The White House has set up a task force to help further the country’s AI development

The White House has established a new task force dedicated to the artificial intelligence efforts of the United States. UU., Announced the Trump administration today during an event with technology executives, government leaders and experts in artificial intelligence. The news and the event, which was organized by the federal government, are movements to promote the development of artificial intelligence in the country, since other regions such as Europe and Asia also increase investment in AI and R & D.

The administration will invest more in AI, the vice coordinator of technology at the Office of Scientific and Technological Policy of the White House, Michael Kratsios, said at the event. "To harness the full potential of AI for the American people, the combined efforts of industry, academia and government will be required," Kratsios said, according to FedScoop . According to the Trump administration, the federal government has increased its R & D investment not classified for AI by 40 percent since 2015.

In his speech, Kratsios highlighted the ways in which the United States could improve AI, such as robotics startups in Pittsburgh that are models of how to stimulate job growth in areas affected by workplace automation. Startups like those that now hire engineers, scientists, accountants and administrators, he said, and are evidence that AI does not necessarily mean that massive unemployment is on the horizon.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy will launch a five-year strategic plan to improve STEM education, with one of the objectives is to increase the set of future AI researchers. Another way in which the government could actively help AI research efforts is by opening the data of the contributors to the algorithmic study, said Kratsios. "We can greatly improve that research by opening up access to huge government funds from taxpayer-funded data in ways that do not compromise privacy or security," he explained, according to MIT Technology Review .

Kratsios noted that investments in AI are already underway. An agency of the US government The General Services Administration has already launched a pilot program looking for ways to use AI to reduce the need for federal auditors, while the National Institutes of Health is investigating how AI training techniques, such as machine learning, could improve algorithms for cancer detection and treatment.

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