YouTube now supports HDR video on Apple’s latest iPhones

YouTube added support for playback of HDR videos on Apple's iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus. The iPad Pro also has a screen that is bright and vibrant enough for high dynamic range content, but MacRumors notes that YouTube has not turned on the switch to enable it there yet. HDR video is more colorful and more radiant than traditional content. It is a little closer to looking through a window than watching a video on a screen. But you must have a screen that is capable of showing it; Fortunately more and more smartphones do.

YouTube has a lot of demo material to see the improved image: simply search for "HDR" and you will not find a shortage of exotic landscapes, cityscapes, food, animals and other demonstration material. My iPhone changed to HDR automatically once I started broadcasting a video, but you can also touch the icon with three vertical dots to enable it manually. Keep in mind that since it's about color, brightness and contrast, you do not have to choose 1080p to enjoy HDR; It also supports lower resolutions, such as 480p.

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