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Key notes play a predominant role in business. Even the big tech giants like Apple and Google use the main presentation for their conference and product launch. If you are looking for templates of modern and creative free notes such as large companies, use, you are in the right place. In this free list of key note templates, we have compiled some of the best templates with interactive design.

Designing a slide is the most difficult part of the presentation. We are very limited with space, of course, we can add as much as the slides we want. But when you add more slides, your presentation becomes boring. The points on the slides should be very clear and the important points should be highlighted. The free keynote templates mentioned in this list use an interactive design to help you easily engage the audience.

The animation effects on the slides have improved a lot, we are getting more vivid effects nowadays. Since all of these free keynote templates are created for the generic purpose, most of them will not use animation effects. To simplify your customization work, we have also mentioned some of the best free tools, such as Canva, to create interactive slides. With this tool you can customize and create the templates online and you can download them as images and add them to your slides. Saying this, let's enter the list of free keynote templates.


Zane is a modern creative template with professional appearance. With the industrial grade design, this template adapts well to all types of business and personal presentation work. The designer of this template used the modern aesthetic design to satisfy the taste of the current audience. As in the premium templates, this als or uses high quality images and vectors easy to edit. With the Zane template package, you get eleven pre-fabricated slides, all follow the same clean design that elegantly presents your content to the audience. If the whole part of the design is already taken care of, all you have to do is add your content.

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If you are looking for slides to share statistics and rich analysis topics, then Presentation is the best option for you. One of the biggest challenges in making a presentation rich in data and statistics is that you should make your slides attractive to users. To help you present all your statistics in a clear and interactive way to users, this template provides you with a series of editable vectors. This template uses the usual 4: 3 design size slides, so you can use it for any general purpose. Another advantage of this template is that it comes in two versions, clear and dark. As a package, this template also comes with PowerPoint presentation slides, so it is useful for both Mac and Windows users.

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Sella is an executive class template, designed as a modern website. Important design aspect of any business website is to allow the user to explore the site without any difficulty, all content must be easily accessible and must genuinely change your business. The Sella keynote template is designed based on these principles. The designer of this template has used the colors and design elements intelligently so you can present your product in an elegant way to the audience. With this template, you get five unique pre-fabricated slides, with full customization options.

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Business, as the name implies, is a perfect template for business presentation. From the sources to the color scheme used, the designer of this template maintained a professional appearance so that he can use this template for multiple types of commercial purposes. By default, this template uses a clean white background, but it also gets some slides with an image background. The fonts are large and easy to read, so even the last audience can read the text easily. In this package, you get ten predesigned slides. Speaking of the slides, this template uses a 16: 9 widescreen design so you have more than enough space to add all your content.

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Infographics for Keynote


A picture is worth a thousand words, within a given time and space we have to deliver All important ke and point to the audience. The images are the best tool to achieve both mentioned points. Infographic for Keynote is a collection of 600 slide templates that includes editable vector elements. With this package, you get all kinds of interactive elements to present your statistics and data in an elegant way to the users. The creator of this template generously gave us this valuable template for free with many useful elements. You can use this template package as a collection and you can also use it in other major presentations.

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Social networks

  Social networks-free-keynote-templates

Social networks are a template of modern creative corporate style. The design of the template is flexible, so you can also use it for other purposes. With this template, you can demonstrate the statistics and you can also explain your strategy and your next goals. Since this template is designed based on the theme of social networks, you get many chat bubbles and interaction as the elements. The slides provide you with clean solid color backgrounds and image backgrounds. The headings of the titles are bold and easy to read, but the subtitle texts are very small. If you are going to use this template, this might be what you need to change, other than that the free Social Media Keynote template is easy to use and the best of its kind.

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Creative presentation note


Creative Keynote, as the name implies, is a creative style template. The designs of geometric shapes are in At present, even the big technological giants like Google and Microsoft are using these style slides in their lectures. With the current tools, you can create any shape easily and can give them more vivid colors, but it will take time. The creative template of Keynote saves you time by providing you with these interactive forms as editable elements. The slides in this template use both the background and the background of the image to help make the presentation interactive. As a package, this template offers you twenty-five exclusive slides, all of which have an aspect ratio of 16: 9, panoramic format.

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Simple minimum

  width of simple-simple access keys

Simple minimum, as the name implies, is a minimum template. other minimum templates, this also follows a clean white background with bold text. The slides in this template package have designs for both casu as well as commercial presentations. Line icons are used to match the minimum aspect of the template. The slides are designed as sections on websites, so you get a more interactive design with this template. With the simple design, you can concentrate more on your content and can also present it elegantly to the users.

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  templates without key heyra

Heyra is another commercial presentation website template based on minimalist design. With high quality images and icons, this template becomes one of the best free keynote templates. Like the Sella template mentioned above, it is also with a design based on the similar website, in fact, this template is also from the same creators of the Sella template. Other useful elements that you get with these free templates are editable maps, handmade maps and twelve unique slides. The twelve slides are extremely easy to edit format, all you have to do is replace the existing content with your own content and images.

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Social Media Keynote


Social Media Keynote is also a keynote template based on social networks like the Social media template mentioned above. But this template completely follows a different design. This template concentrates more on statistics with a minimal design approach. In its design, the template has many colorful presentation elements, which look attractive and visually attractive on a clean white background. The sources are also large and bold enough to read. Instead of using the same stupid design, this template uses many creative designs to keep the audience involved. Models are also included in this template package to help you create content in a very short time. In general, it is worth downloading this template and it will also help you in many future presentations.

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Free business presentation

  Free business presentation-keynote-templates [19659002] Free Business Presentation is a professional keynote template, you can use this template at any ngs business meeting and even in conferences. With the simple and clean design, this template gives the same importance to both the image and the texts so that you can explain the contents in a more interactive way to the users. To match the simple design of the template, the line icons are used. Different colors are used for graphics and icons to help you differentiate and easily display a different set of data. This main template also belongs to the creators of the simple minimal template mentioned above, so you can expect the same quality design with this template as well.

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Duotone, as the name implies, is a duotone color scheme. Experts shares that the Duotone is one of the most used modern web design formats. If you are a creative agency or photo studio, this free presentation template will be interesting and useful for your presentation. All the slides included in this template have a design size of 16: 9, so you have more than enough space to add all your content and elements. As a package, this template offers you over 18 unique slide designs.

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London is a creative lifestyle template based on lifestyle. If you are looking for a modern template for your fashion event presentation, then this template is for you. the template offers you an innumerable amount of prefabricated slides and more than 230 free vectors as a package. Therefore, you can create any number or f slides quickly with the London keynote template. All slides follow a simple minimal design, to give this template a unique touch with creative elements. Texts and elements are large enough to read. The vectors provided in this package almost cover all the elements that would normally be required.

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  basic notions-keynote-templates

The basic concepts are one of the best templates of free notes that give you minimalist design templates. With more than 31 unique slide designs, you get more options to create a presentation at a time. As a package, this template also provides you with free fonts and customizable form elements. All you have to do is add your content and create slides for your presentation.

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Art Of Student


Art of student is a creative presentation template of modern appearance. If you're looking for a presentation that looks like Google I / O events, this is the template for you. The designer of this template gave him different patterns of form. The use of fashionable colors not only looks good, but also gives a sense of life to the staff. With this keynote template you get five predesigned slides, each of them has small design changes to avoid the same pattern. The icons used in the template match the overall design of the template.

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Healthy Foods

  Healthy Foods Without Healthy Foods

Healthy eating, as the name implies, is a key template for food-related industries such as restaurants and grocery stores . This template is a combination of photography and vector design. The designer of this template has the images and vectors intelligently throughout the template. To give users a better readability and also to make the colorful vectors look more vibrant, a clean and simple background is used. The texts are bold and large enough to read, so that the public can read the texts without difficulty. From the sources to the colors, with the Canva tool you can easily customize almost everything in this template.

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Black and yellow

  Black and yellow royalty free notes template [19659002] Black and Yellow is a creative template for business presentation purposes, especially startups can use this template to explain your services and products. This central theme of the template revolves around the black and yellow color scheme. The beauty of this contrasting color scheme is that you can easily highlight important points with elegance. Since this template is designed for commercial purposes, the split-screen design is used to help you explain your business with images and texts side by side. To match the dark theme of this template, the images used are black and white, but the color images also look very good in this dark color scheme template.

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If you are a lover of minimalism, this simple template will definitely make you fall in love. Like most other minimalist templates, it also uses only a white color scheme and clean black ink. The main advantage of the minimal template is that you can manage the contents easily, you do not need to worry about balancing the colors. This template focused on the content uses trendy sources to match the taste of the modern audience. The designer of this template has intelligently handled both the images and the texts throughout the template. The only small drawback of this template is that you get only three pre-fabricated slides, which is quite annoying for productive users.

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Geometric Church


Geometric Church, by the same name you can clearly understand that this template is designed for churches, but the design The default of the slides is flexible enough to match the needs of any business. Like the black and yellow template mentioned above, this template also uses the same color scheme, but this template uses yellow color predominantly than black. To make the template different from other templates, use geometric shapes. The font selection is also impressive in this template, which matches the overall design and theme of this template. With this free keynote template, you'll get ten predesigned slides.

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Wedding ideas

  Wedding ideas-keynote-templates

Wedding Ideas is the best presentation template for the wedding planner and other activities related to events This template It also uses a minimal theme like the monochromatic template mentioned above, but this template uses differences and colors in its design. On a clean white background, the images and texts look amazing and also readable. To match the theme of the event of this template, more informal and handwritten sources are used, which gives the template a more natural look. With this template you get five pre-fabricated slides, all five use different design patterns to match all types of presentation needs.

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The teacher is a modern-looking creative template for schools, since the central theme of this template revolves around Children, colorful slides are made with more icons in cartoon style. This template predominantly uses two color schemes, yellow and blue. For business, the default color scheme is not recommended, but for the presentation related to children you will find this template extremely useful. The sources used are also bold and casual that adapt to the taste of children. This template is designed with the Canva tool, so the personalization of the template will be a matter of second work. The entire slider has a footer section, which you can use to improve the visibility of your brand in your presentation.

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