Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Review

Available on Nintendo Switch

Reviewing a Musou game is always complicated. Veteran fans who buy each new ticket probably curse their lack of innovation and regret their acrimonious stalemate. For the occasional and the newcomers, on the other hand, the absolutely insane combat, particularly when Koei Tecmo involves him in a beloved franchise, only serves to warm our hearts during the brief time we spend hacking and cutting. I am in the last field, and although there is certainly a piece of mud that can be thrown in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, it is hard to deny that it is immensely fun to play.

One of the highlights of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is that Nintendo has assembled all previously published DLCs and included them in a Nintendo Switch package. However, unlike other Wii U repairs to get to the company's most recent console, this is a very interesting proposal because depending on whether you are playing on a docked or handheld modem, the experience is completely different.

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When it is docked, the game runs at 1080p / 60 fps, while the portable mode is reduced to 720p / 30 fps. It is an unpleasant experience for anyone who enjoys both the styles of play that the Switch has to offer, and often moves between the two. However, the console handles it admirably, with Hyrule Warriors instantly playable the moment you lift it off the dock.

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  Final edition of Hyrule Warriors

The frame rate in each mode can be inconsistent, too, particularly in congested battles and especially when a boss is involved. However, this is much more pronounced in portable mode, most likely because there are half the frames that the game has to drop, which makes it more noticeable. But the portable mode also has its own custom problems.

Hyrule Warriors plays exactly like other Musou titles. Players will run through the battlefield as the roughest character in the conflict, wiping out hundreds, if not thousands, of insignificant enemies while completing secondary and major objectives scattered across the map.

These objectives are difficult and fast for you, and you have to control both the dialogue at the bottom of the screen and the blinking beacons on the mini map in the upper right corner, to know where you are and your allied playable characters should be. It's fast, it's frantic and fun. There is also the added advantage of being able to play cooperatively from the start, thanks to Switch's Joy-Cons.

The only drawback is that in portable mode you will suffer a significant loss of real estate. Playing on the 6.2-inch screen of the Switch means that the map is so small that it can be difficult to keep track of these events that are constantly updated. There were several times that I lost a goal simply because I did not see it. It's a minor problem, but an additional piece of micromanagement adds to this "ultimate" experience.

Beyond that, the combat is still a lot Musou. You will hurry to defeat enemies of different ranks, with little or no problem before the big ones get into a fight. And when I appear, I mean to appear. The appearance of an enemy is a common problem in this franchise, and there will be times when a whole group of bad guys will magically surround your hero. Because they are easy to discard most of the time, it is not annoying, but there are times when you are desperately pursuing a mission on the verge of failure and this will impede your progress enough to mean that the mission is over. At that point it is tedious.

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  Hyrule Warriors Final Edition

But just because most enemy conflicts are easy, that does not mean the mechanics are simple. Advancing the campaign and collecting materials throughout the battlefield allows you to buy more badges for each character, of which there are 29 in total, each one varied and unlocked at a constant pace so that things feel fresh, what to your Once unlocks combos, as well as a better defense and exploitation of enemy weak spots.

You will also unlock new weapons along the way that have advantages and can be forged with other weapons to make a better team. It is a system in which you can deepen or just take a look, since the effects on the battlefield can be insignificant in a system where an attack can kill ten enemies.

There is no argument, either, that it is. It is very fun to disconnect your brain and run around a map cutting off a lot of enemies. This is especially true when enemies and heroes are from an iconic series near your heart. Koei Tecmo has done an admirable job in linking his game mechanics with the fundamentals of Zelda. Bringing many familiar faces and making everyone fit into this delirious system means that nothing feels out of place, and you can simply take advantage of these enemies for your heart.

One tip would be to take advantage of The Switch's ability to play at its own time and pace, and use Hyrule Warriors sparingly. It almost fits to be played as a mobile title and 'wait'. between missions to avoid the fatigue of Musou. Playing more than two missions at once can lead to the Warriors limited formula becoming obsolete and soon to be hungry for something a little deeper. But in difficult situations, it's an absurd diversion

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  Final Edition of Hyrule Warriors


Whether you're an avid Zelda fan or a casual Warriors player, there is something to love here The Switch is the perfect console for a Musou experience, as this game is best enjoyed in short bursts; Prolonged spells almost reveal the secret of their magic, leading to a more laborious experience.

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For jaded veterans there is little here to bring them back to the front line, but this is undoubtedly an excellent combination of two iconic franchises that are handled very well. And if you missed your first release, you have no excuse to lose it again.

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