Master & Dynamic’s MW50+ headphones can convert between on-ear and over-ear styles

Master & Dynamic launches today the MW50 +, a slightly updated version of its MW50 headphones that brings an intriguing twist to the company's product line: the ability to switch between ear and over-ear styles in a single pair of headphones.

The original MW50 headphones were specifically designed to bring the iconic style of the MW60 from Master & Dynamic to a smaller and lighter ear style. The MW50 + is the same basic hardware, but comes with easily interchangeable pads to switch between the two styles of headphones at any time. The old ear pads on the ear and the newly inserted ear pads are made of viscoelastic foam covered in lambskin and magnetically bonded, which facilitates their removal. It's a seemingly minor update, but for users who hate having to decide between headphones in the ear and over the ear, it's probably a welcome one.

The rest of the MW50 + seems to be the same as its predecessor, with 40-mm drivers, a Bluetooth range of 100 feet, 16-hour battery life and USB-C charging. And the owners of the original MW50 headphones will not be left behind either: Master & Dynamic will sell the interchangeable removable pads separately later in June, although the price has yet to be announced.

The MW50 + is available today at the request of Master & Dynamic for $ 399, or $ 50 more than the MW50 exclusively in the ear.

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