President Trump says that he is working to get ZTE ‘back into business, fast’

President Donald Trump says he is working with Chinese President Xi Jinping to find a way for the Chinese telecommunications company to "go back to business, fast" after the announcement of the last week he was pausing his "main operational activities".

ZTE said in a document that it has enough cash to stay afloat if it suspends operations after the United States banned exports to the company in April. Last month, the US Department of Commerce banned exports to the company for seven years, saying it did not comply with the terms of a plea agreement after pleading guilty to violating sanctions against Iran and North Korea. The company said that this ban "would severely impact the survival and development of ZTE" and that it benefited from talks with the US. UU To try to reverse or change the prohibition.

The situation of the company has clearly reached the upper levels of government: the telecommunications company is one of the largest in China , with more than 80,000 employees. In his tweet, Trump said the company has lost "too many jobs" in China, and has instructed the Commerce Department to "do it."

ZTE problems occur after months of US scrutiny UU the company could expose a risk to national security.

In January, Texas Rep. Mike Conaway introduced a bill that would prohibit US government agencies from using telephones and equipment from ZTE and his Chinese partner Huawei, while FCC chairman Ajit Pai confirmed a That proposal would discourage US telephone and wireless service providers from buying equipment. Earlier this month, the Department of Defense ordered US military bases to stop selling Huawei and ZTE phones. The company is facing similar scrutiny in the United Kingdom, where the cyber surveillance agency National Cyber ​​Security Center issued a warning letter against the use or services of the company.

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