Motorola patent shows foldable phone with case that can double as a wireless charger

Motorola also wants to enter the trend of the folding phone. He recently received a patent for a smartphone that can be displayed on a tablet, similar to what other foldable phone patents propose. The patent was filed in 2016 and was granted in March, as noted by SlashGear .

The most distinctive thing that differentiates Motorola's idea of ​​folding phone patents from other companies is that it wants to add a case cover on the smartphone. The case cover will protect the screen, be folded to support the phone as a stand and provide wireless charging.

The smartphone can be displayed on a tablet, with the screen facing outwards, so that it can be completely flat on a table, unlike other flexible models that can not. But, as always, given that it is a patent, we do not know if Motorola will ever bring this neat idea to the market as a real product.

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