Uber launches UberTaxi Pilot: The black and yellow taxis are coming back!

Uber has continued its expansion in India and next on its list has been the launch of the UberTaxi pilot project, which brought the old yellow and black taxis to the roads.

Although the program will initially only be launched in Mumbai (South Mumbai, specifically), the company hopes to further expand the service if they succeed.

The UberTaxi service will apparently be even cheaper than the UberGo trips, while allowing a cashless model to make payments. The trick is that the UberGo always have air conditioning, while with UberTaxi users will have the option to choose a ride that is not CA for a cheaper price.

That said, this is not an innovation of Uber. Ola already has a similar service, called Taxi, which runs in Mumbai, where travelers can choose between AC and non-AC trips, depending on their budget.

India is not even the first country where Uber brings the UberTaxi model. It has already been implemented in London with its local black cabs. Even Boston, Honolulu, New York and Berlin are equipped with this service.

On the one hand, people are speculating that Uber is looking to get out of South Asian markets, and on the other hand, it seems as if Uber is not going anywhere. The launch of UberTaxi definitely points to Uber staying in India and having hit 500 million trips in August 2017, it may be successful in facing its main competitor, Ola Cabs.