The Sense8 cluster pulls out all the stops to save Wolfgang in the new series finale trailer

It's not as good as a new season, but it will have to do: Netflix has dropped the trailer for the "end of the series" of Sense8 the film's length limit for both of Wachowskis – the Netflix season shows eight psychically connected empaths who can literally walk in each other's shoes.

Last June, Netflix announced that it would not renew the series, saying simply that it had "come to an end". "It's everything we and the fans dream of: bold, emotional, dazzling, kick in the ass, and absolutely unforgettable," said a statement from Cindy Holland, VP of original Netflix content. "There has never been a more truly global show with an equally diverse and international cast and crew, which is only reflected in the connected community of deeply passionate fans from around the world."

What the announcement did not mention was that the second season had ended in a decidedly cliffhanger, with seven of the main characters running to save the eighth from the clutches of the scientists who plan to experiment with him. Outraged by the cancellation news, fans mounted a renewal campaign on social networks, and less than a month later, co-founder Lana Wachowski announced on Facebook that Netflix had given the green light to a two-hour end to close the loose ends of the program.

"Friends kept calling from all over the world and asking:" Is there nothing you can do? "And the truth was, no, on my own, there was nothing I could do," wrote. "But just as the characters in our show discover they are not alone, I also learned that I'm not just me." I am also a us. "

The feeling:" It's not just me. I am also a us. "- echoed by Nomi Marks (Jamie Clayton) in the new trailer, the ending will come to Netflix on June 8.

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