DirecTV Now launches DVR features to all customers alongside redesigned app

DirecTV has now announced a host of new features that extend to devices today, providing DVR support, a new interface, more simultaneous broadcasts and better local channel options for customers and helping deliver superior service in more ways. line with offers from competitors such as Hulu and YouTube TV.

First are the DVR features, which DirecTV Now has been testing in a limited beta version, which are now being distributed to all customers for testing (although DirecTV still retains the beta tag for now). The free version of the feature offers up to 20 hours of free recordings that can be stored up to 30 days. The company will offer additional payment options for more storage space and time, starting with a $ 10 per month option that allows users to register up to 100 hours and store it up to 90 days later this summer.

Finally, DirecTV Now is also receiving a revised interface, starting with iOS, Apple TV and browsers today, and launching Android, Fire TV and Roku Versions of the application in the coming weeks. DirecTV says that the new application puts more emphasis on the most viewed content of users, and adds a video preview of image in image of what they are seeing through the application.

In addition, DirecTV Now offers the option to add a third concurrent stream to your subscription for $ 5 more per month (from the two existing simultaneous streams currently offered).

DirectTV is improving the way it handles local networks when you're away from your base city (something that competitors like YouTube TV have already offered). So, instead of losing the ability to look, Fox, when you're on the road, you can get the affiliated Fox locale where you're traveling, assuming the city supports DirecTV Now, of course.

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