Logitech’s new G305 wireless mouse has a pro-level sensor for a budget price

Logitech's new G305 wireless mouse is the latest entry in the company's line of gaming mice, and brings the company's most exclusive HERO optical sensor to a more economical device.

At $ 59.99, the G305 is definitely at the most economical end of the Logitech price range, and here you will only find the most basic features of a mouse: six programmable buttons (counting the left click, the right button and the wheel) scroll) and without luxury LED lights. But for what you're paying, you get a pretty advanced technology.

First is the aforementioned HERO sensor, Logitech's new flagship sensor from its best mice, which offers 200-12,000 DPI tracking along with dramatically improved energy efficiency that Logitech claims to offer 250 hours of play in one AA single battery.

In addition, the G305 uses Logitech's Lightspeed wireless technology (you will need to use the included USB dongle that is stored inside the mouse), which offers a reporting rate of 1 ms for users concerned about the delay in competitive gaming. The company also offers a "Resistance" option, which increases the reporting rate up to 8 ms, but extends battery life to up to nine months.

The Logitech G305 will be available sometime later this month for $ 59.99.

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