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Download Castle Clash APK latest version 1.4.2 People can not deny that Clash of Clans is one of the best-selling games in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre for smartphones and tablets. The game in this genre is easy and fun to play, so the player can forget about everything. There is another game similar to Clash of Clans.

It's a fun game. Castle Clash The latest APK 1.4.2 (1400200) is also a great option to download. It is not a mistake to never give up to be a good player. This game applies not only to all games in general. The second is patience. Collecting jewelry and using them wisely will give the player a greater chance of having a legendary hero.

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Get rewards every day and follow the regular events on a daily basis Daily rewards contribute to the rewards count of each player. So do not waste it and hold it every day. Castle Clash APK in addition, certain events in the social networks of the official game also offer many interesting rewards. Follow the competition in the guild you have. Power competition provides rewards offered in the form of money. Do not forget to update your hero base. The base of the hero can definitely increase his defenses and become a heroic base.

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About Castle Clash file

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  • Castle Clash
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  • Developer: IGG
  • Version: 1.4.2 (1400200)
  • File size: 23MB
  • Loaded: April 18, 2018 9:39 GMT + 07
  • Prerequisite: Android 2.3+
  • MD5: f313d50836352380482a5cbe10d6ba54 [19659008] SHA1: b3f450068f3da534f276aa801b55f36a01ae61e8

Review Castle Clash APK

Castle Clash: Brave Squad for Android is packed with combat strategies and fun as stated in the game description of the work Store. One of the interesting features of this game is the existence of a hero who will be the leader of the army of mythical creatures. Heroes can be used in defenses or attacks, as well as in mini-games. There are three levels of basic hero, elite hero and legendary hero. In addition, there are several ways to obtain it through the symbols of honor, gem and event or purchase of jewelry. In fact, there are many other interesting features. We are building castles that choose armies of several units, collect and develop powerful heroes, combine heroes, the best buds with adorable pets and choose cooperative and PvP modes. The controls are much easier with gameplay and controls that are not very different from similar games.

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Finished with interesting characters and graphics. The combat is usually made of magic, arrows, etc. In addition, in multiplayer mode, players can attack the villages of other players. Global chat allows messages between users. Although this game does not stand out too much on the new side of the action combat game, fighting, building and defending is the heart of the game, as are most games. But there are many missions that can be played. It is available in many languages, and developers seem to be getting closer and closer to players around the world. The game also requires an Internet connection. Game developers are very loyal because they can get free gems. Up to daily absences or rewards, logins, annual events, game server maintenance. The jewelry makes it easier to use for the players.


Additional functions to play Good graphics Simple game and control The presence of the hero Getting a jewel is quite easy. Disadvantages Players can choose the enemy for lower levels can point to other stronger players. There is nothing remarkable in battle scenes.

Change Log

  1. The target level of each hero is shown in the fatal star during the battle. [19659008] New: get talent. (Take the hero's alternative skin and release the reserve Talent slot.)
  2. Guild recommendation and guild recruitment added.
  3. New destination area: [Moonshore Tavern]. (Related Heroes: Candy Cane, Aries, Dread Drake, Cirrina,
  4. Champion, Executor)
  5. Two new hero characters: "Grill Master" (Wallawalla) and "Donut" (Rockno).
  6. New Heroes: Stormy Dinosaurs.

Previous versions of Castle Clash APK

Castle Clash 1.4.1 (1400100) Old APK
updated: April 18, 2018
Castle Clash 1.3.91 (1300910) Old APK [19659034] updated: March 14, 2018
Castle Clash 1.3.8 (1300800) old APK
updated: February 9, 2018
Castle Clash 1.3.7 (1300700) old APK
updated on January 17, 2018

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