meets the professional website template standards

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These are some of the best free fitness website templates you can make use of for your site. All these templates are mobile responsive, so you need not worry about mobile performance. Since most of the template uses latest frameworks integrating the template or customizing the template will not be a big issue. What's your favorite free fitness website template? Let us know in the comment section below.

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