The Google Store now takes gift returns

Google Store now allows customers to return gifts, so if you've been holding a Google product, such as a home speaker or an additional phone case, because you're not sure what to do with it, you can now return it. for Google Store credit. To return the item, simply go to the gift return page. You can log in to your Google account to automatically fill in some information or simply provide your name, order number and zip code. Once your order has been found, select the items you want to return and send those selections to Google. Then you will receive an email with the return labels to publish with the articles. Once Google receives the package, it will credit your account for the amount of the original purchase cost of those items.

Google says that the credit you receive from the gifts you have returned will not expire, will not be transferable, and will only work on devices sold in the Google Store.

The feature is ideal for people who want to return a camera from Google Home Max or Google Clips they do not want and put it in something that can be more useful. The only thing uncomfortable, however, is that you still have to get the order number from the gifter. At least they will know that they are not pocketing cash instead of their well-intentioned gift.

The returned gift appears to be live in the United States at this time. There is not yet a word on when it will spread to the rest of the world.

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