Hisense releases a dramatically cheaper 80-inch laser TV

Was Hisense $ 9,999, 100-inch laser TV just a little bit out of your budget? Then you may be glad to hear that the company has announced a new 80-inch version that costs only 19,999 yuan, or about $ 3,140. If that's still not affordable enough, at least it's not in the "comically expensive" realm like your big brother.

Of course, like its 100-inch counterpart, the 80-inch L5 laser is not strictly a "TV" in the usual sense. It is essentially a short throw projector that comes with an 80 inch passive projection screen. Hisense does not offer much information about L5 beyond price and size. There is no information on what resolution the L5 offers, whether or not there is HDR support, or what entries are available, for example. But the company says the television offers 400 nits of brightness, which should be enough for viewers to enjoy television without having to close curtains or curtains.

Hisense launched the television on May 17 in China, and should be available to buy globally soon.

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