Ring’s smart doorbell doesn’t immediately revoke access when an account password changes

Until January, Ring, an intelligent ring maker now owned by Amazon, did not revoke user access to your application when you changed your account password. This allowed exes and others to continue monitoring the recorded video even after their permissions should have been removed, The information reports today. Ring says it adjusted the application in January, so it now revokes access to the application when the password changes, but that removal can take hours to establish. It is not immediate.

Although the bells are out of the house and do not record what goes on inside, it is not good for the users to retain access to who enters and leaves the house at all times. The standard practice should be that once a password is changed, users should lose access to the application until they re-enter the updated password, but Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff The Information said that immediately rejecting users would slow down the application. This password news is not good, and there is nothing that users can do to speed up the process, so if you change your call password, keep in mind that other users can still have short access.

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