Hasbro just trademarked the smell of Play-Doh

People have tried to mark a lot of strange things over the years, from festive poses to Tarzan's cry, literally, the word "arrogant." So it's really amazing that Hasbro has had 27 years of possession of the work. -Doha brand before the company tried to corner the market with that strange smell of yeast and almost food that has forced generations of children to tentatively lick their toy (non-toxic!) Over the years. That's right: the smell of Play-Doh is now registered.

By Gizmodo to block the profile of the Play-Doh scent, which has existed in one form or another since the product debuted at an education fair in 1956 – Hasbro first had to define it. Now we know that the pasty smell has a bit more of something mixed to raise it from the average DIY mass of flour and salt: "a sweet vanilla fragrance, lightly musky, with light cherry nuances, combined with the smell of a salty dough , based on wheat. "(This information only deepens the mystery of how my grandfather did not notice the yellow wedge of" cheese "that my brother and I served him once with cherry scent and not ] with the smell of cheese before taking a bite.)

Like the cry of Tarzan, this application, which was approved this week after being presented in February 2017, falls under the category of "sensory mark" – that is, it is not a physical product, but a sound, a sensation or a scent that a company could take advantage of to obtain licensing opportunities. Which means that, unless you want to save an undisclosed, but probably strong, rate, you're going to have to find another toy smell for the cradle of your Etsy candle shop based on nostalgia. Maybe those scented Cupcake Surprise dolls are still in play?

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