The new AI-powered Google News app is now available on iOS

Google said last week at its I / O developer conference that Google News, modernized and artificially intelligent, would reach the Apple App Store sometime in the next seven days. That moment seems to be now, since the new Google News was launched on iOS this afternoon and replaced the previous Google Play Newsstand application. You can find the iOS link here. In case you are looking for an Android version that is already live on the Play Store, you can find it here.

The new Google News on iOS is similar to what you'll find on Android. It focuses on the use of machine learning to train algorithms to analyze complex and fast news stories, and break them down into easy-to-understand formats, such as chronological schedules, aggregation of local news, and stories presented in a sequence of development and evolution.

The application is now organized in four sections. The first is a personalized "For You" list of the five best articles that Google software thinks you'll want to read along with some other algorithmically chosen articles and local news. The next section is simply labeled "Headlines," and is a mix of the latest news in sections such as "USA," "World," "Business," and "Technology." You can also use this section to see the new Google Complete. Coverage feature that breaks down the most complex stories into a series of articles from a variety of sources along with social media posts on Twitter and YouTube.

Now there is a section of favorites to star in entertainment, news and academia. The section is also useful for selecting your favorite news sources, saving stories for Pocket-style reading later, and saving location and text-based searches for later searches.

The last section, Kiosk, is a new addition to this version of Google News that allows you to subscribe to news organizations that offer a monthly subscription for web / print access or charge a monthly fee to bypass a web payment wall. The selection of individual media organizations opens a striking new page for each that organizes stories from a source in specific coverage areas of the site. Kiosk organizations support all Google AMP rules, which means that pages will load quickly and cleanly without bouncing first through a mobile browser.

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