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We are in an era of important UI transition. When we look back at the story we evolve from a black screen with a green text interface to an easy-to-interact graphical user interface. In the first days, computers are the only devices we use, but now we all have more than one device with different screen sizes. The smartphone industry is changing everything and large software companies like Apple and Microsoft are moving towards the goal of an operating system for all devices. Being an application developer or a web developer, you will play a crucial role in this transition. In this list, we have compiled some of the best free UI kits designed for modern devices.

In this list of free UI kits, we have compiled templates for all major platforms. As the user interface is changing depending on the design of the product, we have also collected free UI kits with designs for modern devices. To give you more options, we have included UI kits with different platforms such as Sketch, PSD, Adobe XD and Bootstrap. Depending on your workflow, you can choose the platform that suits you best.

Froala Design

Froala Design is one of the best free UI kits for web designers. This kit includes all the web elements you need to create an impressive and modern website. Most independent developers and web development agencies will find that this UI kit is extremely useful, especially lovers of minimalist design. The default design of the templates in these kits resembles a home website and home pages. With more than 170 blocks of responsive design, this kit includes all kinds of elements you need to start a website from scratch. To give you more freedom in the use of fonts, this kit uses Google fonts. Another point in favor of this UI kit is that it is designed with the latest Bootstrap framework.

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My stories

  My stories-free-ui-kits

My Stories is a free mobile user interface kit. If you are a developer and looking for inspiration in design with a modern user interface design, this is the kit for you. As it is a PSD kit, you have to manually commission us to build the UI from scratch. The design of the mobile UI in this model meets the current design of the product. As most smartphones adopt bezelless designs with the longest format, the design of the mobile application must make use of these physical conditions. In this kit, the designer has given you colorful elements with a pattern background, which will look great on high-end mobile screens.

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Android mobile user interface


Most of you, designers and developers, will be familiar with the design of the material, a design that Google uses to design its applications. This Android mobile user interface kit follows the design of the material and this only includes the sketch file. With this user interface kit, you will get basic mobile user interface elements. The designer tries to give a possible variation in the design using shading effects and flat colors. The Sketch file provided is editable and the designer of this kit facilitated customization. All you have to do is customize the file for your needs and start developing your user interface.

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Material UI Kit

  Material-UI-Kit-free-ui-kits [19659005] Material UI Kit is another basic UI kit for material design, but this is a kit Bootstrap UI 4. The creator of this kit provided you with almost all the elements you need to create websites and mobile apps. Although it is a free user interface kit, the creator of this kit is dedicated to this package and gives you regular updates. The 74k downloads will guarantee the quality of the kit and the ease of use. All the designs are perfect in pixels and there are no errors, so you will not get any misaligned elements. In the free version, you get sixty prefabricated elements and three example pages. If you need more advanced features and direct support, you can opt for a pro version of this UI kit.

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iPhone X user interface kit

  iPhone-X-UI-Kit-free-ui kits

The iPhone X definitely sets trends in the industry of Smartphones in both hardware design and software design. Even with Android P, Google offers a gesture-based user interface similar to the iPhone X. In this UI kit, the designers have given you a mobile application interface designed especially for the iPhone X model. In addition, the creators of this Kit claims that all the elements and templates of the user interface of this kit follow Apple's guidelines for the design of the human interface. If you are an iOS developer, you will find that this kit is extremely useful as it follows Apple's design guidelines. Not only iOS developers can use this, even Android developers can use this, as many Android OEMs are adopting the iPhone X design.

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Material design for Bootstrap 4

  ] Material-Design-for-Bootstrap -4-free-ui-kits

Design of materials for Bootstrap 4, as its name implies is a user interface Bootstrap 4 kit. With this kit you get both solid color elements and gradients of color gradient. As more and more major brands use degraded color schemes, it will be useful to create attractive websites and mobile applications. Along with the elements of the user interface, you also get animated elements so you can use these CSS files for your HTML website templates. As a package, this kit offers you more than 400 user interface elements, more than 600 icons and 74 different types of CSS animation effect files. Another good part of this kit is that you also get items for online stores, so you create templates and e-commerce websites in a very short time. In general, Material Design for Bootstrap 4 is a feature-rich premium quality template that you get for free.

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UXPin UI Kit


Many of you may be familiar with the UXPin, it is one of the best designs of platforms and prototyping of your web applications and websites. The UXPin experts have shared some useful free UI kits to facilitate our process. With this package, you will get more than 80 items and four sample kits. Having an UXPin account can test these items directly in the UXPin editor. Since most UXPin is related to web design, all the kit's templates are also related to web design. If you are a web developer, you will find that this kit is extremely useful.

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MacOS user interface kit


Just before viewing the iOS UI kit, let's see now about macOS. Publishing an application in the app store is the hardest job, QA people are like hawks. If you are an iOS developer, you will know about this. This UI kit includes design elements to make macOS applications. the design guidelines, so you should not worry about it. This user interface kit offers almost 500 items and the creators claim that it also includes elements for the MacBook Pro touch bar. By keeping this as a reference, you can create your own application. Again, this package also includes only Sketch files, so it has started doing its development work.

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Crypto Kit Design


A theme that always attracts the attention of financial users and technology enthusiasts is the cryptocurrency. Despite all the security problems, even FB is planning its own chain of blocks. Well, the cryptocurrency began to attract attention in web design and web development as well. This user interface kit is designed exclusively for the Crypto mobile application and web applications. Another best part of this kit is that it is developed with Adobe XD, so you can easily visualize the interface. The creator of this kit made it extremely easy to use and customize. All you have to do is finish your design with visual effects and start building yours.

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E-commerce user interface kit

  ecommerce-ui-kit-free-ui-kits [19659005] The eCommerce user interface kit, as the name implies, is designed exclusively for online stores. This is a Sketch UI kit, so you only get the frame. With many useful models, the kit designer showed the user interface interactively. the United States ers. As a package, this kit includes nine sketch pages. The kit includes all the main pages that you normally expect in an e-commerce site or a mobile application. Since the designer has clearly grouped and labeled the layers, customizations can be easily done with this user interface kit. If you are looking for an easier UI kit with a working example, check out the XD kits or the Bootstrap kits mentioned in this free list of UI kits.

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Web Interface

  Free web-ui-kits interface

Web Interface is a perfect UI kit for web applications. This kit includes a complete set of user interface design for different web applications. All templates include a minimalist style template and, as a kit, you get all the elements. It is necessary to create an interactive web application. Like some other free UI kits on this list, this is also a user interface framework kit based on Sketch. If you are looking for a functional model with easy integration and customization, take a look at our list of free panel templates. With this user interface kit, you get eight predesigned games for you.

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Facebook iOS 11 graphic user interface


Facebook iOS iOS 11 GUI is a set Complete of UI kit, with this kit you get PSD, Sketch and Origami files. From the options given, you can select the format that best suits your workflow. This user interface kit includes design for iPhone X and other previous iPhone models. In the previous iPhone X user interface kit, you get the design only for that particular model, but with this kit you get more options. Therefore, you can make a design that works on all types of devices. The best thing about this free UI kit is that it has all the elements designed in all Sketch, PSD and Origami formats. As a developer or agency, you will find that this free kit is extremely useful for the development of iOS applications.

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Caterfood user interface kit

  Caterfood free kit-UI-Kit-UI [19659005] The Caterfood user interface kit is the most colorful kit in this free collection of kits of user interface. The main design of this user interface kit revolves around the food sites. Therefore, if you are looking for a user interface for restaurants or other applications related to food, this is the option for you. Another point in favor with this kit is that it gets applications designed for modern notch screens. So far, iOS is the only one that uses notch almost useful for users, since more and more phones use this notch design, you can make a well thought out unique design using this UI kit. There is also a premium version of this kit with more advanced options and more elements. If you need it, you can update it or you can enjoy this free version only.

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H1 Free Mobile User Interface Kit


H1 Mobile UI Free Kit is a master collection of free UI kits. With this kit, you get 470 UI items, which is rare to find in the free category. This user interface kit includes both the Sketch version and the PSD version. The designer has included elements for almost all types of applications. If you are a developer of professional applications that develops applications for different niches, this should have a user interface kit in your collection. Another advantage of this kit is that it comes in both light and dark versions. With more than 130 templates, you can get a solid idea before developing an application.

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Designia is another Adobe XD user interface kit in this list. The advantage of the UI kit is that you can not only view the elements, but you can also visualize the animation effects. This improves the development work faster and faster. It is one of the best free user interface kits that uses modern creative design and interactive eleme. as it does in many premium templates. The creator of this user interface kit made it easy for end users to easily edit and customize the template. Primarily this kit is developed for website design, but the modern elements used in this kit can also be used for mobile applications.

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If you are making an application for the travel website and other related companies, then this is the UI kit for you . As the name implies is a navigation-based application, the navigation field is slowly adopting augmented reality technology, but even so, many applications do not use traditional map-based navigation. This is a user interface kit based on Adobe XD, to help you understand that the visual effects of the user interface are used accurately. With sixty prefabricated displays, this kit offers more than you would normally expect in a collection of free UI kits. If you are a travel agency that provides services as a complete package, this application will help you create an effective mobile application.

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  machine width-ui-kit-free-ui-kits

Mint is another UI kit based on sketches. All lovers of minimalist design will find this interesting user interface kit. With this free user interface kit, you can create a website and mobile application design. The creator of this kit provides you with almost all elements to create an effective site and application. Another professional touch in this kit is the color scheme used, the designer has used only three color combinations in all the samples. All the elements and samples are completely editable, since the layers are handled properly, you will not find any difficulty to customize the templates provided in this kit.

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Moment is a mobile application based on social networks. This is also a user interface kit created with Sketch, using the framework as a base, you have to create your application manually. Developers with high design needs will find this UI kit extremely useful because it has so many modern UI elements in its package. Since this user interface kit is designed primarily for social networks, you get tons of interactive elements. In general, the moment is the best user interface kit to create applications with an interactive and attractive user interface. The creator of this kit also gives the same importance so that it is easy to use to customize the template and work with it.

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Panda Mobile user interface kit


The Panda mobile user interface kit is a kit of Multipurpose user interface to create modern mobile applications. It is a great collection of templates and elements. You will find this kit as an all-in-one collection with many useful elements. From now on, this kit is available in both the PSD version and the Adobe XD version, the creators of this kit promised to do it soon in Sketch version. Since you have so many options, depending on your workflow, you can choose the format you want. Another useful element in this UI kit are the editable vectors. In most free UI kits, you will not find easy-to-edit, high-quality vectors, but this UI kit offers high-quality vectors for free. In both XD and PSD formats, all layers are organized correctly to help you easily identify elements and edit them.

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Travel is another mobile user interface based on travel kit, such as the Navigo kit mentioned above. This is a UI kit rich in images, it includes many elements and spaces to show images in an elegant way to the users. This kit also offers elements of evaluation and classification of stars. This is a well designed mobile application design user interface kit so that all pages and options are pre-designed for you. Since it is developed with the latest version of Sketch, you get more vivid elements and easy to edit layers. With more than five hundred downloads, this user interface kit for mobile applications is one of the best free UI kits on the market today.

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Mega UI style package

  Mega-UI style package free-ui-kits

The Mega UI style package is one of the essential packages in your collections. user interface. This kit is designed according to a particular topic or purpose. The designer of this kit has included all the elements of the user interface and pa In general, you may need help while developing an application or a website. From the designer's perspective, the creator of this kit has included all the elements that he might normally need to create an effective application. It is a user interface kit based on PSD, or if you are interested in collecting a free PSU IU kit, this could impress you.

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User interface kit homepage


UI Kit Landing Page is a kit for web pages and home pages. With this kit, you can create an interactive website in a very short time. The designer has included many interactive web elements so he can keep his visitors engaged all the time. As a package, this kit offers you 80 designs for everyone. s categories and more the sixty web elements. Get this kit in PSD format and Sketch format.

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Free Hila Yonatan Kit

  Kit free-kit-free-Hila-Yonatan

Hila Yonatan Free Kit is another basic user interface kit based on PSD, which has all the basic elements and designs that you would normally need. The creator offers you three types of user interface kits, each one designed based on different themes, but the elements you get with all three are almost similar with slight changes. The PSD layers are arranged in an orderly fashion so that you can find the particular element easily between the different layers.

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