Boston Dynamics’ robots are learning how to run outside and navigate autonomously

The Boston Dynamics robots look more natural and amazing with each video, and today the company released two more clips on its YouTube channel that show the latest progress of its Atlas and SpotMini robots.

The clips do not reveal too much we have not seen before, but both show how naturally these robots can move. In a video, Atlas, the humanoid robot, is going to jog in a grassy courtyard that seems to be tilted here and there.

Pauses at a point to jump over a record; Although the jump is not the most elegant of its movements, it is not exactly a surprise that the robot can achieve this: we saw it doing a back flip last year.

In the other video, the SpotMini robot similar to a dog runs around an office by itself and shows its ability to go up and down stairs without problems. Boston Dynamics says that an operator initially had to guide the robot through the course it took to map the area. But for this video, he is using that knowledge to operate autonomously, using cameras to avoid obstacles.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the video for me is this: seeing the strange four-legged robot walking apparently now is so mundane, that Boston Dynamics simply speeds it up so we can get to everything else.

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