Grimes is changing her name to the symbol for the speed of light, encouraged by Elon Musk

It is easy to learn romantic couple habits. People who are attracted to each other are often involved in unconscious duplication or copying of each other's gestures and speech patterns. It is also common and understandable for people in relationships to adopt the attitudes, habits and hobbies of others. Personally, it's how I learned to navigate, climb on rock and develop an appreciation of the finer points of music and puppet.

Since the musician Grimes began dating tech tycoon Elon Musk, many critics have noticed – or have complained – that he seems to be reflecting the billionaire CEO behind SpaceX and Tesla in both form and content. In his first appearance as a couple at the Met Gala earlier this month, Grimes wore a choker co-designed by Musk that closely resembled the Tesla logo, inspiring numerous memes. She also reportedly removed (and later readjusted ) the word "anti-imperialist" from her Twitter bio.

Yesterday, the question of their influence was raised again when Grimes announced that he had decided to change his name to c, the scientific symbol of the speed of light.

Fans who are attached to his stage name you do not need to worry about the change, instead, it will make your legal name c Boucher instead of Claire Boucher. c is in lowercase and italicized, according to the scientific notation of how quickly light can move in a vacuum. According to Grimes, or as I now like to think of her, 3.00 × 10 8 m / s, Musk encouraged the change, which caused headlines that the decision was "for" or "thanks to" him. But as Grimes noticed on Twitter, he had considered his first name Claire as "the undoing of [her] existence since [she] became sensitive", and had long wanted to change it. "C" was already his nickname among friends, he says, and Musk simply pointed out that he did not need to look for a new denomination.

Their romance has provoked criticism from Grimes fans, particularly those who see a conflict with an "anti-imperialist" artist who once wrote a feminist manifesto dating from a billionaire whose company has been accused of intimidating unionized workers, exploiting to foreign workers, harassment against homosexuals, racial harassment, the creation of an environment of sexual harassment described as a "predator zone" and the dismissal of a woman who spoke openly. Musk has said he "can not be happy" without a romantic partner, and previously went out with actor Amber Heard after divorcing his first wife, Justine Musk, in 2008. Justine Musk later wrote that he had declared "the alpha in this relationship "during her wedding reception, she told him that she" read too much "and pressed her to dye her platinum blond hair. In 2016, as reported by Verge the writer Sarah Jeong on Motherboard, Musk followed 21 men on Twitter, but not women. Musk responded by calling the critic " PC police fake mill ax " and quickly followed GQ writer Caity Weaver. He currently follows two women, including Grimes.

While this is enough to make Grimes a warning of "you in danger, girl" from your friends, it does not strip you of your agency, especially when it comes to the idiosyncratic. artist who makes idiosyncratic decisions, such as naming herself after a universal constant. It is worth noting that Grimes was a great nerd long before their current relationship, fond of transmitting Bloodborne on Twitch, writing songs about Al Pacino as a gender exchange AI, and dropping references to ] Trigun and Dark Souls in their music videos. Earlier this year, he interviewed Lana del Rey about traveling to Mars and whether artificial intelligence is "good or bad for humanity." Even more nerdy, Grimes and Musk were meeting at a nice Twitter meeting because of a shared interest in Roko's Basilisk, thought experiment involving a lizard king, uniqueness and time travel. (Grimes appeared as a character called "Rococo Basilisk" in his video for the single "Meat without blood").

Despite the confusion, contempt and fanatical statements that their relationship shows that we are living a simulation, Grimes seems to react to everything with humor. When a Twitter user posted a conversation between Grimes and Musk who imagined her as a bright-eyed cat talking in bursts of static, Grimes called it " precise " in a follow-up tweet of his own. " It's good I relate 2 this cat," he wrote.

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