PS Vita physical games are dead, but it doesn’t need them anyway

Six years after the launch of PlayStation Vita, Sony is completing its production of physical games for most of the world. First reported by Kotaku a Sony representative confirmed to The Verge that the company's US and European branches – not their Japanese locations – will stop production by the end of the 2018 fiscal year. The good news? It will not affect digital sales, which means that the Vita will still be alive.

While this news marks another nail in the eventual coffin of the handheld, Vita's best offers have never been his new titles. That is not to say that the system does not offer featured highlights, such as Gravity Rush Persona 4 Golden and Tearaway (many of which have been ported to PS4) at this point anyway). But it is also considered a library system for old games. The Vita offers support for PS One classics, as well as some PSP titles. For fans of Japanese RPGs, it's an easy way to gather almost the entire library for long-running franchises like Final Fantasy or Persona in addition to classic games like Suikoden II or Chrono Cross . It's a perfect legacy handheld.

The portable nature of the Vita has always made digital purchases the preferred option, as long as it has a memory card to accommodate them all. If the imminent disappearance of physical means makes you feel sad, it could be time to invest in more memory for your Vita.

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